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In 1999 Zebco made the decision to move the Company Manufacturing to china. This decision was tough but one that was made to save the company. Zebco are a small company that employs about 100 people here in Oklahoma. Zebco decision to move was prompted by the 30%+ cost of goods differential we faced against their leading competitors by continuing to build in the USA.

Zebco wish there were more people share a willingness to support USA made products. Unfortunately, many people purchase their goods today based on the “lowest price” not on where it is manufactured. Zebco continue to design, engineer, market, warehouse, and ship goods from Oklahoma and hope to do so for a long time.

ZEBCO Reels - Overview

Fishing Equipment & Reels

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offers best fishing equipment and several models of most famous and popular design Reels for best fishing-angling techniques: Bass Tips, Catfish Tips and Panfish Tips. This combination of a little skill and great fishong Zebco equipment can matter a lot in what you catch.

prices ranging from $25 - $100, warranty of one year.

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Zebco Contact:

6105 E. Apache, Tulsa, OK 74115

Warranty & Service: 1-800-588-9030

web/source: www.zebco.com

Zebco 2017 Products

New 2017 Zebco® Bullet™ Reel

Zebco reels Geared at 5.1:1 is the Spincast Fastest fishing reel ever made by Zebco.
As the name implies, the Bullet reel is one of the faster than all spincast fishing units on the market today. In fact: even faster than 6.1:1 baitcasting fishing reels such as Quantum Smoke PT, and a size 20 Spinning reel.

All working together to create the sort of high-end speedy performance the new Bullet smooth reel contains a 100% CNC machined cut, brass drive gear, high strength and 9 reel bearings engeneered for anglers that know the big-value of a premium built spincasting fishing reel.

That's completely different reel, it's extremely fast as fast as a baitcasters but yet it's a spincast real reel. Everything on the insides is new, designed to last more. The grand river monster bow fishing tournament would be a good place to sneak peek one.

Zebco 2016 Product Guide

At Zebco believe that it doesn't matter if you walk away at day's end with the biggest catch... or with just a smile. After all, any day with a fishing rod and fishing reel in your hand, is simply a perfect day.

Zebco® 808 & 888 New 2016 Models

Legendary and Large Zebco 808 and 888 Muscle to top of the line Big Spincast fishing 200 lb. test. Designed for the rugged demands with all-metal gears, these Reels enter this year with a thumb anchored to the body button for a much more solid feel. Both models featured a new, hardier anti-reverse "QuickSet™" reel system.

Used for years for bow fishing, catfish and even muskies, the 808 & 888 popular large spincast reels from Zebco now comes with improved drag system that cover a wider range of reel's drag settings and allow anglers to cast lead or heavy lures without frustration of slippage.

Now, best offer or trade for bow fishing arrows, these spincast’s reels comes with most appreciated from anglers quality to reduces the fishing line’s ability to travel of tangle free fishing is a uniquely TRing. Both Zebco the 808 & 888 Reels feature a 2.6:1 power-drive.

Newest edition to our family a Zebco 808 Boss Hawg fishing pool

Zebco Omega spincast reels

Light and Medium MOdels of spincast reel with Gear Ratio 3.4:1 and 2.9:1

Aluminum Anti-Reverse and spool system reels with stainless steel bearings, multi-disc drag and sealed rubber. /Pre-spooled with line - 6-10lb/

Zebco Platinum reels

stainless steel Anti-Reverse Series of Reels with 4 and 5 bearing drives with Gear Ratio range 4.3:1, 3.3:1 and 2.6:1

Platinum 33 Reels + Zebco 33 Combo

This year at Lake Nungesser, while staying at Angler's Kingdom, my wife caught a 20 plus pound pike using a Zebco Platinum 33, factory spooled with 10 lb test Cajun line with a 12 lb test flourocarbon leader on a 6 ft long Ugly Stick. We were fishing for walleye at the time and she was using a Northland Thumper jig tipped with a small minnow. This was the fourth or fifth large pike that she had hooked into that week. She had lost the other ones with the 8 lb test leaders all getting sawed off so the last day I had added a little more heft. I could not believe how well this rod and reel held up against that fish. There was one point where the fish came right at us and went under the boat. My wife was over the edge of the boat, the rod was a complete reverse U and the only thing out of the water was her hands, the rod grip and the reel. I had ahold of the back of her jacket behind her neck and knew that something had to give pretty quick. It turned out to be the fish. It was the high light of the trip and I have never been prouder. said Steven B.

Zebco Platinum Ti Spincast reels

Metal and Titanium-nitride line Anti-Reverse Series of Freshwater Reels with 3 bearing drives with Gear Ratio range 4.3:1, 3.3:1 and 2.6:1

Zebco Gold Series Reels

Anti-Reverse Gold Series of Freshwater Reels with 3 bearing drive with Gear Ratio range 4.3:1, 3.3:1 and 3.4:1 /Pre-spooled with monofilament line - 4-14 /

Zebco Authentic Series Reels

Selective anti-reverse Series of Spin casting Reels with bearing drive with Gear Ratio range 5.2:1, 4.3:1, 3.3:1,3.4:1 and 2.6:1

/Pre-spooled with monofilament line - 4-20 /

Zebco Pro Staff Reels

Selective anti-reverse Spincast and Baitcast Series with 3 bearing drive, adjustable drag, Solid brass gears with Gear Ratio range 5.1:1, 4.3:1, 3.3:1/Pre-spooled with monofilament line - 6-12 /

Zebco Electronic Bite Alert Reels with batteries

Aluminum Right or left hand retrieve Bite-Alert Electronic technology (that are active when a fish tugs ot the fishing line) Reels Series provides both site and sound strike indicator with 2 bearing drive, adjustable dial-drag with Gear Ratio range 5.0:1 and 3.3:1/Pre-spooled with 10 pound monofilament line/ Bite Alert Zebco Fishing Reels for sale

Zebco Saltwater Reels

Aluminum Selective anti-reverse Saltwater Zebco Series Reels with right or left retrieve +- Auto Bait Alert system and ball bearing drive, front/adjustable drag, Gear Ratio range 4.4:1, 3.3:1, 2.6:1
/Pre-spooled with monofilament line -10-20pound/

Zebco Youth Kids Reels

& Combos

Specially designed Reels and Combos for Kids

Zebco 22-33 Ladies Reels

& Combos

Specially designed Reels and Combos for Ladies medium size Reels Series with metal gears and 3.3:1 gear ratio

Zebco Ladies - 30SP Spinning Reels

& Combos

Specially designed Reels and Combos for Ladies with ladies graphics and for right or lrft hand retrieve, 30 Sp Spinning Series with 5.2:1 gear ratio Reel with open combo in pink

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Looking for a Zebco Reels? & products

for sale

Finest constructed and designed to be a best fishing reel for the money and a great starter fishing reel for fishing enthusiast and that little fisherperson in your family.

All Zebco fishing reels are designed with the easy ability to switch between left or right handed approaches, closed-faced design proving that this reel is the most universal reel available.

Zebco tackle products Warranty

Fishing products include a limited "one-year" from date of retail purchase, ZEBCO-manufacturer's warranty guaranteed against defects in workmanship or materials. This m-r warranty cover products, reels, rods by Zebco, but not abuse damaged, excessive wear caused by neglect of lubrication & cleaning, attempted repairs, self and other repair or service. If Zebco parts not covered by the Warranty may be repaired at a Nominal charge to the purchaser.

Zebco ,fishing swith kids

Zebco is the reel, fish lover for 50,000,000 people in America. But the brand in kid's category was experiencing a decline in sales. video games and iPODs were pulling kids away from an American pastime and fishing with parents and grandparents. At the same time, parents were looking for ways to reconnect with their childrens, which often related to joys of fishing with their parents, and spend more good time with their kids. As a result, Zebco provide durable and quality products in 2 category: for youth kids and for small kids including Kids fishing poles:

Zebco fishing category for small kids: s

"Dora" and "Penguin" light-weight Zebco-Kits

"Spongebob" Floating Kit

Penguins of "Madagascar" include a hard plastic-fishbox with a detachable tray. One fishing pole-light-weight measuring 30", with small floating spin casting combo along with 6lb of line, a drag which can be easily adjusted by children which are designed in a harm proof way are included in the package. To add it all up an easily connectable bobber set consisting of three pieces are included. Zebco "Garfield" and "Penguin" Zebco "Penguin" Kid's Floating Spincast Rod & Reel Combo - suitable for ages 1 to 8 years. Zebco "SpongeBob" - fishing combo specially designed and manufactured for IT floats and little hands. Zebco 'Diego"and "Dora" kid's spincast combos also come with a fishshaped casting plug for practicing casts and ready-to-use with 8 lb Test fishing Line, also ideal 1 to 8 years old. Best way fun-game for children to learn fishing.

Zebco fishing category for youth kids: s

Zebco Old-legendary ®202 and ®404combos,spinning combo and reels-tthis fishing products have been responsible for introducing more people and kids to fishing than any other reels and combos on the fish market. Rods are designed in a way using tied snap swivels, and most importent which need NO-Knots for attaching the baits, which can be difficult for kids to understand completely.The pole's length is 5,5 ft and a fishing line is already for use, fitted and spooled and come in three models which are 10lb line, 15lb line and 8lb line.This combo pole set is for the youth kids or older teenager. Zebco Reels, affordable and reliable Junior's Models 202,404 are Adjustable, spring loaded drag, metal helical gears suitable for medium action with a 2.5:1 gear ratio. Zebco ®808 anti-reverse Reel suitable for saltwater fishing for medium and heavy action with a 3.0:1 gear ratio and 20 lb. fishing line capacity. The the ®733, ®33, and ®808 saltwater models aren't designed for bigger fish trolling but they're perfect for taking your kids out for summer fishing and spend more time, which is vastly more important.

Zebco: Fishing With Barbie s

Zebco women’s combos

Crafted exclusively for women, this low cost rod and reel combo delivers easy-to-use performance for ladies, reliable and fun easy-to-use performance. Designed in 2-piece, 5'6" rod features a versatile medium fishing action with 2.8:1 gear ratio, a built-in Hook keeper, D-ring guides, nonslip EVA grips and specially cut, women's specific handle's design for any easy grip. The spincast reel are pre-spooled with 10lb. test fishing line. This sort of outfit is enough light to handle easily, and the longer fishing rod length allows ample hooksetting force.

Payten fourth birthday with Zebco

A little wind, rain and cold weather couldn't keep Payten Wilcox Murray away from fishing. After four hours of fishing another pond, Payten wasn't done so she and her grandma and grandpa braved the elements to catch this sunfish on Dewey's Pond in Quechee earlier in the summer. Payten is celebrating her fourth birthday this month equipped with Zebco kids-sized spincast combo. Happy birthday Payten.

Vermont's youth is already well-schooled when it comes to fishing. More than educated, they have had great teachers - folks who care enough to take them to the water, put fishing rod in their hands and help them figure out what to do with it. Murray Photo.

That-Zebco-guy - Zebco collector

This group "That-Zebco-guy" is done by Zebco-company long time friend Dick Braun "That Zebco Guy", a historian and collector of all things ZEBCO. It is for all reel collector's and sharing of information. He is all the time showing his collection and giving it's history. If you ever have questions about antique Zebco fishing products.

This facebook group "That-Zebco-guy" is a closed group to keep it just Zebco's and your welcome to join at That-Zebco-guy. Ask questions, share your collection with the rest of us. learn about the different reels.

On photo: The OfficialBoy Scouts 202 Spincast Reel from Zebco, 1979

Zebco® Fishing Floats

To get the most out of your rod set and a fishing trip you will need a right range of floats and accessories. The Zebco Europe offers accessory set and fishing floats includes different shapes and sizes amazing range of versions you are likely to need.

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