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    How to test your fuel tank

    Testers Tinker with "Tinker Bell-sized" Boat Fuel Tank

    Three controls, without and with salt (sea) water will help set baseline for results.

    If you really must know how you can compared the fuel additives, here are the particulars.

    Fuel sample size: 250 milliliters.

    Sample composition: E-10 gasoline with 0.03% seawater added. This is not enough to cause phase separation, since in solution E-10 can hold about 0.5 % water.

    Gasoline additive dose: All samples were treated at manufacturer recommended levels for seasonal storage. If the product was not recommended specifically for seasonal storage, the routine usage dose was doubled. - Metal sample preparation: all samples were polished and weighed to within 0.1 mg.

    Air exposure: Each jar for test was fitted with a vent made from 8 inches of 0.18-inch clear vinyl tubing. EPA studies suggest that this will give an amount of breathing comparable to a fuel tank with a 0.62-inch vent that is 3 feet long.

    Post-exposure coupon inspection:
    Each metal sample was visually observed and re-weighed. The change in weight and any evidence of tarnish
    were noted.

    Although change in weight ranged from a 2-milligram gain to 20-milligram loss, we did not report these values, as in most cases, they were not statistically meaningful, the value depending very heavily on the size of the few largest pits. This testing methodology is common in coolant testing, where weight loss on pitted samples is extremely variable. The visual results were more consistent.

    The Test

    The test used three main controls: one sample contained no seawater, no aftermarket gasoline additive, and was sealed with a tight lid to eliminate evaporation, water absorption and oxygen absorption; one sample contained no seawater, no aftermarket gas additive, and was vented in the same manner as the bottles for test. One sample contained 0.03 percent seawater and was vented in the same manner as the test bottles, but contained no aftermarket gasoline additive.

    The Results

    Aluminum alloy,is the most vulnerable to corrosion. The vented control with seawater fared worse than the sealed control with no seawater.

    But when it comes to furel tank corrosion prevention that will ensure a long and safe life, less oxygen and drier are the best.

    Marine Tank and Marine Equipment - Luther's Welding

    Fuel Tanks

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    High Quality and Security Complete line of Marine Tanks- Fuel, Water/Waste tanks, Aluminum Boat Tanks, sizes ensure you the right fit for your vessel needs. Permanent installation and Portable ,Fuel Systems, Fuel Flow Instruments and Accessories. Custom made Marine Fuel Tanks Mfr's >>

    Luther's Welding - Boat Tanks

    Custom fabricate marine tanks, boat tanks, and marine hardware from aluminum, steel and steel alloys.

    Marine fuel and Water tanks

    We have been building marine fuel and water tanks for over 20 years. Luthers Welding has a reputation for quality, workmanship and customer service that we is known throughout the marine industry. We have the expertise to meet your marine fabrication and design needs.

    Produce almost any boat tank or marine hardware product that can be drawn. We have built marine and boating tanks for a wide variety of customers.

    Although we specialize in the marine industry, we produce custom metal fabrication items for many customers and companies in other industries.

    We manufacture marine fuel tanks, marine diesel tanks, sewage, holding and water tanks for your boating needs. We also build custom tanks made of aluminum or stainless steel for cars, trucks, recreational and racing vehicles.

    Luther's Welding Products

    *Custom Marine Tanks
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    *Subchapter T Vessels
    *Engineering Department
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    * Mastheads
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    * Marine Radar Posts
    * Steel Cradles to ship boats

    L.W Custom boat fuel tanks

    Since 1971 the Company Luther's Welding & Fabrications focused in engineering and manufacturing both: parts & products and custom built assemblies for the boating Industry.

    The Custom diesel fuel tank are made of 3/16" thick type 5052 aluminum plus Aluminum Half Coupling. Thanks to high fatigue strength and good workability this 5052 aluminum is perfect for a boating atmosphere.

    Luther's Welding & Fabrications, offer complete machining services for yacht industry. They start designe with CAD technology to form the shape and many complex components that make up the boat tank.

    Manufacturing process include including Pressed, TIG Weld, a Press Brake and CNC plasma cutting(that are low cost and convenient with CAD design software) to ensure many complex features including inspection cover , half coupling, replacement cap etc.

    To ensure there are no leaks Fuel tanks by Luther's Welding & Fabrications followed NMMA standards and customers’ specifications. (in add ABS Welding Certifications & ABYC Standards and Regulation)

    on left: 26G diesel Bridge Deck  fuel tank designed from 3/16 thick type  aluminum(5052). on right: Aluminum boat fuel tank designed from  Aluminum 5086 Sheet material

    Metal Fabrications

    They offer complete metal fabrication , welding and machining services for both aftermarket boat hardware and OEM including Marine Water & Holding Tanks and Fuel Tanks for boat owners, Chain Plates, Tillers, Rudder Shafts & Skeletons, Thru-Hull Exhausts, Anchor Rollers and Brackets, Steel Cradles and Radar Posts.

    All boat parts and components can be engineered out of steel, stainless steel and aluminum, including Inconel,Carbon Steel, Inconel® and Monel alloys. Products are manufactured with LW standard fabrication tolerances :± 0.0325 for Low or Medium Volume, Specialty Production or Prototypes.

    Luther’s Weldin Boat diesel fuel tanks

    For example this Bridge Deck Boat diesel fuel tank was designed and prodiced by Luther's Welding of 3/16" thick type 5052 aluminum. It's 26 gallon metal unit.
    Especially from salt water, excellent resistance to corrosion and high level fatigue strength its good workability aluminum boat diesel fuel tanks are perfect option for a boat owners.
    At Luther’s Welding & Fabrications diesel boat tank require many complex building features, including an aluminum inspection cover and half coupling, a Aluminum Flange, Gauge Rings, replacement cap and stainless steel tank hardware such as elbow and shut off valves.

    Used Materials:

    -¼" 5086 Aluminum heet
    - Aluminum-Vent/Fill/ Box Fitting
    - ½" x 3" Aluminum Bar
    - Angle Clips(aluminum )
    - 2" and 5/8" Straight Tube (aluminum )
    - Aluminum Gauge Rings
    - WEMA Fuel Sender and Flange
    - Stainless Steel

    Your tank tank (Gas, Diesel, Holding, Water) Estimate

    Base your yacht tank-measurements on the corresponding data fields:
    You can use the fuel tank drawings below here to approximate the shape and size of the tank you need.

    Those slats come in 12 foot lengths

    They sell them at Lowes, HD, etc, Attached these using a generous layer of 5200. The idea is to have no way for water to come in between the slats and the tank. An aluminum tank that has airflow around it and no opportunity for crevice corrosion will last indefinitely.

    The slats need to be in the attached in the direction that allows any water that comes in contact to flow into the bilge rather than be trapped. In the case of the tanks pictured above, that means the slats would run the width of the tank, not the length.


    500 Wood Street Bristol,

    RI 02809

    Phone: 401-253-5550

    Fax: 401-396-9314

    All marine tanks are built with the correct baffles, fittings and sending units, to your specifications, and meet or exceed US Coast Guard standards, quality design and creation of custom marine tanks and hardware to surpass customer needs.

    How to stop a gas tank from venting fuel

    Wondering how to stop a gas tank from venting fuel in the sun if stored for awhile?

    At first, make sure the boat is level and not at an angle. It helps to not trap air pockets in he tank.
    If it's mid ship tank depending on where your fill cap is, raise or lower the tounge. Mines in the back so I keep the tounge all the way to the ground. So gas fumes can vent.

    If your tank fill is towards the front of the boat so I have to have the front of the boat slightly higher when staged. Also you can add inline fuel surge protectors and that ended the issue.

    Most likely, the tank vent is under the cover and with the expansion from heat build up the interior gets stinky with the fumes. This can also be hazardous. If you can, raise the cover up over the vent.

    As a rule: don't leaving fuel in tank during storage, and keep eep out of direct Sun. Well ventilated area , trailer tongue low to ground, fill 3/4 if storing, put some Sta Bill in fuel, non ethanol gas

    Keep in Mind - a full tank leaves no room for condensation to form. Zero issues and keeps the bilge dry. Of course the tank is mid deck and the fill is at the bow.

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