Fishing Nets
by Beckman

Beckman - Fishing Products - Progressive Tradition of fishing Nets

Beckman - The finest in fishing tackle -

A complete and perfect nets dates to the 1960's.

Nets by Beckman are easy to handle, strong, durable and lasting with functional design in finest superior materials-life-time guaranteed yokes.
Net sizes and models designet to meet the specialized and varied demands of modern and traditional sport fishing.


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Fishing Nets

Quality series By Beckman TM

Original Series

Fishing Net

Nets designed for discriminating anglers with aluminum handles and hoops and rugged yokes.

Magnum Net

Size: 34" x 65" hoop, bag 4 to 6' and detachable slide handle.

Pro Musky/Tyee Salmon Net

Size: 30" x 52" hoop, bag 4 to 6' and detachable slide handle.

Husky Salmon/Chinook Net

Size: 30" x 42" hoop and bag: 4' to 6


Fishing Net

Pen Nets Series are lighter, rubber nets for less thrashing and easier handling.

Series Pro Nets -20" x 16" hoop/bag 30" + extendable handle, Sizes: 8" x 36", 22" x 18",26" x 24" and 30" x 36".

Pen fin saver

Fishing Net

Nets Series for “large fish”, with smaller knotless mesh(treated) and handle/hoop options.

available series sizes: 30" x 39",34" x 36", 34" x 40" hoop/bag 4' - 6' detachable slide handle

Trout & Steelhead

Fishing Net

Copact design for big fish Nets
Short-handled and compact trout fishing nets are ultra-handy and easily carried. good suited for river salmon and steelhead.

Series Nets

Medium Steelhead Net: bag 12" fixed handle, size: 22" x 28", and bag: 12"

12" x 18" - bag: 8"

16" x 23" - bag: 12"


Fishing Net

Quality and economical Knotless Nylon light-weight Boat Nets. Nets with fixed handless in two sizes for small-boat anglers(16" x 23"/bag 24"), campers, bikers or car-trunk fishermen, Series nets feature all superior strength and reliability.

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