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SIC Divisione Elettronica company, is one of the leading manufacturers of safety lights, Solas Lights, boat electronics and components, fuel tanks, fuel management components and systems for leisure or commercial markets.

Customized Tanks

Company based in Lecce, South taly with total covered area of about 3.000 m2. include technical, research and Product Testing laboratories,offices and modern production buildings. Besides the SIC standard range ot boat fiel and water tanks presented from manufacturer, SIC D.R. srl also can build customized tanks and offer OEM solutions, which include designing our own products,tanks and accessories to meet boat owners and builders exact requirements & specifications and manufacturing them under the brand or customer's own logo.

SIC Fuel & Water Tanks

SIC rigid boat fuel tanks are design in light color and made by rotational moulding of cross-linked polyethylene, all units made in compliance with the USA ISO and EU international quality standards.

Currently fuel tanks are produced in the sizes from 36 to 767 litres and custom sizes. All SIC boat tanks are streamlined, resistant to solvents, surface-active fuels and agents to meet industrial application requirements. They were tested under the pressure for 24 hours that by far exceeded resistance needs and requirements.

Fuel Tanks

Equipped Rigid fuel tank with necessary parts and an electronic level sender.

36L capacity | 40L

55L | 60L

70L | 77L

140L | 141L

270L | 2741L

Water Tanks

114L | 265L

277L | 280L


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