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Triple Fish International is located in Clermont, Florida - the fishing capitol of the United States. Our lines are produced by the world's largest line manufacturer and sold in more than 85 countries worldwide. We have exclusive rights to bring Triple Fish direct to you, the consumer. Triple Fish offers the toughest and most versatile lines for any fishing condition, any species and every presentation.


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Flippin' is an excellent technique when fish are holding in tight cover.

The Flippin' Technique By Frank Ross
Bass have a simple solution for times when they feel pressured. You'll often find them buried deeply in heavy cover, usually in shallow water. These conditions make conventional casting either impossible or at best impractical. Dense brush piles, overhanging limbs, thick weeds or flooded timber make it far too difficult to conventional methods. These situations present a serious downside for bass: a false sense of security. Deep in their lair they feel relatively secure, so they can be fished from very close proximity, using a delicate presentation that won't spook them.

Maintaining your reel is an easy task, paying big dividends.

Reel Maintenance By Frank Ross
To prolong the life of your investment, you should clean and lubricate your reel at the end of every fishing season, or at the end of a trip if you“ve dropped your reel in dirt or sand. This is a task that I usually take care of in the winter when I“ve got the fishing blues. It only takes a few minutes per reel, and is well worth the effort to ensure many years of smooth, trouble free operation.

Dave Burkhardt has a better method of testing line.

Keel Hauling Heavyweights By Frank Ross
"On a recent bass-fishing trip to Florida, I was fortunate to use several types of Triple Fish Line, and was impressed with them all." Triple Fish Line is manufactured in Germany, using a high-tech process unique to the line industry. The resulting plastic polymer, perlon, provides a balance of visibility and abrasion resistance. Unlike nylon, which is weakened when it is stretched, perlon restores itself to near full strength after being stretched. Laboratory tests documented this resilience lasts from 400 to 600 times before losing tensile strength.

Don't let knots frustrate you. Learn how to tie them easily.

Knot Library
Don't get frustrated trying to decide which knot to use, or remember how to tie it. This valueable resource is a handy reference for any fishing situation.

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PowerPro and top Mfrs of Fishing Line

Triple Fish Lines New Store
Triple Fish™ America Lines LLC - Company is located in Florida, Our mission is to bring you and buy direct the highest quality , most versatile & strongest Low Cost Fishing Line and anglers products. Lines are manufactured in Germany, mainstream product: Camo (Camo-Escent Line,6lb/1980yd to 25lb/2100yd) made from 'Perlon' armor tough very strong material and Polyamide-premium Series lines Fishing. "Camo-escent" multi colored line has excellent 'knot-strength' and better 'abrasion resistance', but doesn't quite recover. Developed as a Salt-water for Big game fishing. Manageable and Soft the Polyamide Monofilament memory Lines - has a smaller than normal diameter and touted as having Much better recovery line properties after being stretched than Nylon retaining it's original fish-line strength. To purchase, See the store at - Triple Fish America

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Jack's a tough customer

WHEN we're not using two feet and an elevated heartbeat to get us into the gorge country chasing our favourite freshwater fish, our other love when it comes to fishing is from the saltwater.

It's infrequent that we get opportunities to fish in saltwater, and when we do, we ususaiy have one thing on our mind: the Mangrove jack is possibly the hoty grail for estuary sport fisherman. Not only are these fish pound for pound one of the strongest fish on fins, they are spectacularly beautiful to both look at and eat. The Mangrove jack frequents the northern coastal sections of NSW all the way around to north-west em Western Australia Across these habitats they also take on different names, ranging from Jack to dog bream and red bream. Wrth a Jack the first thing you notice is the deep rich maroon red colour materialising beside the boat; attention is then transferred to the teeth.

Mangrove Jack possess a set of razor-sharp peg-like teeth and any lure that encounters one of these fish will reel in with no paint and lots of battle scars. Removing a lure from the mouth of one of these is best done by a mate, and in the absence of any volunteers, a set of long-nose pliers is the next best option. Once hooked, it is not uncommon to be towed around for more than 10 minutes, and with specimens reaching up to 150 centimetres and 16 kilograms, this could stretch out much longer.

Usually these fish will swim out past the lure and then line up and hit wrth massive force on their way back to the mangroves. This is why it is very important to try to dominate proceedings from the strike. Many a fisherman has been left shellsshocked with only a frayed piece of fishing line to show fer their efforts Mangrove Jacks, as their name suggests, live close in tight structure that lines the estuanne systems, while they also frequent rock bars and other structure present in these systems, while other structure present in these systems.

It is for this reason that sturdy leaders of 20kg plus are required when gearing up for these fish. As with many northern species, shallow running, neutral buoyancy minnow lures are hard to go past - with lures such as the gold bomber and Halco Scorpion and mudeye nomads as a staple.

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DAMYL Tectan fluoracarbon has almost the same refraction index as water and, therefore, is practicably invisible to fish. This gives a distinct advantage to the angler, especially in clear waters and with shy fish, whether the line is used as a leader or main line. The line has enormous knot strength, minimum stretch and complete UV resistance, giwng it a very long life. In addition, the line is heavier than water, which means it always sinks quickly. DAMYL Tectan FLUOROCARBON is available in diameters of 0. 12mm to 0.50mm on spools of 25m and 185m.


Lo-stretch takes advantage of new material blends and state-of-the-art manufacturing to come up with all the benefits of a braided line with none of the drawbacks. The new monofilament, having very little stretch, provides the sensitivity of braid but retains an element of shock absorbency to minimise the possibility of hook-pulls and lost fish. Another advantage is the knot strength, which the company claims to be far superior to that of braided line. Available in IGFA-rated 3kg to 24kg. in 300 or 500 metres and with a choice of pink or blue colours, Platypus Lostretch is also a more cost-effective product than braid.

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PT Central Sarana RELIX LINE

RELIX Perfect FC and Relix Quick Sink are now available for distribution worldwide. Relix Perfect FC is 100 per cent fluorocarbon. quick sinking, has low water absorption and is invisible underwater. It has a stable strength during use and superior flexibility over regular fluorocarbon lines. Relix Quick Sink is 100 per cent aramtd, is quick sinking, has high-abrasion resistance when used as a braided line and can function over high, as well as low, temperature ranges. Perfect FC is available in 50m individual spools, standard and parallel winding and sizes 0.12mm (2.6lb) to 0.60mm (44.5lb). Quick Sink is available in 6x100m connected spools and 300m individual spools, in breaking strains from 10lb (14.5kg) to 100lb (45.5kg).

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