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To keep you comfortable and cool all Fishing vests by Simms are crafted with a variety of thoughtful things, non-corrosive sliders and zippers, water-resistant, built in retractors for tools and padded collars.

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Simms - US fishing company, leader anufacturer of the Highest quality fishing products, accessories and clothing include Sportswear, Vests, Hats for mens and womens with Special-Fishing care needs to keep and for our customers comfortable, dry, and better protected from the elements in any fishing conditions.


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When the fish are a jumpin' and you must go a runnin', and Simms'll have all the right products you need to get you properly outfitted to reel in the big one's. Simms provides high-quality, duable, technical fishing products and vests for any and all fishing environments.

Fly Fishing Vests

Quallity series By Simms TM

Simms "FreeStone" Fishing Vest

This waterproof Vest gives you performance functionality and better comfort at low price. Their high quality materials and construction are combined with many convenient features.
Easy off and on, Simms Vest help distributes the weight of the vest around your body, made to be both easy to use and functional with 2 Large bellowed chest pockets, 6 Waist pockets-2 zipped fly boxes and 4 medium size pockets plus 3 Horizontal pockets. Comes in one color, in Sizes: S to 2XL

Pictured: Great little vest for the up coming fly fishing season. Need a new fly vest for the upcoming season, simply chek the Simms Freestone vest.

Series "HeadWater" Fishing Vest

Light weight and durable HeadWaters Made Of 100% Šolyester Mesh and Nylon (DWR treatment) fabric. Men's Fly-Fishing Mesh construction Vest help distributes the weight of the vest.

Features 2 big bellowed chest pockets plus 4 vertical waist pockets.A fly fishing vest is worn, and as such, comfort is very important.
Comes in one color in Sizes:S to 2XL.


"G3-Guide-Vest" Fishing Vest

Men's most technical,again as an useful and highest capacity Simms vest with 22 Pockets, Breathable padded collar plus Thermolaminated tippet pockets with zipper closure.
Vest in Nylon woven fabric and Mesh in plyester for better ventilation keep your body in comfort all day long fishing. comes in 2 colours:Tan and Gunmetal in Sizes:S to 2XL.

Coated with about a million layers of Scotch Guard. All zippers work. No blown seams. Only rips/tears are from me mounting stuff to it, and are shown in the photo below.


"Vertical-Vest" Fishing Vest

Lightweight and durable Vertical Guide Vest for fishing with 18 Pockets, manufactured in 100% Nylon and Polyester Mesh tend to stretch a bit more with the movements of the angler, Interior features mesh&fabric combination for ventilation and 2 Handed casting with ample pockets for large fly box and accessories storage.
Vest comes in 1color in Sizes: S to 2XL.


"Guide-Vest" Fishing Vest

Lightweight and Durable Most Šopular "Guide Fishing Vest" in Nylon fabric with larger storage capacity, power stretch mesh yoke, Padded breathable collar and 18 Šockets, comfortably carry all of the gear,fly boxes and accessories that you needs for a full day fishing.
comes in one color Khaki in Sizes:XS to 3XL.

LL bean fishing vest

Most people are not usually a fan of the big pouchy vests , but they love the LL bean.

Not having the weight on your shoulders makes a huge difference to your casting over the course of a day. The expanding back pack is great too, you can either have a lightweight wading jacket in there so it sits flat or open it up as a full day pack for lunch etc. having the pockets on the waist belt means you've got quick access to stuff you might not need to use very often but need in a hurry (bear horn/spray, spare reel etc). for the price, its unbeatable.

Not too many toggles for the line to catch on either. Its my perfect guiding vest. Its changed slightly since I bought mine (mine has a drink holder and a smaller pocket on the back and external zingers that retract into covers.

Doesn't have the rod holder either, but then that's something I'd never use anyway.

Men's Regular LL Bean fishing vest/backpack combo.

If you're considering any of these vests, also have a look a the LL Bean vest. half the price of the above and just as well made. It also has a waist belt (with pockets) so the weight is carried on the hips and not just on the shoulders. And it makes a huge difference over a days fishing.

Tons of pockets, mesh backing for great ventilation, built in fly boxes in the front, adjustable straps at shoulders and in front for a great fit.

This LL bean Vest Won an Award for Top Vest in 2015 from American Angler Magazine!

Find sale fishing vest for men, women,and kids in a variety of Cement and Forest Shade/Bay Leaf colors.

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Clark Fork Mesh Fishing Vest

Polyester Fishing vest by Redington. Comfort Vest equipped with lightly padded collarquick-dry mesh vest with a practical pocket layout: 3 interior pockets and 9 external zip-closed-pockets.


Geoff Anderson Fishing Vest

Zinga fishing vest

Zinga Vest Produced in breathable Fabric® System - Nylon®; Lined and elastic Lycra® in the region of the shoulder; Polartec PowerDry™ in the region of the neck; The shape and the Design of the functionalities have been carefully thought out, chosen such that a wide range of pockets offers a balanced and comfortable fit.

Quick-dry vest Designed for the specialist in fishing. The vest has countless great practical functions and 15 pockets. Two hand and Four front pockets, Four outside mesh pockets, two inside and two with mesh. Elegant and well balanced even when the vest is full.

Profus fishing vest

Lightweight 360 gm and practical simple fishing vest in Green designed with 7 lined pockets in The System Fabric System-Nylon.


Opus One A/S
Baadehavnsgade 42-44
2450 Copenhagen SV
+45 36 44 26 60

Jenzi Fishing performance

Stylish design Fly fishing vest

Comfortable vest for the discerning fly fisherman. Equipped with functional pockets - perfect against sweating.Shell: 60% cotton/40% polyester. lining. Made in
100% polyester, collar and shoulder area 100% neoprene and exterior polyurethane coated.

Practical fly fishing vest

Practical vest for all types of fishing. Shell: 60% cotton / 40% polyester. lining
100% polyester, collar and shoulder area 100% neoprene
and exterior polyurethane coated.


Greys Vests

New Strata Fly -Fishing Vest

Keep all your fishing hooks, lures and accessories essentials secure and close to hand with the new rigorously tested and functional Greys Strata Fly Vest. Clip or pin your zinger and other tool attachments, Floatant bottle holderfly boxes and frequently used accessories to the discreet tab when you're fishing. The vest it self as light as possible to combine the positive effects, using quick drying and Most durable fabrics, and maximised flexible storage-solutions for unimpeded fishing.


Archival clothing and vests

New USA Clothing Company "Archival" Founded in Oregon is focused on Archival makes durable objects and practical Best-quality materials clothing and free of complications. Simple, timeless appeal Clothing, Vests etc, that always made in the USA.

Materials:All of cotton fabrics are custom woven for "Archival", leather is from famous Chicago’s storied Horween, zippers made in usa and long life hardware is from Japan and England, Japan

Filsen's Vests

100% Cotton Duck - Oil Finish, 1931 DESIGN FOR THE PAST YEARS

Classic Vestst

100% Cotton Duck - Oil Finish, 1931 DESIGN FOR THE PAST YEARS

Filson's wanted that vest as a classic

example showing proof of Filson craftsmanship and durability. "... The only way I'll let you have this vest is if you will replace it with an.

"Ed told us. We assured Ed that everything is still the same. Not only
are we still using the exact same fabric and sewing techniques as when Ed purchased
the vest in 1931. but all the pockets and features have remained unchanged. Even
the expandable rear lunch pocket, "... the only place my sandwich won't get
squished when the vest is fully loaded...". The deal was finally made, we're happy and old Ed is starting all over again.

Filson Fly-Fishing Vest

Filson offers an extensive line of Water Repellent fly fishing Vests.Unlike most other manufacturers, Filson's Vests are designed in-house by our team of clothing designers. These guys scrutinise every possible design in style classic lines feature in a constant quest for perfection.

Strap Vest

Filson fishing vest designed from 6-oz. 100% cotton Oil Finish Cover Cloth with 2 snap tab front closure and adjustable shoulder straps to be worn over a shirt or coat in snow and rain weather yet still provide easy pocket access. Designed for storage options in mind - There's plenty of room for tippet, fly boxes, hooks, leaders and fly fishing accessories. The exterior of this Vest Features: two rear left and one rear right pocket, two front pouches, each of pocket with dual pockets on the front plus quality two-way brass zippers. perfect for all weather conditions, light weight, easily adjustableb for wading deep water.

Guide Fly Vest

The ultimate FILSON's fly fishing vest. This was what I've been looking for...and also Made in USA. Lightweight, mae from water-repellent dry finish Cover Cloth with Soft, moleskin-lined collar and well thought out design and bullet proof amazing construction. Features: four snap tippet/leader inside pockets, 2 large front plus 2 front brass zipper pockets and 4 snap flaps bellows pockets. The ultimate vest by Filson is a great product for carrying all the fly gear.

Mesh Fly Vest

100% polyester quick drying Mesh Vest for the warmest days. Well Designed for better weight distribution with 1 dual back compartment and 1 bellows pocket. Features 3 inner security and 2 front chest pockets. Quality item by Filson made in the USA.

Aleka Fishing Vests

Guide Fly Vest

Tech Aleka's Fly-fishing Vest

The New Aleka's Vest, new design makes fly fishing more comfortable than ever, designed from Excellent nylon fabrics for better weight distribution when fully loaded. A Special Edition of a fly vest unites the , functional design with new Aleka® Tech Characteristics. Breathable and lightweight manufactured from nylon fabric with ventilation mesh. Tech Vest features a twelve pocket system and two easy access largesize pockets for rain gear. Most practical from Best-quality materials, available in two zsizes: L and XL.


The Scierra Life Fly Fishing Vest is a practical buoyancy device and the perfect combination of an inflatable life vest and a multi-functional fly vest. It is
designed specifically for boat fishing and river fishing, and it is extremely comfortable to wear.

Safety Comes First - The new vest, which is made out of quick-drying 100% nylon shell fabric with water-repellent finish, is ISO 12402-5 approved, and it is equipped with a 24g CO2 cylinder with 120N of buoyancy.

More vests and details can be found at


Best Scierra’s Storage Solution - It's new Fusion Fly Vest offers a lightweight and comfortable design and some roomy pockets for your beloved fly boxes.

It is made out of strong 300-D elasticated Oxford polyester and it features mesh at the back for full ventilation, adjustable shoulder and waist straps, built in retractors and loads of zipped pockets for leaders, tippets, tools etc. For more info about the Fusion Vest.


Danish filmmaker, Niels Vestergaard, is known for his instructive films about trout fishing.
Now, Niels is set to release another two films; one about sea trout fly fishing and one about fly fishing for salmon . The first is a continuation of his Sea Trout Secrets film series, while
the latter is the first in a new series about salmon fishing. It features Fin Chasers writer, Nils Jorgensen, and it is filmed in Iceland. You’ll find trailers for both films below.

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