Penn Special Senator II Deluxe Reels 6/0 Casting & Trolling Series

Penn Special Senator II Deluxe 6/0 reels combine durable Senator engineering features with stainless steel ball bearings and high gear ratios to give you three American-made reels that are ideal for both saltwater trolling and specialized types of casting big baits to marlin, swordfish, tuna, ulua and other gamefish.

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Penn Reels has been a leader of fishing innovation as well as world records. Fishing reels like the Penn International, Penn Senator, and Penn Spinfisher reel lines have been associated with the top anglers in the industry since their inception.

Penn Reels - Penn Conventional Fishing Reels, Spinning, Lever Drag Reels

Penn is quite simply the most popular brand of saltwater fishing reels and rods in the industry.


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Saltwater Reels

Penn Conventional Fishing Reels

Penn Special Senator H2 Reels

Combining the toughness of the legendary Penn Senator reel with higher gear ratios, the Penn Special Senator gives serious saltwater anglers the best of both worlds: power and speed. Penn Special Senators are ready for your next challenge, whether trolling, casting large baits, or bottom fishing. You have plenty of options with these reels, such as trolling wire on the 113H2SP or fishing at the rail of a tuna boat with the wide framed 113H2LW.

* Precision-machined, stainless steel pinion gear.
* High-strength, manganese-bronze main gear.
* Stainless steel reinforced side plates.
* Multi-disc star drag system for smooth and consistent drag.
* Anodized aluminum spool.
* Two shielded, stainless steel ball bearings.
* Convertible power handle.
* Heavy-duty clicker.
* Graphite rod clamp.

Penn International Reels Torque Lever Drag Reels

Penn had a goal to build a reel that incorporates the benefits of a star drag reel with the functionality and fishability of a lever drag. Penn reached and exceeded that goal in designing a reel that delivers incredible free spool and casting ability while retaining all of the benefits of lever drag. The International Torque Lever Drag is like no other lever drag reel on the market and includes a new patent pending drag system which offers many advantages.

* Full Metal Body – one-piece machined aluminum frame and side-plates for the ultimate in gear alignment.
* Versa-Drag systems allows multiple drag configurations for various conditions.
* HT-100 drag washers.
* Push-To-Turn preset knob keeps the drag where it needs to be.
* Ratcheted lever prevents ''drag creep'' caused by hours of trolling
* Braid Ready to handle the strain that braided lines put on a reel.

Penn International - Torque Reels

Borrowing the “look” of another iconic Penn reel, the Penn International, the revolutionary TORQUE incorporates an innovative design to produce the strongest, most reliable star drag reel on the market. a full metal body, coupled with an oversized Stainless Gear and power handle produce incredible cranking power and performance. With a disengaging pinion, castable free spool, and unlimited power, the Penn TORQUE is an ideal reel for jigging (West- Coast Yo-Yoing), freelining baits, and just about anything else you care to try. And yes, it will swim a jig better than anything out there.

Penn TORQUE Features:

* Lightweight and Strong Aluminium Alloy; Forged & Machined Frame, Spool, and Side Plates
* Infinite Anti-Reverse Roller Bearing Plus Double Dog System Backup
* Precicion Machined Stainless Steel Main Gear (6.3:1 Gear Ratio)
* Heat-Treated Stainless Steel Pinion Gear for Strength
* Versa-Drag, Multiple Drag-Stack Arrangement
* Disengaging Pinion for Superior Free Spool
* Oversized Soft-Grip Power Handle
* Five Stainless Steel Ball Bearing
* Stainless Steel Reel Stand
* One-Piece, Open-Top Frame
* Penn Power Handle

Penn Metal, Senator Reels

Building on not only the success of the International Torque in 2006/2007, but also the superior design and function of the Intergrated Side Plate (ISP) technology, it only made sense to bring the legendary Senator Series back out in 2008 with the new performance and quality advancements.
The new Metal Senator takes the bar even higher for the workhorse class of reels that make up a huge portion of the market today…the versatile 4/0 - PWLR40 which holds 475yds of 30lb mono and the 6/0 – PWLR60 which holds 475yds of 50lb mono.

Penn 220GTO and 230GTO Level Wind Reels

Combining quality construction and performance, the Penn 220GTO & 230GTO are a perfect choice for anglers targeting Salmon, Striped Bass, Summer Flounder ( Flounder article), Snapper, or even Sturgeon. The Penn 220GTO & 230GTO features stainless steel inner and outer frame rings for enhanced rigidity which controls “frame-flex”, a common problem on less capable reels. The main gear is marine grade Manganese-Bronze for improved durability and smoothness, and the stainless level wind is suitable for fishing braided super-lines. more >>

Senator Penn Reels

Standard Trolling Series - Penn Senator Reels are the world's most powerful star drag reels -- rugged offshore workhorses that have amassed more IGFA big game world records than all other makes combined.

GTi Super Level Wind Reels

The Penn GT family of reels is one of the most recognizable reels on the market and perhaps the most capable all around level wind reel available. The GT reels are available in models capable of everything from light-duty inshore bottom fishing to heavy-duty halibut models. The Penn GTi family of reels is the standard reel of choice on charter and private boats throughout the country.

* Lightweight one-piece graphite frame.
* and side plates.Black-anodized spool.
* Stainless steel pinion.
* Manganese-bronze main gear.
* HT-100TM powered drag system.

Special Senator Reels with Fast Retrieve

Saltwater charter captains, mates and all other hardworking fishermen recognize the Penn Special Senator 4/0 reels as classic choices for inshore and offshore fishing. Featuring high speed retrieve ratios and sealed stainless steel ball bearings, these four American-made reels are perfect for casting to wahoo, deep jigging for cod, wreck fishing for amberjack, or trolling for stripers. From trolling for grouper in Florida to Alaskan halibut fishing, Penn Special Senator reels are built for the task.

Penn Jigmaster Reel

Penn Jigmaster - preferred by live bait anglers because of its high-speed retrieve and quick-take apart frame, useful for changing spools when fishing conditions dictate.

The Penn Conflict Reels

Owners comments:

I used to use Penn 560 spin fisher & live liner, I hope for your sake this new range is an improvement as the previous reels did not last more then 3 months on a charter.

Penn reels the Rolls Royce of fishing reels wanted by everyone as i found out having mine stolen ouy of its rod holder believe it or not .What low life does that ,a mans treasure wh hndreds of fish and memoys agiving priceless sentimental value. So plese give me one to start a whole new batch of memorys ,thankyou Penn.

...started 25 years ago on a Penn 850. Over time other makes and models have exceeded Penn. get mr and my family back on Penn with a free great reel as I refuse to buy one die to international cheap low quality over the last 10 years.

I've been using my Penn casting metals and plastics on cronulla beach the last two days the best fishing weather not to hot just right to match the quality fishing reels. Didn't catch anything but was great to be out there my Penn casts like a dream however as any fisho know could always do with another.

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    Same interchangable parts and reel - design as they were made when PENN stopped years back. Now Company are bringing back the "Z Series" fishing reels due to interest demand.