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Gamakatsu makes over 3,000 different fish hooks for the expert fisherman. We have the hook to meet your needs.


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  • Gamakatsu Hooks - tempering high-tech processes and new materials and technology to produce the finest fishing high-carbon steel series hooks.
  • Bass Fish Hooks
  • Jighead
  • Drop Shot Rig
  • Split Shot / Drop Shot Hook
  • Treble Hook
  • <
  • Worm Hook, Straight Shank
  • Worm Hook, Wireguard
  • Jig Hook, 60 Degree
  • Hook, 90 Degree
  • Spinner Bait Hook
  • Trailer Hook
  • Shiner Hook
  • Octopus Hook
  • Baitholder Hook
  • LS Hook

Gamakatsu Online shop ( ) - Our newest products of Gamakatsu superior fishing hooks, Firetip and Night Flyer Floats and equipment can you find here. Product range includes different fish hooks all made to meet your needs: Bass Fish Hooks Series - 6 styles of jig hooks,trailer hook, Walleye Hooks, Panfish- Heavy wire hook & Catfish, Salmon, Striper Hooks, Inshore and Offshore salt and Fly Hooks avalible in Fluorescent color, Glow, Nickel, Black, Red, Bronze, Green, Blue and Shrimp.

Japanese company Gamakatsu is already for many years the largest manufacturer of fishhooks. Having our own factory and engineering base in Japan, the company produces a huge range of fishing hooks for saltwater and freshwater fishing. To satisfy the interests of European fishermen, the company has developed a range of specially Gamakatsu hooks to catch familiar fish species such as bream, roach, carp, perch, pike, perch, catfish and trout. At the moment, Gamakatsu fishing hooks are the best quality of the proposed European market. They are used by many famous athletes in the float and carp fishing. Also, many European companies equip their hooks Gamakatsu bait. All hooks are made of very durable steel wire stinger hooks are chemically sharpened.
Gamakatsu Hooks firm has long won the love of fishing because of its high technology and reliability. They are made of stainless steel with the chemical sharpening the tip, so the fish more difficult to break away from such a hook. The range of products the firm is a variety that can satisfy various needs: for carp, fly fishing and so on. All modifications are of high quality and accurate compliance requirements of certain types of fishing.

Series G-Carp: special hooks designed to cater exclusively for the sport of catching carp. Modifications to fishing lures to plant, the classical model, as well as enhanced versions of larger fish. Some species are produced with the use of tungsten and vanadium, which makes them more powerful, but also enhances their tseplyaemost.

Series F: thin, lightweight hooks up with a hard structure is best suited for catching a variety of white fish. Series focuses primarily on the float method of fishing.

Series Treble and Worm Offset EWQ: offset hooks for fishing inaccessible areas, reducing the likelihood of breakage fishing line