Flexible tanks

Because of their flexibility and the Nauta range of sizes, these tanks can fit into almost any space, especially those odd-shaped places that would otherwise be wasted.
Nauta tanks are very easy to work with. Several for water and holding are available with fittings already installed. But Nauta's construction allows custom placement of fittings to suit your particular requirements and makes it simple to install them. The low cost of tanks and installation appeals to everyone.

Flexible tank is unique in operation: as liquid is drawn out, the tank "collapses." This not only eliminates the need for venting of water tanks but also minimizes free-surfacing action which dramatically reduces sloshing and its noise.

Flexible Tanks For Water, Fuel and Waste

Fuel Tanks

Boat Accessories - Fuel Tanks

Nauta Flexible Tanks provide many advantages over rigid tanks and have, therefore, become very popular with both yacht-builders and boat-owners. All Nauta'TM Tanks uses an extremely rugged 840 denier nylon fabric(thinly spun fiber) coated with a neoprene compound and unique in operation.

Nauta Flexible Tanks

Nauta Tanks

Each of these tanks uses an extremely rugged 840-denier nylon fabric, coated on both sides with a neoprene/nitrile compound. Heavily lapped seams are inside-reinforced with a "doubler" to provide extra strength.

Water tanks for Boats

These tanks are also popular among some sailors who use them as ballast tanks, knowing that the contents can also be used for emergency drinking water.

Our most popular application is also the easiest way to increase or replace water capacity on boats whose tankage is inadequate or deteriorated.
Nauta flexible water tanks use an exclusive Tedlar inside lining to maintain a taste-free system: most PVC, fiberglass, other plastics and metals contribute a distinct, unpleasant flavor to fresh water; Tedlar does not. No venting is required for water tanks, only a fill pipe and a simple draw line to head and/or galley pumps. 5-year warranty coverage.

water-drink tanks

Holding tanks

The more rigorously enforced laws against overboard discharge now make non-compliance extremely costly. A Nauta flexible holding tank, on the other hand, provides a relatively inexpensive Type III solution. In addition, the Tedlar™ lining of these Nauta tanks prevents gas permeation, thus stopping a major odor problem with many other holding tanks.
Combined with a few other components, this solution is both legal and far less costly than replumbing a vessel or installing a more complex and expensive Type I or Type II system: it occupies less space and requires no electrical power. The illustrated example would allow those travelling into unrestricted waters to pump overboard. 1-year warranty coverage.

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Diesel tanks

Nauta Boat flexible diesel tanks can dramatically extend the range of diesel-powered sail and motor yachts. They can deck or cockpit mount to gravity feed (or be hand-pumped to) tankage belowdecks. And, when empty, these flexible tanks can be rolled up and stowed!
Sport and commercial fisherman heading into offshore waters and cruisers visiting remote ports (where refueling may be unavailable or of suspect quality) will find these Nauta tanks an ideal, low cost solution.
Nauta diesel tanks of 53 gallon capacity and larger are supplied with adjustable hold-down straps with D-rings. Two N.P.T. brass fittings (3/4"and 11/2") allow this system to connect with conventional fuel-line piping. 1-year warranty coverage.

Nauta Flexible Diesel tanks

Nauta 53 Gallon Diesel Tank

Large Version 53 Gallon(200 L) Tank 27/63" with 2 Straps and Brass Fittings ,models with 3/4" and 1,5" Brass fittings. Tank made in Nitrile and have a weight of 14.000 lbs. (1 year Warranty)

Nauta 80 Gallon Diesel Tank

Large Tank Version 80 Gallon(300 L) Tank 54,5/50" with 2 Straps and Brass Fittings ,models with 3/4" and 1,5" Brass fittings. Tank made in Nitrile and have a weight of 21.000 lbs.

Nauta 125 Gallon Diesel Tank

Large Tank 125 Gallon(470 L) Tank 54,5/59,5" with 2 Straps and Brass Fittings ,models with 3/4" and 1,5" Brass fittings. and have a weight of 22.000 lbs.

Nauta 200 Gallon Diesel Tank

Nauta Tank 200 Gallon(750 L) Tank 54,5/59,5" and weight of 26.000 lbs.

Nauta 300 Gallon Diesel Tank

Nauta Tank 300 Gallon(1150 L) Tank 54,5/109,5" and weight of 33.000 lbs.

Nauta 400 Gallon Diesel Tank

The largest version Nauta Tank 400 Gallon or 1500 L, Tank with 2 Fittings in Bronze and 4 Straps, dimensions 54,5/142,5" and weight of 37.000 lbs.

Each of These Nauta diesel Tank are extra strength in rugged nylon with double reinforces seams and both sides coated with nitrile and can fit any boat space.Each Tanks come with maintenance and easy instructions.

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Diesel Tanks

Maximum Capacity
(US Galons)

Dimensions When Empty(inches)

Large Flexible Diesel Fuel
Complete wiyh tie down Straps
& bronze Fittings installed
(ftp 3254,ftp 2254)
53 27 x 63 80 55 x 50 125 55 x 60 200 55 x 80 300 55 x 110 400 55 x 143 Portable Flexible Outboard fuel Tanks
Complete with Fitting Installed
(ftp 700, ftp 610)
6 16 1/2 x 10 x 9 9 16 1/2 x 10 x 12 1/2 198 16 1/2 x 10 x 24 Dimensions are for empty tanks , when flexible tanks are mounted horizontally and filled, these dimensions reduce by 10 to 15 %. The filled depth highest to lowest point ranges from 12" to 16", depending on tank size. Stated capacities are given for optimum expanding conditions. Flexible tanks conforms to and is limited by the space in which it is mounted.

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ORCA® Tanks

Engineered ORCA Fabrics for Flexible tanks.

Pennel & Flipo, through its ORCA® Brand, produces, designs and distributes high-tech fabrics.

NAUTA flexible water tanks

Over rigid tanks NAUTA® Flexible water tanks by ORCA® provide many advantages: Handiness, Adaptability, Lightness and Fiability.

Popular with both boat owners and yacht builders these NAUTA flexible water tanks comes extremely rugged 935-dex nylon fabric, coated on both sides with a nitrile compound & neoprene. To assure leakproof panels and seams for years Nauta tank are vulcanised. To suit boat owners particular requirements construction of Nauta allows custom placement of fittings.

Nauta Water tanks

On of the most NAUTA® popular application is also the easiest way to replace or increase water capacity on boats. To maintain a taste-free system most Nauta Water tanks from PVC are manufactured with inside "TedlarÍ" lining.

NAUTA® water tanks available Capacity Versions

To prevents the development of microorganisms, when the nauta water tank will not be used , keep it partly filled with mix of fresh water and 10% of chlorine solution.

Nauta Gas Tank

All these extremely rugged Nauta® tanks comes in big capacity and perfect, low cost tank solution for both power and sail boats. Gas Tanks of over 200 litres capacity are equipped with adjustable hold-down straps with D rings. Gas Tank can be cockpit or deck mount to gravity feed to tankage below decks of the boat.

NAUTA® gas tanks available Capacity Versions

Portable Nauta Gas Tank

With useful capacity from 25l to 70 litres, when you are underway portable units are easier to tie down and do not rattle.

NAUTA® Portable gas tanks available Capacity Versions

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Nauta Tanks - A problem with glue bunging up the filters and killing the engine

You can solved the problem whenyou put a filter inside the tank on the bottom of the tube. Use only semi synthetic oil, which was never a problem in the old tank which didn't have the glue problem. it's glue that comes out after being dissolved. Best description is like thick lumpy snot, and blocks the tanks filter after 2 or 3 heats. This solution is a good one. Other that it is regular rinsing of the tank and checking filters - time spent doing this will be better spent than trying to get Nauta to admit a fault.

From Nauta saying that the construction of the tank hasn't changed but because the fuel companies are now using a higher proportion of ethanol in unleaded petrol to satisfy emission laws, its melting something within the tanks that is used solely during the manufacturing process as a curing agent. As a result, they're recommending that all new tanks are filled for 24 hours with ethanol prior to use which removes the thin layer of the curing agent within the tanks and then filtered to remove all traces of foreign bodies. According to them, this completely eliminates the problem.

ATL Inc. - boat fuel bladder tanks

ATL offers rubberized fabric fuel bladder tanks for both: custom and standart sizes and shape

Maintenance and Repair FAQs:

Gasoline into diesel tank - What does this do to the tank, engine, boat, safety