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Mitchell - World’s first spinning reel. Today, we remain dedicated to our heritage of making reliable fishing tackle that performs flawlessly and allows all anglers to experience the joy of fishing.

One of the proud brands of Pure Fishing, Inc. Pure Fishing is a global family of quality fishing tackle brands, offering a broad range of products that meet or exceed the needs of today's anglers.

Avocet® New Reels

New Mitchell RZT Reel

One more beauty of the Mitchell spinning reels is this family of high-performance and rugged spinning reels. For optimal performance and smooth working procces the brand new Mitchell Avocet RZT Reel comes redesigned with a lot innovation parts and Systems (NeverFail™) . RZT Reels are equiped with quick-stop anti- reverse system and 7 ultra smooth ball bearings, for reliability Multi disc drag system and for added strength they come with Aluminum handle with a black knurled finger grip.

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RZT Reel comes in 4 models that have transmissions that allow variable Retrieve rates , Gear ratio and weight.

-500UL: GR 5.4:1 , RR 22, W 6.60;
-RZT 1000: GR 5.4:1, RR 25, W 7.00;
-RZT2000: GR 5.4:1, RR 29, W 8.00;
- RZT3000: GR 5.2:1 , RR 29, W 8.70;

New Mitchell RZ Reel

The New Avocet RZ series reels mean one thing - reliability.
RZ Mitchell reels are manufactured with dual supported pinion ensures less fatigue on your hand and better gear alignment.

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Some Avocet RZ models comes equiped with an additional Rapid Mitchell Drag feature making it even easier to quickly ramp down/up your drag mechanism to allow you to set how much resistance a fish feels when it pulls. All These models are equiped with Innovative bail spring system Neverfail™, anti-reverse system, and 4 Bearings.

The New Mitchell RZ reels feature the same components as higher class reels such as Daiwa's but Pritty good for the price.

New Avocet RZ Reel comes in 6 different models that have transmissions that allow variable Retrieve rates , Gear ratio and weight.

-500UL: GR 5.4:1 , RR 22, W 6.60;
-AVRZ 1000: GR 5.4:1, RR 25, W 7.00;
-AVRZ 2000: GR 5.4:1, RR 29, W 8.70;
- AVRZ 3000: GR 5.4:1, RR 29, W 8.80;
- AVRZ 4000: GR 5.2:1 , RR 29, W 9.80;
- AVRZ 1000R-C: GR 5.4:1, RR 22, W 8.00;

Mitchell 300 Reels

These new 310 and 308 PRO Reel models are super smooth and a darn good reel. It's well craftmanship in design from Mitchell.

Mitchell 310

It's one of the most modern reel from Mitchell. For smooth operation the next generation of spinning reels come with 8 Bearings with an "Instant" Anti-Reverse. That Anti-Reverse system keeps the reel handle - means when you stop spinning reeling, the handle should not be able to move backwards at all. Thanks to the Innovative Bail Halo and strong advanced polymeric body plus handle from Aluminum, new 300 is designed to have superior strength and "healthy" weight.

The Mitchell 300 come with a gear ratio of 5.2:1 and provide a retrieval rate of 20.5.

Mitchell 308 Reels

The new 310 come with the 5.2:1 gear reel-ratio. This Mitchell Reel ratio has a relatively balanced rate of retrieve - 20.5.

Mitchell 310 Reels

Model 308 come with the 5.1:1 GR and rate of retrieve - 27.

the New Mitchell 300 Pro (explanation)

Regarding the Mitchell 300 and plastic reel washers.

The reel spool is set at the factory to lay line evenly from the top of the spool to the bottom. Using much thicker or thinner line can affect this. If you notice more line collecting towards the top of the spool you can remove a plastic washer to get more even line lay and the opposite is true if you notice more line collecting towards the bottom just add an additional washer.

If you loosen the drag knob and remove the spool you will notice what looks like a gear on the main shaft ,metal post that supports the spool, and on top of that you will notice a similar washer to what was included with you reel. This is where you would add or remove washers as needed. Some anglers will even purposely remove a washer when fluorocarbon lines to stack fishing line more towards the top of spool helping reduce friction of line coming off the spool and backlashing.

Hopefully this Mitchell explanation helps instead of complicating things more.

With Mitchell 300 Pro Series you will be very impressed on how smooth the Mitchell reel is and maybe will be your main reel for trout and silver salmon fishing this fall.

Mitchell fishing Products:

Reels -

Mitchell fishing reels provide the avid angler with quality performance when in use. Made of durable lightweight material.

Mitchell fishing reels have been engineered to fit most styles of fishing. As the top fishing leader, Mitchell Reels has placed great emphasis on research and design.

Mitchell fishing reels are designed for freshwater fishing but may be used for saltwater fishing.

They are perfect for floating bait, trolling, or bank fishing include boat fishing. Mitchell fishing reels have an aluminum gear box for added performance and full control.

300XGe Series
300Xe Series
Avocet® II Gold Series
Avocet® II Silver Series
Avocet® II Silver Rear Drag Series

Combos -

Mitchell fishing rods focus on every popular type of fishing including freshwater fishing and saltwater fishing. Part of the Pure Fishing line of products, Britain's Mitchell fishing rods are popular around the world.

With many fishing poles from which anglers can choose, there are five affordable poles that sell extremely well in the United States and other countries. They're particularly popular with beginners who want to experience fishing without spending a bundle.

Low priced Mitchell fishing rods1

300Xe Combo Series
Avocet® II Silver Combo Series
Avocet® II Silver Rear Drag Combo Series
Big Game® Combo Series
Outback® SE Combo Series
Pesca Combo Series

Mitchell Tackle
Top Quality Fishing Tackle Since 1948

At Mitchell, we've built top quality fishing tackle since 1948 - the year we invented the world's first spinning reel and changed the face of fishing .

Explore our reels and combos and discover the confidence of having the right equipment.

That breakthrough ushered in a new era of light-tackle angling and an easier way to fish. Today, we remain dedicated to our proud heritage of innovation - making reliable fishing tackle that performs flawlessly for the die-hard fisherman or weekend angler.
The right equipment Since 1948.


Reel Service

Mitchell® Factory
1900 18th St.
Spirit Lake, IA 51360
(877) 502-6482

Reel Service
Mitchell® Factory Reel Service
1900 18th St.
Spirit Lake, IA 51360
(877) 502-6482

Mitchell Fishing Reels for sale by Owner in ebay, New or Old Models / Used Reels & Accessories listings.Spinning, 300XGe/Xe Series new performance level Lightweight, Carbon with drag material reels, Gold Series with the reliable operation with 8 Bearing Drive, Silver with 4 Bearing Drive and Trigger Reels Series with 4 Bearing Drive, Self centering System Model. new Series >>

Mitchell - 300XGe Series

New Series of Spinning Reels>>

Loaded with high-performance features so that every angler can fish like a pro. The 300XGe is a proud and proven continuation of the Mitchell® tradition.

Mitchell® has taken its popular 300 series to an all-new performance level with the 300XGe.

-10 Bearing Drive with Instant Anti-Reverse – for life long smoothness and free spin
-Dual Bearing Supported Pinion – for reliable gear alignment
-Carbon Matrix™ Drag System – the best drag material for consistent smoothness and range
-Lightweight Advanced Polymeric Body and Rotor with Aluminum Handle – for exceptional stiffness
-Strong Oversized NeverFail™ Bail Spring System – for consistent trouble-free action

-Spare Aluminum Spool – for quick line change
-Comfort Touch™ Exterior Coating and Handle Knob – for sure, non-slip fishing
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Mitchell - 300XGe Combo Series

For the angler seeking an advantage, the Mitchell® 300Xe Combo comes with the latest technology to take performance to the next level. Building on the heritage of the legendary Mitchell® 300 reel, the 300Xe features 8 bearings for ultimate smoothness.

-8 Bearing Drive with Instant Anti-Reverse – for smooth operation and free spin
- Multi-Disk Drag System – for consistent smoothness
- Lightweight Advanced Polymeric Body and Rotor with Aluminum Handle – for exceptional stiffness
- UH90 Graphite Construction Rod – for strength and sensitivity

-Cork Handle – for a comfortable grip
-Stainless Steel Guide Frames and Inserts – for increased durability

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