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Interphase Technologies, Inc. is committed to providing the highest quality, innovative technology to the recreational and light commercial marine market.

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Interphase Technologies, Inc. is committed to providing the highest quality, innovative technology to the recreational and light commercial marine market.


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Sonar Engine™

Introducing the industry's first "black-box" forward looking sonar with both VGA and video outputs. The new SE-200 Sonar Engine™ adds scanning sonar capability to today's popular multifunction and large panel displays and easily turns most video-capable chart plotters, radars, and other multifunctional displays into full-featured forward-looking sonars.

iScan 180se The iScan 180's two thru-hull transducers scan a full 180 forward horizontal sector (90 on each side of the vessel’s bow) with the beam angled slightly downward, approximately 10, in order to minimize surface wave clutter. This provides great capabilities to follow channels, find passages through treacherous reefs, and to identify shoals.
The iScan 180 scans from the surface to the bottom in a 90 forward vertical pattern directly ahead of the boat using a 12 beam angle. This enables you to see bottom contour and shallow water before running aground. It also lets you see partially submerged debris and other dangers directly ahead. Connect an optional camera to monitor engine rooms or other important areas.

iScan v90se

The iScan V90 is the ideal navigation aid for cruisers, and other types of recreational and light commercial vessels who want to “see what’s ahead” by using its forward vertical scan. This compact unit allows boaters to see the bottom ahead and submerged objects up to 1,200 feet forward of the vessel’s bow.

The iScan V90 continuously updates the forward looking display to show changing water depths, shoals, reefs, bottom structure and other suspended objects.

Color Twinscope se

The Color Twinscope provides the same features as iScan 180 except its forward horizontal scan sector is 90 (45 on each side of the vessel’s bow). Exclusive phased array scanning sonar technology provides advanced sonar performance in a compact, feature packed display and utilizes a small, easy to install transducer with no moving parts. Forward ranges up to 1,200 feet. A unique display cursor instantly provides range and depth to forward objects.

The Interphase PC/View turns your shipboard laptop or desktop PC into a powerful, high-resolution forward scanning sonar. Using your PC's computing power and its high resolution color display, the PC/View provides advanced sonar features for improved underwater navigation and detection. Incorporating the same patented technology as the Interphase Probe and Sea Scout, the PC/View can scan a moving beam from side to side to help locate suspended objects, schools of bait and fish, or can be set to scan vertically from the surface to the bottom to show obstacles, underwater structure and changing bottom conditions ahead.

The new PC/180 is similar to our PC/View but uses two special transducers, one mounted on each side of the keel, to give your onboard PC the ability to scan forward horizontally a full 180 degrees.

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