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Okuma Chemical fishing Lights(green & red Color) for fishing available in 3 different styles Caution, Bulb and Clip suitable for luring fish or illuminating your Rod tip when night fishing in low light situations or deep water.

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Series Concept C3 Casting Okuma Rods

Specifically Designed for the needs of West Coast big bait fishermen, the Okuma Guide Select big bait casting rods do just what they are designed to do, throw big swimbaits. The blanks are built with IM8 graphite with a graphite weave overlay on the lower section of the rod up to the first guide for added stiffness. These rods were built from the ground up for just one purpose but it can double as a nice saltwater or muskie rod.

There is plenty of power to set the hook even at the end of a long cast but enough give so your hooks won't tear out every time a big bass lunges.

These rods will load up nicely with a heavy lure and cast it very easily. When youăre really reaching back for a long overhead cast, youăll appreciate the rounded butt cap which makes it easy to palm and grip the very base of the rod for more leverage.

Series EVX-A Crankbait Casting Okuma Rods

Benefiting from Okuma's diverse rod design experience, the Okuma EVX-A Cranking Rods feature Okuma's proprietary 'glass' construction, specifically designed for optimal cranking. Preferred by many avid crankbait anglers, a 'glass' (or fiberglass) blank delivers a softer parabolic action that flexes well into the lower third of the rod, and allows bass a little more time to inhale the bait before you set the hook. This ensures more quality hooksets, and the slower action also gives the fish more play once it's on the line, limiting the likelihood of it throwing the hooks. Glass rods also cause a lot less wear-and-tear on your arms and hands by absorbing much of the lure's vibration and resistance on the retrieve.
Complimenting the blank's construction, ALPS stainless steel Guide Frames with Zirconium Inserts deliver excellent durability and reduced friction for longer, more accurate casts, while an ACS Fuji Trigger Reel Seat firmly secures your favorite casting reel and provides a solid base of operations. Each Okuma EVX-A Cranking Rod is also outfitted with a special straight cork Rear Grip, specifically formulated for cranking.

Series EVX-A Casting Rods

The Okuma EVX-A casting rods provide anglers with the precision of a particular technique rod without the big price. The blanks are made from lightweight IM-8 graphite, which is about 45 million E for additional response capability, built increased power and reduced weight. Any action rod and cone are set to perfect their specific application and provides the angler with the best possible fishing rod given for their persecution.

Guide Series Big Bait Casting OKUMA Rods

Rods were built from the ground up for one purpose, but it can double as a nice salt water, or muskie rod. The blanks with IM8 graphite with a graphite weave overlay on the lower part of the bar built up to the first guide for additional rigidity. specifically for the needs of West Coast big bait fishermen designed the Okuma Guide Select big bait casting rods exactly what they are designed to do, throw great Swimbait. The action is medium in size, bent blank sheets far into the middle if the section should be like a good Swimbait rod, but the power is heavy. These rods will load lure on the point with a heavy and throw it very easily. There are a lot of strength to the hook set at the end of a long, but given enough votes, so you do not rip out every time a big bass lunges.When really reach youăre again for a long overhead cast hook, youăll appreciate the rounded butt cap it simple, palm trees and handle the actual basis of the bar makes for more influence.

Series Okuma Reflexion Casting Rods

The Okuma Reflexions Casting Rods deliver the action and performance of a high-end rod series with the great value Okuma is known. This series features classic look for IM-6 graphite blank construction to about 38 million E for the perfect blend of sensitivity, strength and durability. Low-profile stainless steel guide frames with hard inserts zirconium paired maximize the value of the blanks and construction are strong enough to stand up to the abuse of today's braided super lines. The one-blank reel seat provides a solid base and makes more of the blank to the angler, more vibration transfer to the angler's hands. Okuma also added a split-grip for additional weight reduction and improved leverage to deal with. Premium cork handles round out the high-end features and a solid, comfortable grip. Whether you are a tournament fisherman or just out on the lake every-so-often, the reflections Okuma Casting Rod Series features you can appreciate and a price point can not be ignored. [News >>]


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Fishing Line Counter Reels

Model Gear ratio Bearings Weight Line retrieve Monofilament line capacity
(diameter in mm.)
Braided line
capacity (mm)
CT-15D 5.1:1 3BB + 1RB 17.3 23" 330/10 (0.30), 290/12 (0.32), 240/14 (0.35) 375/30 (0.28) CT-20D 5.1:1 3BB + 1RB 17.9 23" 290/14 (0.35), 230/18 (0.40), 210/20 (0.42) 450/30 (0.28) CT-25D 4.0:1 3BB + 1RB 23.3 24" 390/15 (0.37), 320/20 (0.42), 230/25 (0.48) 430/50 (0.36) CT-30D 4.0:1 3BB + 1RB 24.4 24" 510/15 (0.37), 420/20 (0.42), 310/25 (0.48) 560/50 (0.36) CT-45D 4.0:1 3BB + 1RB 25.6 26" 580/20 (0.42), 430/25 (0.48), 330/30 (0.55) 790/50 (0.36)

The New Okuma Trio + Nanomatrix Rod

First Impressions

Okuma Nanomatrix Softbait Rod -7ft plus Trio 30 Spin Reel

The New Okuma rod breaks in two for ease of transport and storage and You particularly liked the innovative split grip system at the butt. Because it is so light, it can be used as a conventional spin set using wrist action, but for Small Children or when battling a big fish, you can tuck the butt under the armpit or use two hands.

This combination of Okuma rod and reel is nicely balanced and the sensitive rod tip imparts a good range of actions into a range of softbaits, but probably better suited to light to mid range lures. Okuma do an 8 - 12kg rod that would be better suited to our winter fishing conditions where you have to contend with big snapper and kingfish in strong currents, and for example, when using the 2oz plus ball jig heads.

You Liked the feel and lightweight design of the Nanomatrix rod, which incorporates New Nano Technology, and found it effortless to use for long periods without undue wrist fatigue.

The Trio 30 is capable of taking braid or nylon, mine had braid and cast sweetly as set up. The drag is smooth, featuring multi-disc felt washers, and the drag controls large and easy to operate, with a very positive range of adjustment. So you can tighten or back off with minimal control movement. The spool stroke when you retrieve is really fluid and it glides effortlessly, which indicates quality gearing. It really is a nice unit.

The Trio Hybrid 30 reel is economically designed, nicely balanced, smooth to operate and robust; the componentry is sturdy and made from quality materials that sees a mix of aluminium for strength and graphite for looks and to keep the weight down. It conveys really nice lines in terms of shape and looks very smart.

The Nanomafrix has a soft tip, which is good for casting and gives great sensitivity when detecting strikes or getting a feel for the lure action, but it is firm through the bottom two-thirds, which means it loads up quickly. This is not a negative, but there are two camps out there: some prefer soft rods that bend smoothly in the middlem C-curve or parabolic and supposedly tire the fish quicker and allow greater line retrieval and others like J-curve because of the aforementioned qualities. At its price point it represents excellent value for money. [okuma tackle/photos]