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Lowrance has developed an impressive range of advanced but nonetheless reasonably priced, and easy to use fishfinders, combined fishfinders/GPS and GPS+WAAS map plotters capable of being adapted to several different markets.

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For nearly 50 years, Lowrance has been a world leading brand in marine electronics.

In 1957, Darrell Lowrance established the company and introduced at the same time the first portable fishfinding instrument for anglers in the USA. This quickly became a "magic box" for American anglers, and changed their fishing methods. Since this revolution for anglers.


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New by Lowrance: Elite-7 And Elite-5 CHIRP Series by Lowrance

Showcases the Lowrance HDI 7 Unit With CHIRP' the new new CHIRP Technology

Read below about one of the most important fishing tools on' your boat today.

This happens to be the brand new Lowrance HDI-7 with CHIRP Technology.

Now the HDI-7 is a real famous graph already because, as you can see, you can split the' screen in a couple different ways here to be able to show you the chart, the sonar,' and the down scan 3D imaging.

' However, Lowrance has really upped the bar with their brand' new CHIRP Technology. So you might be asking yourself, "What in the world is CHIRP Technology?

Simply put, New CHIRP means target separation. It's going to allow you, the angler, to be' able to pick out that fish in that giant school of bait fish. It's going to be able to allow' you to pick out that fish in the hard to see structure down there, but most importantly' when you look at the graph, if that fish is hugging directly on the bottom, you're going' to be able to see it.

' With new CHIRP Technology you're going to be able to visually see that fish on the graph and know it's a fish versus structure.

So, again, CHIRP is all about target separation. The new HDI-5 and 7 units with CHIRP are going to be different from those without CHIRP basically' because what you're going to see here is we're going to have greater sensitivity, superior' noise rejection.

HDI-5 | HDI-7 Lowrance unit

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That's going to mean you're going to get a crystal clear screen, and most' importantly the approved target resolution.

All three of those topics combined are going' to allow you, the angler, to see bait fish much more clearly, allowing you to maximize' your time on the water.

' One of my favorite features of this graph happens to be the split zoom technology. When' you go ahead and utilize that feature on the graph, it's going to be able to show you the' maximum fish versus cover separation. Let me show you how to activate it.

' First thing we want to do is press "Pages". We want to go ahead and scroll all the way' through until we're on Sonar.' Once you see the Sonar tab, go ahead and press "Enter".

The second thing once that comes' up is you're going to want to press Menu one time. You want to scroll down to Sonar options.' Go ahead and press Right right up here on the Directional tab, and now you're going' to see the split zoom feature.

This feature is really dynamite.' Again, it's going to allow you to see in extreme detail what's going on down there. Many a' times on past sonar units, you'd be able to see one arch. You'd think there's one fish.' Well, with split zoom feature more times than not you're able to see that one time. You' thought there's one fish on there, he has a couple buddies with him. Check this out.' It's a really neat technology. Not only is this new HDI-7 and HDI-5 graphs' absolutely priced right, but you're also going to notice if you have an older Lowrance HDI' graph that the transducer is going to plug and play right with your newer models.

To learn a lot more information about the brand new Lowrance HDI-5 and 7 with CHIRP' Technology or any of the Lowrance Elite "Chirp" products it's pretty simple, visit Lowrance online at