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We offer a variety of lines specifically designed and formulated to meet any fishing challenge. From our micro-thin, low stretch champion White Lightning, to our big fish tough, Grand Slam monofilament and braid.

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If you are looking for line that fish canít see, you need look no further than our 100% Fluorocarbon Line, super strong Quattro Plus, and our I. G. F. A. rated, super-thin Black Widow.


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WildFire is a superline that combines the most desirable properties of Spectra braid with the easy handling of monofilament. The smooth surface and unique construction allow you to cast WildFire further than ordinary braid on both spinning and baitcasting tackle with whisper-quiet precision. Best of all, you can tie your favorite mono knots and handle the line with the ease of monofilament. The line is compact, sensitive, and holds its shape cast after cast, fish after fish, without fraying. WildFire is made by braiding Spectra fiber around a proprietary core material. The line is then passed through a thermal process which bonds the fibers around the core from the inside out. This special finishing gives WildFire a rounder, fuller-body that resists wind knots and behaves like monofilament. WildFire has virtually no stretch and is more than twice as strong as monofilament of the same diameter, allowing you to feel every nibble and quickly set your hook. The line is colorfast. There are no dyes or outer coatings to come off on your hands, and the line will hold its original color even with repeated fishing. WildFire is so revolutionary, it will literally change the way you think about braided line.

Fishing Equipment and Accessories

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