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GetTarps employs only high valued, empowered, and creative individuals. We realize only through our partners - employees, vendors, and customers.

Weatherproof Custom Covers, Tarps, Bags and Custom Fabric Solutions for Heavy duty Industrial and Commercial Applications.


Boat Tops & Covers

Covers & Accessories

GetTarps Production

  • Sod Farms - Pallet Tarps, Mesh Tarps, Sod Tarps
  • Trucking Companies - Flat Tarps, Steel Tarps, Lumber tarps, Pallet Tarps, All Custom Sizes
  • Lawn Mower Manufacturers - Seat covers, Grass catcher bags, lawn Mower Covers, Walker Mower Dump Bags
  • M.R.O.s - Industrial Curtains, Machinery Covers, Demolition Tarps, Divider Curtains. Pallet Tarps, Sand Blasting Tarps
  • O.E.M's (Original Equipment Manufacturers) - Toiletry Bags, Skate Board Ramp Covers, Tractor Cabs, ATV Covers, Pallet tarps
  • Construction Companies - Demolition Tarps, Roof Covers, Excavating Covers, Wind Break Tarps, Machinery Covers, Welding Screens,Containment Tarps
  • Chemical Companies - Industrial Curtains, Pipe Tarps, Containment Tarps, Machinery Covers, Divider Curtains, Wind Breaks, machinery Covers and Tarps
  • Engineering and Consulting Firms - Divider Curtains, Machinery Covers and Tarps, Industrial Curtain Systems, Curing Covers and Tarps
  • Concrete Manufacturers - Concrete Tarps and Covers, Custom Bags, Demolition Tarps, Machinery Covers and Tarps, Debris Collector Bags
    Boating Industry - Bimini Tops, Boat Covers, Engine Covers, Mooring covers
    Oceanographic, Institutional, and Offshore Companies - Divider Curtains, Machinery Covers, ROV Covers
  • Government - Engine Covers, Special Bags, Pallet Tarps, Bern Tarps, PalletTarps
  • Other - Athletic Field Covers and Tarps, Gymnasium Floor Covers, Tents, RV Covers and Sun Shade, Kiosk Locking Covers, Indian Sweat Lodges, Central Air Conditioner Covers, Custom Camouflage Tarps and Covers, Rock Wall Covers, Genie Lift Covers, Hay Covers and Tarps include boat Covers!