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Find appropriate manufacturers and exporters of parts, boat accessories of the top producers in the boating industry. Forums>>

Fishing Equipment manufacturers

Manufacturers and exporters of parts, accessories of the top producers in the boating industry

Fishing Rods - manufacturers & Suppliers

Penn - Penn Fishing Rods for beach and boat, finest quality constructed rods at very good price

- Great selection of Fishing Rods. Freshwater & Saltwater Rods, Ultra Durable, Muskie, Salomon, Trolling, Surf and much more, Rods for every variant of fishing, suit your preference and experience

- Fantastic large range of rods, Surf and Jetty Series

Zebco - Best choice for freshwater or saltwater fishing rods


Quantum - Freshwater and Saltwater Rods, amazing variety of applications

Mr. Crappie - Rods, Rod Holders and Accessories

Mitchell - Performance to the next level - choice for serious anglers

Cono-flex UK - Fishing Rods, include Rods that cover most of today’s Boat Angler’s needs

Roessler, Austria - fishing Rods

13Fishing - The "Omen" Black Series Casting & Spinning Rods

Fishing reels

Penn - Huge Penn Reels Inventory

Shimano - Reels Inventory and Accessories engineered with a precision that can come only from years of research

- From Freshwater to Saltwater, a huge range of Daiwa Reels


Zebco - All fishing Types of Fishing Reels, Kids Reels

Quantum - Freshwater and Saltwater Reels

Mitchell - Top-quality fishing Reels since 1948, Big Game Series

Okuma - Spinning, Baitcasting & Drag Reels

Roessler, Austria - New 2013 fishing Reels

Martex - Top-quality Reels that suit all float and feeder fishing methods

Abu Garcia (Sweden manufacturing) - Fishing Reels Overview & Details

Water Lures

Boone Bait Co - For over a quarter of a century finest in fishing lures

C&H Lures - A wide selection of some of the finest C&H offshore lures

Williamson Lures - Some of the world's most popular lures

Moldcraft - Fine Quality Fishing Lures Since 1971

Daiwa - Some of the most diverse, durable and detailed

Daiwa® Lures - Saltwater and Saltiga lures review

Shimano - Shimano Lures and Accessories

Acme Tackle - Kastmaster/with Tube tail, XL, Kamlooper Side Winder fishing Lures

Crankbaits Series - Strike King Lure Company

Fishing Rod Holders & Racks

Lee’s Tackle - Highest quality precision Sportfishing equipment using the finest marine materials

C.E. Smith - Mid Mount Stainless Steel Rod Holders & Totally new swept back design holders with unique patented clamping system

Ram Mounts - Rod Holders in ultra-durable composites for salt and freshwater

Tempress - plastic fishing rod holders & with organizer

Cannon - Side Mount plastic, Fixed Mount Aluminum, Downrigger, Single Axis Rod Holders

Fishing hooks

Mustad - World's leading manufacturer of fish hooks

Gamakatsu - From saltwater to fly hooks, Gamakatsu Mfr. has been an innovator in the design and manufacture of hooks for the last 50 years

Daiichi - Full line of Daiichi Hooks and Accessories

Tru-Turn - Optimum hooksetting penetration for over 40 years

Mr. Crappie - World's foremost experts on crappie fishing. Designed tough, strong and needle sharp, these fishing hooks will have you boating more fish in no time

Triple Fish - Freshwater and Saltwater, a huge range of Lines manufactured in Germany

Berkley - Finest top quality and performance, professional line is made under strict quality control. Superline, Fluorocarbon, Monofilament and Ice Fishing Series

Hi-Seas - We offer a variety of lines designed specifically to meet any fishing needs

Power Pro - Series Fishing Line From Freshwater to Saltwater, different anglers. The use of the exclusive Enhanced Body Technology provides a rounder, smoother, slicker and structurally superior ultra strong braided line enhancing pitchin and flipping, jigging, casting, trolling and big game fishing

Momoi - All fishing accessories and lines

Okuma - Different lures, each lure is finely painted with brilliant details

SunLine® - Nylon- Silicone/Polyamide Monofilament, Multifilament, Braided and Fluorocarbon Fishing Lines

Fox - Fishing Lines

BALSAX Lines -Fishing lines types - Carp or Big Fish, Fluorocarbon, Leaders, Winter and Sea Lines

Cadno Lines - a new UK hand-made silk fishing lines

Fishing nets

Ed Cumings - The world's most diversified manufacturer of netting type products

Betts Tackle - Very strong designed almost invisible in and out of the water, packed with "how" instructions

Action Fishing Equipment Ltd. - Professional and Commercial A Grade Nets Made in NZ

Fishnet Co. - all types of netting

Beckman® - Fishing nets, modern and traditional fishing

Fishfinders & Depth Sounders


Eagle - Single and dual-frequency fishfinders provide performance and value, built to suit every need from compact to full-size cases




Garmin - all new Brand Garmin Striker Fishfinders

HydroWave - electronic sound device. Products and Tips on how to maximize the device's effectiveness

Fishing Vests

Orvis - Fly Fishing Products, mens Fly Fishing Vests

Patagonia - PFD, Fishing Men's/Unisex Vests

Fishpond - Men's, Women's and Youth Packs & Vests

Simms - men's Fly Fishing Vests

Fishing Books

Tackle & Gear Books - Equipment, and Accessories for Successful Fishing

Books for Fishing - "How to" Fishing Books, articles and Stories

Freshwater Fishing - Freshwater "How to" Books for Fishing, Tips/Guides

Fly Fishing - Books & Guides who explains how to fly fish and Stories, A to Z of flyfishing, Equipment & Tips

SaltWater Fishing - SaltWater Books - Tackle, Tactics, How to Care articles, Tackle, Tactics and stories

Fishing Equipment

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Directory for finding fishing tackle equipment, rods, reels and accessories on the market today. Best Fishing Manufacturers and much more, quickly and easily, arranged by Category.

Here you can find the Highest Quality, Saltwater and Fresh, Complete line of Fishing Tackle and Gear include Fishing Nets - any type, any amount, best Manufacturers.

Different types of Fishing Rods & Rod Accessories and all types ( hose, cable, storage ) of Fishing Reels. New Models and description

Taste success with the powerful range Fishfinders, Depth Sounders and Sonar technology made from Top Brand Marine and Fishing Electronics Manufacturers.

Internet and Fishing?! -Internet A Valuable Tool For Anglers

Years ago the best advice you could get about fishing in the Northwoods could be had at the local sporting goods store, especially if you went in to buy bait during the coffee hour before local guides set out for their favorite spots and fishing trips.

Maybe now the best bet for the curious angler is to set sail through the Internet, starting with a Simple design but informative

Quality Forums - Discussion covering all aspects of fishing, how to fish and where to fish, fish reports, triks and experience freshwater, saltwater, sports and deep sea fishing, fly, bass fishing, kayak, all the information you need on fishing.

Scierra Boots & Waders - to make all seams welded in stead of stithced Scierra use Unique new hotmelt technology.

"How to" Hints - Fishing and Tackle Care Tips

Manufacturers and exporters of parts, accessories of the top producers in the boating Industry.