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Fishing Bait Companies around the globe - a fishing lure manufactures that produces almost all of these Fish-Catching weapons.

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Boone Bait Company • P.O. Box 2966 Winter Park, Florida 32790 U.S.A. • Phone 407.975.8775 Fax 407.975.8776


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Mann's Bait Company

Products Made in America - Free shipping on US orders over $40!

Mann's - one of the largest producers of high qualityfishing lures in the US since 1956.

Bait Range include: Hard and Soft Baits,Hollow Body, Classic Spiririerbaits and Lead Baits -many numbers are in series for Fresh and Saltwater, or that are good for both like realistic paint finishes and designed to dive predetermined depths of 15+ and 20+ feet - Stretch Imitator Junior™ and Stretch™ Go2 Max


Mann's Bait Company
1111 State Docks Road
Eufaula, AL 36027
Phone: (334) 687-5716
Toll-free: (800) 841-8435
E-mail: [email protected]


Bait products DE

shipping on Germany and Austria orders

100% "fresh" Bait products distributor for Germany and Austria , we can now also guarantee fresh Tiger nuts and by-products of the highest quality.



DUO - Japan

Japan LURE Company established in year 1995,DUO is widely considered the top of the industry in Japan, a country widely seen as the top of highest quality lure manufacturing.Our range of fishing lure products includes over 200 models and the amount of lures sold reached over 15 000 000 units.

It wasn't to simply pursue quality,
nor did we go out of our way to make things difficult for us.
The $1 importing price wasn't an attraction to us either.
Our only answer to the ever changing methods.
lures to suit various fields and the necessity for pro-spec models was in-house production.
There is a spectrum which can only be expressed and realized through in-house production for the 5 major elements from "Planning to Sales".
Thus, a lure exists which can only be created in such an environment.
This is our pride and answer to lure manufacturing.


DUO co.,ltd

Headquarters and factory
1783-1 Ojima,Yaizu-shi,Shizuoka,


E2 Bait Company - Texas

E2 Bait Company

PO Box 1097 Evadale

Texas 77615

Email: [email protected]


Naked Bait Co. - US

Company established in May 2006 - We produce innovative fishing products : Kits, Skirt Material, Terminal Tackle, Skirt Expander, Hooks

Naked Bait Co Inc.
2738 Montego Bay
Evans, CO. USA 80620-3630
(970)506-1656 office
[email protected]


Stankx Bait Company - US, Michigan

Buy 5 bags get one free. Free shipping on orders over $50

Stankx Bait Company strive to make a unique product that will outlast and outfish other big name baits, that are produced for each product line with different formulas and color schemes.

StankX Bait Company
Attn. T.Crosman
1812 Pleasant Dr.
Portage MI, 49002


SBS Tactical Baits - US, NC

SBS NC Compay has an extremely wide range of ready-made boilies,
Sinkers hook baits,POP UP hook baits and pellets, Wafters hook baits
and pellets, effect Dips and popular Pasters in all 9 flavours, best feeding materials - Method Mixes and Base Mixers for Carp fishing,Oils, Ligiud foods, Additives, Match/Feeder/Pole and all the Accessories needed for boilie making.

VIDEO:World Record Catch and SBS Team Secrets - Part II

Now to make Boilies Video: Advanced boilie making with SBS Tactical Baits - Making Pro-Level Hookbaits

We have come to the last episode of this year's boilie making series.
This time I will show you the preparation of two hook baits.

The first is the SBS M2 wafters and the second is the SBS M1 pop up.

Ther M2 is made with fishmeal base mix containing blood flour to whith I will add
the following additives: Omega red Salmon Oil,M2 liquid attract and natural attract,
and some powder-based ingredients as well like Betaine hydrochloride, Flavone fish,and a very important additive: cork dust.

Cork dust will balance out the bait making it a true wafter counteracting the weight of the hook so that even the most wary fish will simply swallow it up.

Since there in no need to prepare several kolos of hook baits Im going to measure out 400 grams...

so Im going to make wafters with 400g of base mix.As a first step Im weighing out 400g of base mix now.And next step Im weighing out 10g of cirk dust...normally we used 25g to 1 kg to make nicely balanced wafters.

Here we have the 10g as you can see it weights 410g altogether.The next step id to mix in the cork dust as evenly as possible, but dont worry if its not perfect.

I recommended using 10 eggs per kilo for this mix, thus Im going to add 4 eggs for the 400g.Ive got the 4 eggs now but first Im going to add the M2 liquid.

I would recommended adding 8ml for 1kg of base mix so for the 400g Im using 3ml.Its time for the fish oil...

I recommend using 40 ml per kg of base mix thus in our case Im going to add 16ml.
The attractant is the next ingredient to be added.I recommended using 25 ml to 1 kg so Im using 10 ml for the 400grams.Now that all the liquid ingredients have been
added it is time fot the dry ones.

First of all add Betaine hydrochloride normally 1 tablespoon is used for 1 kg, so for the 400g Im adding little less than half a tablespoon.

Betaine in now added so we have come to the last component: Flavone fish.
For 2 kg of base mix we usually use one teaspoon so Im adding a little bit with the tip pf a spoon.

It is roughly mixed now so its time to slowly add the M2 mix. From thos point on Ill use my hands.The paste is ready and it has absorbed the whole mix.This paste also needs to stand for a while, so in the mean time Im going to prepare the M1 pop up mix Powder.


SBS Tactical Baits LLC
2105 Cottage Place, Greensboro, North Carlolina 27455, USA
Tel: +1 336-833-0342
e-mail: [email protected]


Kicker Fish Bait - US, Texas

Family owned baits and Bass fishing company since 2002.All of our baits are 100% made in the USA.Realistic action is a huge part of catching bass - Kicker Fish Baits company deliver the Action!

Kicker Fish Bait in Action Videos

VIDEO:Kicker Fish Bait Hightail Lizard Comparison.avi

VIDEO:Kicker Fish Bait Hightail Ribbontail Comparison.avi

VIDEO:Kicker Fish Bait Bird Dawg.avi

VIDEO:Kicker Fish Hightail Ribbontail.avi

Kicker Fish Bait®
1710 Sens Road
La Porte, Texas 77571
Phone: 281-470-BASS (2277)


Jewel Bait - US, MO

Jewel Bait store

Jewel Bait Co. US Company fishing products built from high-grade aircraft aluminum
made in US using only the highest grade of lead.
Our Products range include:Hole Punch Skirts ,swim jig properties, The ROCK - rig sniker,Swim Gem -swim baitt, Squirrel Headfor and J-Lock Flip'N Jig bass anglers, Eakins, Football and Pro Spider Jig, Eakins Craw and much more include Accessories and Equipment like Fluorocarbon line, Rods, Lew's Lighter and faster Spinning and Baitcast fishing Reels.


Jewel Bait
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 330, Highway 101
Bakersfield, MO 65609
Phone:Tel: 800-458-7370,Fax: 417-284-7282


Stinky fingers bait co. - soft plastics baits US, MO

Jewel Bait store

SPONGE BAIT - revolutionary design soft plastics - patent pending technology.

All of our baits are currently available in a wide range of colors to suital your needs or likes.Our products range include: Sinko - Package contains 8 pcs, swimming bait - Lizard,designed for for serious action Fluke, Texas rig Curltail and natural look Craw plastic bait with great action.


tel:(904) 219-8570


San Francisco and California Bait-Fishes

(Click For Larger Image)

Produced by Kirk Lombard

Koppers Fishing - success Hard Baits /Frog popper/

Koppers Fishing & Tackle Corp.

Virgil-based Koppers Fishing Company(created in 1936) develops and design a unique line of more realistic bodied artificial lures -Hard Baits that were introduced to the recreational sportfishing market.

Soft Bait Frog-Livetarget wins Best New Soft Bait at ICAST 2010


Koppers Fishing and Tackle Corp.
Grant Koppers
tel: 905-468-4448
[email protected]

Balzer - Germany

Baits - "Top Secrets Series"

The manufactur Balzer of "Top Secret" Bait Series-many years of experimentation to make our different types of feed and baits suitable for the most important applications and fishing conditions. It took intensive development hard work and many practical fishing carp tests and new methods to find the correct formula decipher the secret and to find the correct Carp-successful-bait-formula and specific combinations of the fish.We use in production only pure natural additives from the feedstuffs and food.

We "Balzer" Company since 1949 have developed a sophisticated range of modern accessories for carp fishing, tested and designed, specifically for carp fishing, in close cooperation with our fishing team.

"Matze Koch" new for 2013 Carp Boiles is without a doubt one of the most successful and popular anglers in EU, special, soft consistency are features of the feed balls.

You can see all of your favorite carp fishing different types of baits and foods(Boiles , sp edition foods, pellets, liquid flavours - attractants ,etc.) at:

or video in Youtube channel: "Balzer"