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Welcome to the Gamakatsu - Japan
You’ll find information on our newest products, plus our entire catalog 2016 -2017 of superior fishing hooks and equipment. Note this homepage services the United States only. Other customers please contact us through our International Homepage.

Gamakatsu - fishing fresh and saltwater hooks and top equipment

Original product made by GAMAKATSU Japan - manufacturer are used worldwide and meet the needs of even the most demanding fisherman. Innovation premium hook(super strong,sharpness and hardness) for any and every fshing situation.


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Gamakatsu - producing fish hooks new and hi-tech since 1955.

Gamakatsu offer over 3,000 highest quality fish hook made, Durability, Strength hooks of high carbon steel, "stay sharp hooks" with Innovative hook designs and many Color Variation in fuorescent colors ,F-pink, F-orange etc. that meet the needs of of the Market and anglers.

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Striper Rig - corrosion resistance and saltwater use hooks series features a proven Octopus hook, tied on 28" of premium 40# monoflament to give the confdence he needs to catch that trophy of a lifetime.The steel leader is a multi strand wire and has an epoxy coating over the twisted portion in front of the hook to eliminate any sharp edges. Hooks series avalible in 4/0-8/0 Sizes.

Super Nautilus, ring Hooks for saltwater fshermen- Series for saltwater with circle design and stainless steel ring toothy fsh.Hooks series avalible in 4/0-11/0 Sizes.

Wicked Wacky Flip hooks Gamakatsu Series - standard Shiner hook designs with durable hand tied in heavy cover.

series avalible in 2/0-5/0 Hook Sizes.

Heavy Cover Worm - highest standards for biggest fsh hooks. Series of hooks with solid welded eye for superior holding power. Hooks with rock solid welded eyefor snell knot and small and compact wire keeper.

Hooks series avalible in 3/0-5/0 Sizes.

Double 21,22 Gamakatsu Hooks Series - New carbon steel double hooks on swim baits and belly hook on hard baits.

Series 21 - with longer shank and eye

avalible in 12-1/0 Hook Sizes.

Series 22 - with medium length with straight eye in Nickel-Silver-Black Color

avalible in 10-4 Hook Sizes.

where to by: Gamakatsu Fishing hooks series for sale - include The largest range of fly freshwate hooks, popular Big Game Series, super strong trebles for all applications, specialty fishing hooks designed for particular purposes in mind, rigged hooks, range of ganging hooks, most styles and types of fishing and includes hooks like the Octopus, Baitholder, All styles, shapes and weights to suit any type of Fishing from "Gamakatsu".

'Gamakatsu' Teams Series /GTS/

Website GTS is now available,Included here are all the twin hook rigs and include pre rigged fish hooks,Super Nautilus saltwater ring Hooks Twinex and G-stingers hooks and over 2000 different japan made hooks for the talented and expert angler's. Click here to find our entire catalog and information on our newest hooks and equipment.

Gamakatsu Teams Series (GTS)

"With the entry free it large because the payback is larger for each semi final with a cash and product value of over 7k. Then the GF with the main prize in the GF being a 32k boat package, it is the largest in the any bream tournament and this has to be paid for at some stage, basically the semi finals and grand final is close to 100% payback, actually a bit over so that is why we charge more to get more prizes. To make it cheaper we could drop the prize value for each semi or the GF prize but the feedback is 250 is fine for larger prizes. If you have a different opinion please PM us and we ill have a look at what people say."

"With the payback, we paid back the same % as the boats and this is the costs of the events, question did you eat at the BBQ that was free? Did you have a cold drink after? Did you get one of heaps of free packs and the EXTRA prizes over and above the Hobie prizes that we supplied? If not then sorry you missed out if you did then great, sounds like you got extra value from your $50 entry fee." Gamakatsu

Quality of Gamakatsu -Japan hooks

Gamakatsu company - absolutely the best innovation company ti the field of big fishing, designer and manufacturer of unique fishing hooks no analog in the market, superior to all other brands, from saltwater to fly hooks, and are famous all across the world. Gamakatsu is not simply one of the producers, all products are extreme high japan quality in large quantities - is the premier source for very sharp and strongest hooks.

There are a large amount of different type, styles shapes, colors and sizes, small (14)and Big Game Sizes(13/0 heavy duty big hook designed for heavy lines and larger baits..and Fish), hook eyes with welded eye,"Magic Eye" or hole eye, Spinner Bait, Trailer, Double, Treble ,Crappie , wide Gap and much more, for Salt or Freshwater fishing Hook series, extra strength, specialy designed for efficient fishing in mind to be Good choice for any situations, all offering the best possible characteristics to their customers, especially for fishing lovers. Company developed specially designed material High-Carbo-Steel for the manufacture of fish hooks, The fish-hooks with HCS Construction(higher percentage of carbon plus impurities) feature higher tensile strength , as well as ultra clean and stronger, most hardness, and high viscosity indices and low pour points,tin finished for water corrosion resistance.

In additional Gamakatsu developed a unique specifically tailored tempering process for extremely Sharpness and get the Best Hooks for more aggressive hook-sets.

New 2016 Gamakatsu e-Catalog

New 2016 Products:

-The Short Shank EWG Treble Hooks- crankbaits gap design hooks of all types include New 2016-2017 products:Micro Gap hooks, G-Carp Gamakatsu Hooks and Jig Nymph.

-2X Strong dimensions big game Treble Hooks

-Big River Bait Hook - fast penetrating salmon Forged -Hooks
-New Swivel Shot endorsed by FLW Pro Shinichi to ensure big hook ups.
-New unique circle Hook "Nautilus" developed for fragile live baits saltwater fishing ( Sizes: 2 1 1/0 2/0 3/0 4/0 5/0 6/0 7/0 8/0)
-New Gamakatsu Fly-Fishing-Hooks include:Standard dry,Stinger hooks,Barbless dry,Up eye dry,Straight eye dry,1 x fine standard dry,Retainer bend barbless,Glo bug,4x long streamer straight eye,Stone fly nymph,Caddis,Keel balance,Multi-use 3x strong,Multi-use 1x fine,Salmon/steelhead wet,Steelhead dry,Salmon 3x strong,Scud,Salmon/steelhead 3X strong, Standard saltwater, Saltwater wide gap, Midge,2x long dry,Saltwater perfect bend, Russian River Fly,Midge 1x Fine,Nymph 2x strong,Nymph 2x short and 4x long streamers.

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