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High Quality and Security Complete line of Marine Tanks- Fuel, Water/Waste tanks, Aluminum Boat Tanks, sizes ensure you the right fit for your vessel needs. Permanent installation and Portable ,Fuel Systems, Fuel Flow Instruments and Accessories. Custom made Marine Fuel Tanks Mfr's >>

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Tek-Tanks Ltd, The Old Stables, West End Farm, Colthouse Lane, Upper Froyle, Hampshire, GU34 4JR, Telephone +44 (0)1420 520830


Tek-Tanks since 1991 have been quality manufacturer of boat and marine tanks for builders and boat market Ready to active duty.

Tanks Ranging from large 1500 litre diesel boat tanks to 1 litre water manifolds and there are not many tanks we have not make.

Also we now offer Waste holding tanks plenty of information on the design of waste systems.

Tek-Tanks ofer tanks, products and Accessories, all of which tanks are individually CAD-drawn and ensures that all “custom made” tanks reach our customers exactly as specified.

Tek-Tanks Products

* Water, Waste and Grey Water Boat Tanks
* Custom Fuel Tanks - Diesel Fuel & Hydraulic Oil
* Lightweight Boat-Racing Tanks
* Standart tanks
* Fuel, Water and Waste Level Indicators (include Digital and Ultrasonic)
* Bait Tanks

* Accessories

Custom Fuel Tanks

With Custom Diesel Tank Design and Standard Fittings. Tanks are made from high strength, advanced polyethylene materials that Corrosion Resistant, Weightless and Less Condensation inside the fuel tank. All Polyethylene boat tank is pressure tested to 4 psi. The tank fittings are all marine grade brass. Fuel diesel tanks all welded construction, built from rigid- polyethylene and no expensive mould tools to build for production or custom boat builders.

Lightweight Fuel Tanks

Ultra lightweight tanks for boats and Racing Boat

Tek-Tanks ofer 56 litre fuel tank, thats a crucial weight saving of 5.3kg which included machined out pockets in the walls, hatch plates and baffles.

Standard BoatTanks

Diesel & Petrol Series - High Density Polyethylene fuel tanks(all in red) for use on the inland Waterways - Original(33 to 140L Models) or Modular(28 to 103L models) Range. Tanks gauranteed for one year.

Water Tanks Series - High Density Polyethylene white tanks made in Italy, with inspection cover, filler cap and a 1/2' connection fitting

Waste Series - waste holding tanks with a thicker wall

Custom Diesel Tanks

Hose and pipe fitting are screwed into BSP boss will stand 10mm off tha tank face with sizes 1/2,3/4,1,1 1/4 and 1 1/2". When connecting to a flexible hose straight hosetails are require and supplied with a bonded seal with zinc plated steel ring with seal slightly thicker to the inside of the ring. Hose fitiings for diesel tanks come in marine grade brass in sozes 1/4" to 2". Elbow(used for 32, 38 and 50mm) hosetails come in a fixed type and cannot be rotated once attached to the diesel tank.Dip pipes are designed from 10mm OD straight copper pipe...

Custom built Tank Guide

Designed to help you to build your custom plastic waste or water boat holding tank below are Tek-tanks design guide edition.