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The factory, located in the small Norwegian town of Gjøvik, is the headquarters of the worldwide activities of O. Mustad & Son A.S. There are three separate units in Gjøvik: the wire drawing mill, the fish hook factory and the machine shop which makes longlining machinery for commercial fishing. Mustad product range


Mustad Carp-X Anti Tangle

  • 6 new Anti Tangle rig types
  • Tied with specially developed braided lines and
  • Assembled at Mustad’s own plant in the Philippines
  • A high quality product of which Mustad has
    been able to assure the quality of every single
    phase of the production

Carp-X Rigs
– a New Series of Carp Rigs from Mustad

Mustad launches a new series of rigs – the Carp-X Rig. This series is based on the Carp-X series of Ultrapoint hooks, which has been very successful on the European continent as well as in Britain . In search of making the optimal rig series, Mustad has deemed it necessary to specially develop both swivels and fishing line for this series. A total of 15 different rig types are now available from Mustad.

the hottest carp hooks in Europe
One of last year's greatest successes for Mustad was the launching of the new ULTRAPOINT Carp Hook series. After a successful introduction in England , one of the most demanding markets, the rest of Europe followed suit. Today the series has been introduced in more than twenty countries. The following five patterns are all based on the Ultrapoint technology: X-1, X-2, X-3, X-4 and X-5. Ultrapoint - the world's sharpest and strongest hooks.

- secure your catches!

  • New Mustad range of Jigging Assist hooks for deep sea fishing
  • Strongest and sharpest Mustad UltraPoint hooks
  • Jigging Braid Multifilament
  • Individually tested knots
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Mustad assist hooks can be used for all jigs available in the
  • Available with steel wire for predators

The fastest growing style of fishing in the world!

- Designed and used by 5 x World Champion Alan Scotthorne.

The new 12-pattern range builds on the awesome reputation of the original Long Point range, taking hook design to the next level.

- Mustad's heavy artillery

Mustad Big game hooks are extremely good fishing instruments built to support you in the roughest conditions when fishing for beautiful creatures like marlin, swordfish, tuna and sharks.

Now the Big Game range has been completed with Big Game Rigs. The pre-chained Mustad hooks form a perfect, deadly tool for rigging large octopus rigs and konas. The chains are also in stainless steel for the best corrosion resistance. A glowing plastic thimble protects your nylon or wire loop.

Catfish Rigs

- rigged for battle

  • Perfect for baiting live or dead baits, such as carps, white fish, eels and earthworms
  • Leaders made of 100% Dyneema braided multifilament
  • Knots protected by thermo shrinking sleeves
  • Razor sharp, black nickel plated Mustad hooks of hi-carbon steel, sizes from 4/0 to 10/0
  • Breaking strength from 65kg to 85kg.

Big Red Snapper Rig
Are two hooks better than one? In many cases, yes. When the hooks are rigged and spaced so that they work independently, they can give an improved hookup rate compared to a big single hook.

That's the principle behind Mustad's Big Red Snapper Rig, a special two-hook rig designed for big baits. Two Mustad chemically sharpened Ultra Point Big Red hooks are snelled on a trace a set distance apart. This makes rigging easy for large strip baits, whole squid, octopus legs and other big baits for snapper, mulloway and other large target fish.

Mustad Fly Kits: Flies for all occasions

Fly Hooks for sale - In total, Mustad offers 18 different fly kits, each containing 4 or 6 flies. The fly kitseries has been produced around the needs of the "European fly fisherman", each kit covering a special fishing situation or insect: wet, dry, CDC, nymphs, bead heads, streamers, caddis and may flies. No matter what the situation, Mustad fly kits have it covered.

All Mustad flies are tied with the best natural and synthetic materials available, and of course on Mustad hooks. The flies are tied at our own factory by experienced fly tiers.

New Mustad Launch!
77364 - A Newcomer in the Mustad Steel-for-Teeth

Family. Mustad launches yet another product in the Steel-for-Teeth series. The last contribution to the series is ref #77364, which comes with a loop and a swivel at each end of the wire. Steel for teeth is made from 7 strands of 7 thin steel fibres that have been woven together. The result is a soft, thin and extremely strong steel leader that is state-of-the-art in the market.

Mustad fishing hooks for sale - listings of hooks for sale by Owner,Big game, UltraPoint, Fly, Classic, Classic Snelled and much more hook families, Nickel plated size 1 PCS 25, Treble Round 35646 Sz 3-Qty 100, Offset Worm Hooks #4,Tinned Crystal Fishing Hooks Sz 8 Qty 200 etc.
Other fish hooks for sale from:

If you want sharpness of point speed and ease of penetration-strength and holding power of bend and shank and perfection of temper and finish these precision made Norwegian fish hooks will give you 100% delivery. They can't be beat.


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