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TTI - Blakemore fishing group.

Home of Tru-Turn, Daiichi, Xpoint, Mr. Crappie, Team Catfish and Standout hook brands, plus Blakemore Lure, home of the Roadrunner Lure.

Daiichi hooks - full line , over 900 styles and sizes of fish hooks

Daiichi Fly Hooks and Conventional Hooks Series - extreme hardness and razor-sharp points include: Bleeding Bait Hooks,Hooks for Plastics,Salmon Egg Hooks, Saltwater & Circle Hooks, Trailer Hooks and Fishing Accessories.

Use Daiichi hooks for your tying pleasure and fishing success.


TTI Companies - Daiichi Standout Hooks

100 Red Eagle Road

P.O. Box 1177

Wetumpka, AL 36092-1177



Daiichi hooks

Bleeding Bait Hooks:

Hooks with exceptionally high-carbon steel construction, Daiichi hooks exhibit extreme hardness and razor-sharp points. Plus the Bleeding Bait red finish triggers a natural feeding instinct in fish. And for maximum effectiveness, the barbs on Daiichi hooks only cut into 40% of the hook's wire diameter.

Salmon Egg Hooks:

The Daiichi Salmon Egg Hook was developed for fishing with bait, but is now also being used for artificial bait. Known as an egg hook, this style is generally used by trout and salmon anglers using natural salmon eggs as bait. Today's fly tiers create artificial egg patterns to simulate salmon eggs and many prefer this hook style because the up-eye does not close off the hook gape and the angle of pull enhances hook-ups.

The lengthy tempering process each hook undergoes gives them just the right amount of flex, so they hold fast when under heavy pressure.

These hooks are Daiichi model D05Z (Gold), and D06Z (Red).

Available sizes: 8 - 14
Available colors: Gold, Red
Hooks per package: 12

Saltwater & Circle Hooks:

Top-quality traditional or modern saltwater fly hooks. New circle hook for saltwater flies is hard to find, and we've got 'em! This is Daiichi's "Circle Wide" hook - needle point, chemically sharpened with a black nickel finish.

Circle hooks

Circle hooks are not new to fishing. In fact they have been around for a very long time. They were primarily used in the long line commercial fishing industry but are quickly gaining a sound reputation in the rock and surf arena. Many rock and surf anglers have switched to using them exclusively, may be you are one of them.

Always keep the bait below the Circle hook, it increases the hook-up rote and mostly with the hook in Ihe comer of the mouth.

Every fisherman should know: where to cast, what bait to use and what conditions to took for. These were critical lessons and the basis of everything.

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