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Hi-Catch seriae has long been a closely guarded secret of many professional fishermen. Suppleness and Low spool memory make it an excellent choice for chunking as well as trolling.

Momoi Fishing Line

Momoi's Hi-Catch Nylon Monofilament Line is an extremely high quality monofilament line produced using strict quality controls.

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Momoi's Hi-Catch I.G.F.A. mono-line has been selected to be the official line of the Rolex/I.G.F.A. Offshore Championship for 2003.

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Momoi’s Hi-Catch I.G.F.A. Nylon Monofilament Line

Momoi’s Hi-Catch

I.G.F.A. Nylon Monofilament Line is produced to exact tolerances and is designed to break just under I.G.F.A. specifications for each line class, providing that extra margin of breaking strength over other I.G.F.A. lines to tournament fisherman and world record seekers without the worry of exceeding I.G.F.A. requirements.

Momoi’s Hi-Catch I.G.F.A. Nylon Monofilament Line

Available in light blue and fluorescent yellow colors. Test Diameter 1/4 lb. Spl 1 lb. Spl 2 lb. Spl 4 lb. Spl 5 lb. Spl 2lb. .145mm 6600 yrd. 26400 yrd. 4lb. .20mm 3300 yrd. 13200 yrd. 6lb. .25mm 2200 yrd. 8800 yrd. 8lb. .285mm 1650 yrd. 6600 yrd. 12lb. .31mm 1100 yrd. 4400 yrd. 16lb. .40mm 825 yrd. 3300 yrd. 20lb. .45mm 662 yrd. 2650 yrd. 5300 yrd. 30lb. .57mm 412 yrd. 1650 yrd. 3300 yrd. 6600 yrd. 50lb. .74mm 990 yrd. 1980 yrd. 4950 yrd. 80lb. .91mm 660 yrd. 1320 yrd. 3300 yrd. 130lb. 1.17mm 780 yrd. 1900 yrd.

Momoi's Hi-Catch Nylon Monofilament Fishing Line

Momoi's Hi-Catch Nylon Monofilament Line is an extremely high quality monofilament line produced using strict quality controls. It exhibits very low memory characteristics, is very soft and flexible while maintaining a high tensile strength to diameter ratio.Smaller diameter lines with high tensile strength result in larger reel capacity when fighting hard charging game fish.

Momoi's Hi-Catch Nylon Monofilament Line

Available in Clear White, Hi-visibility fluorescent yellow, Smoke Blue.*Sea Green Available from 150-250 LB test on 5Lb Spools only. Test Diameter 1/4 lb. Spl 1 lb. Spl 2 lb. Spl 4 lb. Spl 5 lb. Spl 6lb. .23mm 2535 yrd. 10140 yrd. 8lb. .26mm 2028 yrd. 8110 yrd. 10lb. .29mm 1690 yrd. 6760 yrd. 12lb. .31mm 1450 yrd. 5880 yrd. 11600 yrd. 16lb. .37mm 1013 yrd. 4050 yrd. 8100 yrd. 20lb. .40mm 840 yrd. 3360 yrd. 6760 yrd. 25lb. .50mm 563 yrd. 2250 yrd. 4500 yrd. 30lb. .52mm 505 yrd. 2020 yrd. 4040 yrd. 8080 yrd. 40lb. .60mm 388 yrd. 1550 yrd. 3100 yrd. 7750 yrd. 50lb. .70mm 280 yrd. 1120 yrd. 2240 yrd. 5600 yrd. 60lb. .75mm 253 yrd. 1010 yrd. 2020 yrd. 5050 yrd. 80lb. .85mm 188 yrd. 750 yrd. 1500 yrd. 3750 yrd. 100lb. .95mm 610 yrd. 1220 yrd. 3050 yrd. 130lb. 1.20mm 760 yrd. 1900 yrd. 150lb. 1.28mm 1650 yrd. 200lb. 1.40mm 1450 yrd. 250lb. 1.60mm 1050 yrd. 300lb. 1.80mm 850 yrd. 400lb. 2.05mm 675 yrd. 500lb. 2.45mm 440 yrd.

Momoi's Hi-Catch Wind-on Leaders Collection

2003year NEW! Momoi, the#1 Monofilament in the world, introduces our collection of Momoi Wind-On Leaders! Momoi's high strength monofilament and fluorocarbon combined with low stretch dyneema creates the strongest, most dependable wind-on leader in the world. Momoi's Wind-On leaders are attached with a loop to loop connection to your fishing line. The wind-on system improves bait presentation, eliminates the need for conventional long leaders and provides safer handling and releasing of fish at the boat.

Momoi's Hi-Catch Mono with Dyneema

Available in Smoke Blue only. Test Diameter Length 80lb. .85mm 25yrd. 100lb. .95mm 25yrd. 130lb. 1.20mm 25yrd. 150lb. 1.28mm 25yrd. 200lb. 1.40mm 25yrd. 300lb. 1.80mm 25yrd. 400lb. 2.05mm 25yrd.

Momoi's Hi-Catch Diamond with Dyneema

Available in Diamond Clear color only. Test Diameter Length 80lb. .90mm 25yrd. 100lb. 1.00mm 25yrd. 130lb. 1.28mm 25yrd. 200lb. 1.45mm 25yrd.

Momoi's Hi-Catch X-tra Hard with Dyneema

Available in Clear color only. Test Diameter Length 220lb. 1.28mm 25yrd. 300lb. 1.80mm 25yrd. 400lb. 2.05mm 25yrd. 530lb. 2.33mm 25yrd.

Momoi's Hi-Catch Fluoro-carbon with Dyneema

Available in Clear color only. Test Diameter Length 80lb. .855mm 25yrd. 90lb. 1.05mm 25yrd. 130lb. 1.11mm 25yrd. 150lb. 1.28mm 25yrd. 180lb. 1.39mm 25yrd. 200lb. 1.57mm 25yrd. 220lb. 1.66mm 25yrd. 280lb. 1.81mm 25yrd. 330lb. 2.03mm 25yrd. 400lb. 2.34mm 25yrd.

Momoi's Hi-Catch 50Yd.Leader Keepers

2003year NEW! Momoi introduced No-Tangle Dispensers & Leader Line Coils.Unique cover not only protects the line, but affords quick availability of the line, tangle-free, when the action is hot!

Momoi's Hi-Catch Mono 50Yd. Leeder Keepers

Available in Clear White & Smoke Blue. Test Diameter Length 30lb. .52mm 50yrd. 40lb. .60mm 50yrd. 50lb. .70mm 50yrd. 60lb. .75mm 50yrd. 80lb. .85mm 50yrd.

Momoi Hi-Max Premium Line - This is the basic line of the Hi-Max Series that emphasizes straight breaking strength based on appropriate stretching and ample strength. Special resin processing technology has been applied to block UV Rays that can weaken the strength of nylon. line avalible from 0.117mm to 1.650mm.

Super Hi-Max Soft Line - As the genetic offspring of Premium line, this high-performance nylon line pursues softness and further improves knot strength. Special resin processing technology has been applied to block UV Rays that can weaken the strength of nylon.

Extra Hi-Max Fishing Line - This toughest nylon line is not only strong enough to use as leader but offers tremendously high knot strength of fishing line class. It greatly enhances slide and repellency, and proprietary resin processing technology keeps any underwater strength loss to a minimum. This line meets the needs of a broad range of anglers. line avalible from 0.105mm to 4.042mm.

Royal Pro-Max Line - This easy-to-use line offers total balance. It maintains the high tensile and straight breaking strength required for leader, while ensuring that knots are strong and secure. line avalible from 0.064mm to 0.437mm

Prestiqe Pro-Max Fishing Line - This professional-grade leader was developed for the more serious angler with a priority on tensile strength and sensitivity. It offers the highest class of quality with durability and abrasion resistance improved in leaps and bounds. It greatly increases knot strength without the usual faltering of thin line, to deliver excellent handling.

Extreme Pro-Max Fishing Momoi Line - nylon leader was developed with true professional-grade strength of #0.4 and higher on a base of our proprietary special nylon. While maintaining a high level of tensile strength and sensitivity, it delivers knot strength of the highest standard. Designed to stretch appropriately, delicate nibbles will not get away. Underwater strength loss has been minimized with a special coating that delivers excellent repellency and abrasion resistance.

Pe Kiwami Pro-Max Fishing Momoi Line - Made of evenly braided super-strong PE, this high-enc professional-grade PE braided line delivers circularity, ultrahigl impact strength and ultrahigh tensile strength. Proprietary resir processing technology ensures very smooth sliding anc flexibility. Stretching is kept to virtually zero so that nibble; propagate assuredly to the angler's finger.

Classic Fishing Momoi Line - Made with 55 years of monofilament know-how and technologies, this fishing line is featured at the core of the Hi-Catch Series, It offers a high balance of all required characteristics: toughness, abrasion resistance, strength, etc.

IGWA Fishing Momoi Line - Made specifically for IGFA tournaments, this line enables consistent tension control of the highest level. Widely trusted by IGFA competitors, it has been a part of innumerable world records.

"Momoi" Japan Quality Award - Fishing Line

Production Company Momoi is without doubt the standard of quality and popular all over the world. Momoi Fishing Net Mfg Co., Ltd originates from a small company based in Japan in 1905, fisherman Yozo Momoi. At the initial stage the company was engaged in making and selling only the fishing nets made of natural fibers. Fair and quality products have such a demand, which in 1947 came into operation its own large net-making factory in the town of Ako, but now the company has plants not only in Japan but also in Mexico, Indonesia and the Philippines. In 1951, the company's experts Momoi first in the world began to use synthetic fiber for network fabrics, and in 1952 the company's *Momoi* engineers in conjunction with the chemical giants such as Mitsubishi Chemical, has finally developed the formula of synthetic material - monofilament yarn - and obtained a patent on it . The composition and manufacturing technique of this thread - "know-how" Momoi. Nylon monofilament, which has high elasticity and excellent resistance to heat, immediately began to be used as a fishing line for amateur and sport fishing. Now the company produces high quality fishing line in a very large assortment. Fishing line, this is valued and poplavochnikami, nahlystovikami and spinning. Only in 2006 when her aid were set two records IGFA, a prestigious international fisheries organizations in two categories - the fly & sea fishing. Agree that successful tiger sharks - nearly half a ton! - On the scaffold Momoi Hi Catch a diameter of 0.45 mm - is impressive. Today, Momoi, headed by President Mitsuo Momoi, - the world's largest manufacturer of fishing on the market. Constantly improving manufacturing processes. For example, using a unique chemical technology engineers have changed the composition of f integrated polyamide copolymer on a molecular level. It is possible to obtain very thin fishing line diameters - up to 0.055 mm, which simultaneously improved strength - by about 15-20% at the minimum "memory effect". Another recent pioneering company has been the introduction of a new machining equipment for unwinding fishing line (as in large spools, and with them - on the coil for commercial network). So, optimization efforts unwinding and constant monitoring of those allowed to withdraw concentrators along the length of fishing line, which also led to an increase in strength by 10-15%. At factories Momoi company place their orders world-renowned companies from USA, Japan or Europe. While domestic fishermen met with the fishing line Pro-Max Extreme and Pro-Max Winter, and the novelty of the season flyuorokarbonovoy fishing line Hi-Max Fluorocarbon.