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Castro Plastic Industries, Inc focused on manufacturing and providing quality accessories for recreational boating for over 40 years. Castro offers a wide range of security products, mooring, diving, motor, fittings, boat hardware, tanks etc, all for recreational boating practice and where we reflected all kinds of technical features.

Castro Fuel Tanks

Fuel Tanks made from polyethylene, Tested and meet ISO 10088 specifies the requirements for the fuel systems, materials and construction.

Capacity length Width High Weight
77L. 80 cm. 40 cm. 32 cm. 8 kg

91L. 108.5 cm. 54.5 cm. 22 cm. 9.5 Kg

140L. 80.5 cm. 62 cm. 31.5 cm. 11 kg

160L. 110 cm. 45 cm. 40 cm. 12 kg

191L. 150 cm. 70 cm. 25 cm. 18 kg.

207L. 100 cm. 60 cm. 45 cm. 15 kg.

70L. 45 cm. 30 cm. 60 cm.

207L | 140L

Water Tanks "SHARK"
38mm (1 1/2") adaptor welded into the tank, available from 45L to 70L Capacity

Fuel Tanks "SHARK"

Polyethylene fuel tanks available in 40L, 50L,51L, 60L, and 65L capacity versions

Removable Tank

Polyethylene fuel tanks available in 12L, 22L and 30L capacity versions


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