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- A great choice of Aluminum(anodized) and stainless steel Boat Ladders from world-top-leader of boarding water rinsing ladder technology and integratet yacht/boat systems and innovation products.

LADDER collection include step (3 and 4 step models, rated to 181kg weight) boarding vertical rails ladder, DIVER range (2,3,4 non-skid-Step, for horizontal, ver. and breakaway mounting options, Stainless Steel/electropolished) for <-sport activities->, water skiing, surfing or or swimming, revolutionary and compact Boarding ladder/systems (3,4 plastic / composite step) with timless function, "When needed" safety-design(3 or 4 Step, 83 cm length models), Manual or Automatic Ladder for quick reboarding, Perfect step(1,2,3 or 4 step) Transom telescoping (on top or of platforms) large range of models include for Inflatable boat ladder, for Ponton boats ladders(folding, swim eries), "ease of use" aluminum Dock Series(3,4 or 5 Step) and Foot or cockpit steps with a really wide variety of colors,materials and models will find a very-useful place on your boat!

Garelick boat seats, chairs and tables

- A tradition, Technology and Innovation of marine seating and boat interiors products and stylish accessories. Garelick offers master collection of Marine/boat Seating options of marinized Corrosion resistant and weatherproof materials. Best choice of helm (max comfort and longevity), offshore (chairs with resistant components & marine grade vinyl models), Upholstered (versatile boat chair's/arm), fold-down (best performance&comfort), Helmsman (board stations-classic and side mount, pedestal or footrests Helmsman Seats) and rotationally (aluminum base-360°locking) seats for absolutely all the needs, preferred claims and ideal for most marine applications.

Garelick Boat hardware and Interior

- Offers a premier line of of marine deck hardware, lightweight chairs & accessories and styling and Comfort folding Thermofused tables. Deck chairs build with lumbar padding, compact, user friendly and very stable. Also we offer everything for these seats and deck tables, hardware (Pedestals, low profile surface/seat slide) and accessories include gimbals, hinges, swivels, suspension systems, footrests and much more for your boat or yacht max-comfort. Keeping the Pleasure with Garelick!

Garelick Marine Products




Interior Seats Chairs

Cockpit Chairs

Interior Seats &Chairs


Interior Seats &Chairs

Swim Platforms/Ladders

Interior Seats &Chairs

Table Pedestals

Controls Boat Parts and Steering

Outboard Motor Brackets

Controls Boat Parts and Steering

Motor Carriers

Garelick Marine Production

  • Boarding Ladders

  • Garelick continues to lead the way in boarding ladders technology, introducing new models year after year.

    Recient additions to GARELICK well know and comprehensive line of boarding ladders range from contemporary reinterpretations of their original double hook best design to new and revolutionaly integratet boarding


    Gull Wing Ladders
    Sport/Diver Ladders
    Gunwale Boarding Ladder System
    Eez-In II Ladders
    Transom Boarding Ladders
    Pontoon Boarding Ladders
    Dock/Raft Ladders
    Foot Rests and Cockpit Steps

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  • Seat & Table Hardware

  • Garelick Marine Hardware is designed to be rock solid and wobble-free.
    Offering fore and aft seat slides, 360 degree, positive locking swivels, gas assisted rise and shock absorption systems, the Garelick line is sure to have a combination that is perfect for your boat or yacht.

    Commander 4.0" Series Seat Hardware
    3.5" Pedestal Mid-Range Seat Hardware
    2.875" Pedestal Diameter Seat Hardware
    Low Profile Surface Mount Seat Hardware
    Yacht Table and Deck Hardware Systems
    Stowable Deck Table Hardware
    Seat Hardware Accessories

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  • Marine Seating

  • First helm boat seat specially designed for boats back in 1955. This pioneering product not only improved how boaters sat to pilot their craft, it provided the first common sense approach to seating comfort aboard a boat.Thus began a tradition of best quality marine seating.

    Commander Yacht Helm Seating
    Yacht Helm Seating
    Offshore Seating
    Upholstered Seating
    Rotationally Molded Seating
    Fold-Down Seating
    Helmsman Seating
    Lounge Sleeper Seating
    Multipurpose Seating

  • Boat Hooks & Marine Accessories

  • From retrieval of an overboard item with use of a boat hook,keeping water out of interiors with our support cover poles, maintaining, washing and polishing fiberglass and brighwork finishes with our cleaning marine products, or securing equipment, the our range of Boat Accessories in this category help to solve everyday practical needs aboard any boat.

    Boat Hooks
    Boat Cover Support Poles
    Boat Maintenance Accessories
    Safety and Securing Accessories

  • Deck Chairs & Table

  • Garelick Boat Chairs, Tables and Accessories are the finest quality avaliable for your boat or yacht.We design and build them with lighweight, rugged frames, precision formed from full diameter aluminum.
    The right finish, alloy strenght and tube thickness are used.
    Specially selected waterproof marine grade fabrics and materials are hand crafted into weather resistant seats for boats with UV inhibitors to resist the elements.

    Mariner Deck Chairs
    Eez-In Designer Series Chairs
    Folding Deck Tables

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  • Outboard Motor Accessory

  • Over 30 years Garelick has led the field in Auxillary Outboard motor brackets.
    As outboard motors have changed, so has our selection of brackets.
    We offer five distinct styles ranging from manual lift-lower models to hydraulic powered systems designed for heavier, high torque, four stroke motors.

    HYDRA-Powered Outboard Motor Brackets
    Manual Hydraulic Outboard Motor Brackets
    Aluminum Outboard Motor Brackets
    Stainless Steel Outboard Motor Brackets
    Stationary Outboard Motor Brackets
    Outboard Motor Carriers
    Boat Dollies

  • Boat Seat and Table Hardware - perfect combination of boat and yacht seat or table marine hardware for any boating needs.
  • Boarding Ladders - perfect ladder for any yacht and any boat.
  • Marine Seating Collection - Top Quality Seating/systems,360 degree, For Any Boat & Yacht, Variety and Premium Quality
  • Deck Chairs & Table - Classic deck chair designs and lighweight frame construction that have stood the test of time. Available in three sizes, these folding deck tables are compact and add so much convenience .

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