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Aluminum fuel tanks - Aluminum boat tanks is a good, safe and long lasting material for tanks . In a research project conducted by Underwriters Laboratories for the US Coast Guard they found that the average life of an aluminum tank was ten years. This can be extended considerably.

RDS Aluminum - Marine Fuel Tanks

RDS makes fuel tanks, marine fuel tanks, Auxiliary and Transfer aluminum Tanks aluminum toolboxes & more.

RDS Products include:

- Marine Tanks

- Custom Marine Tanks

- RDS Stock Marine Tanks and Fuel Systems


- Crossover Automotive Toolboxes

- Other Automotive Toolboxes

Gang Boxes - Utility Cart Boxes - Small Toolboxes

Aluminum is a very suitable material for boat fuel tanks, as long as they are installed correctly, mounted properly and inspected regularly.

The enemy of all metal tanks is water. Any metal tank should be mounted so that moisture will not collect on any surface. One of the most common mistakes is mounting a tanks metal tank on a sheet of plywood, foam, rubber or some other material that absorbs moisture. The moisture dissolves the oxide and corrodes the bottom of the tank. Ideally the tank should have air circulating around it on all sides including the top and bottom. To allow air under the tank requires using brackets that raise the tank above the mounting surface. This is by far the best way to mount an aluminum tank. Loocking for *RDS* Fuel Tanks, new or used, for sale click here.

If the Aluminum boat tanks is kept clean and dry the oxide will reform and again protect the metal. For this reason aluminum tanks and boats are generally not painted. It is best to leave tanks bare.


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- Custom Marine Tanks

Stock Marine Tanks - Above Deck

Stock Marine Tanks - Below Deck

RDS Manufactures Marine Tanks
With Capacities Ranging from 4 Gallons to Over 1,000 Gallons.

Tanks are 100% pressure tested at 3 psi under 33 CFR 183.510(a),
built in accordance with ABYC & NMMA regulations,
and meet ISO 10088 specifications.

- Stock Marine Tanks

Above Deck Rds Boat Tanks

59179 - 13 gallon rectangular Fuel tank(left)

59180 - 13 gallon(right)

59044 - 18 gallon(left)

62533 - 18 gallon(right)

65020 - 54 gallon

- Stock Marine Tanks

Below Deck Fuel Tanks

59043 - 12 gallon (left)

59267 - 13 gallon (right)

59045 - 18 gallon(left)

59065 - 18 gallon (right)

59178 - 18 gallon, Belly Tank (left)

59033 - 19 gallon, Bow Tank(right)

59166 - 20 gallon(left)

Wedge Tank 59020 - 26 gallon(right)

59047 - 26 gallon(left)

59181 - 30 gallon, Belly Tank(right)

59049 - 32 gallon(left)

59055 - 39 gallon(right)

59182 Belly Tank - 40 gallon(left)

59027 - 55 gallon(right)

59032 - 55 gallon, Belly Tank

Auxiliary and Transfer aluminum Fuel Tanks

In additional to aluminum fuel tanks RDS provide automotive Auxiliary and Transfer Fuel Tanks.

RDS Auxiliary Fuel Tanks

Auxiliary DS tanks by RDS can be used as additional fuel capacity with the use of an diesel install kit (sold separately by RDS). Easy you Increase range with diese fuel tank with toolbox built in. Each RDS aluminum tank meet DOT standards comes equipped with a suction tube, baffles to reduce sloshing,manual sight gauge and drain fittings.

RDS Transfer Fuel Tanks

These RDS's aluminum tanks can be used also as an auxiliary tank to supply additional fuel capacity, but they are designed for transferring nonflammable liquids and diesel.

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