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The world's most diversified manufacturer

of netting type products presents a brief look at some it's many "hard to find items." We serve all industries including state and federal government agencies, the scientific community, schools and universities, fish hatcheries and many, many more. For over 75 years, we have made buying "hard to find items" easy and affordable to our customers in all parts
of the world. If you do not see it here, rest assured, we probably do, or will, make
it for you!


Now, on to the Ed Cumings Scientific Catalog
Electrofishing Nets, Fish Cradle Nets, Nylon Head Nets
Bait and Fry Collection Nets, Bait Well and Fry Minnow Nets
Butterfly and Scientific Nets, Specialty Bait Nets
Dog Catching Nets, Woodcock Banding Nets, Wading Staff


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