John Fiene Company - over 30 years marine industry experiencer Reglazing and replacing Boat deck hatches, port lights and windows, and We offer the following services(Sydney to Newcastle - mobil services):

Seal replacement on windows and hatches , Leak repairs (Most types of windows and Boat hatches serviced (including Goiot and Lewmar manufacturers)

Are your BOAT HATCHES faded, cracked or crazed? Add more value and light to your boat now.

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Maintenance and Repair - Sealing Boat Hatches And Locker Lids, How to & Materials.

Boat & Deck Hatches - aluminum and stainless steel

Boat Hardware

Boat Accessories - Boat Hardware

Company situated the Swedish west coast are world leading yacht manufacturers and designers, over 35 years of experience obtained through research and development.Our wide range of products are designed for various boat and sail needs . Our three main marine product areas are sail hardware, deck hardware as well as Boat hatches and portlights.

Rutgerson & other Mfrs. -


Rutgerson Marin AB
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Boat Hatches

Classic Hatches

Classic Boat Hatch Line has an elegant, timeless design, due to its mirror-polished frame and unique seamless hatches construction . The hatch lid combines acrylic glass with the Swedish highest grade stainless steel . The frame is made of an extremely strong, UV-resistant composite material. The classic range is designed to compliment the aesthetics of all types of yachts and boats,power and sail.

Half Round Hatches - 500 mm deck hatch with tined Glass, weight 4,3kg.

Rectangular Hatches - 556 mm deck hatch with tined Glass, weight 4,3kg.

Round Hatches - 500 mm Diameter deck hatch with tined Glass, weight 5kg.

Available Version Round 500D mm deck hatch with air vent.

Square Deck Hatches with tined Glass

Available Versions: 456 x 456mm/4,4kg, 556 x 556 mm/ 6,90kg

Compact Boat Hatches

Rectangular Deck Hatches with tined Glass Inner and Outer Handles in steel for Bavaria boats.

Available Versions: 456 x 456mm/4,4kg, 556 x 556 mm/ 6,90kg.

Available Versions: Square compact deck hatch

Flush Boat Hatches

This Hatch Line - very exclusive- Flush is unique since it is the only hatch on the market that is completely flushed on the boat deck. Flush hatches line gives the deck streamlined impression and a smooth and streamlined impression. Best opportunity to choose a hatch that matches the yacht or boat and perfectly.

One unique design of this hatch is that the drainage hole is covered by a screen to prevent dirt from clogging up the drainage pipe.

The flush hatches comes in 2 main versions, one that suits glass reinforced polyester decks and other teek-wooded .

Rutgerson Hatches is CE approved in accordance with directive ENISO 122116, 94/25CE.

Round Versions:

-610mmD/7kg. Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic Round Hatches for Boats with Plastic deck boards.

-610mmD/7kg. Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic Round Hatches for Boats with teak deck boards.

Square Versions:

-614mm/614mm/8kg. Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic Square Hatches for Boats with teak deck boards.

-614mm/614mm/8kg. Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic Square Hatchesfor Boats with Plastic deck boards.

Rectangular Versions:

-309mm/454mm/3,7kg. Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic Rectangular Hatches for plastic deck.

Rectangular Versions:

-309mm/454mm/3,7kg. Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic Rectangular Boat Hatches for teak deck.

Deck Hatches

Modern deck hatches with a steel frame made of highly polished, stainless steel.
Crush, tinted windows made of acrylic that can withstand even rough treatment on racing boats and yachts. The hatches have a very low profile and fit perfectly into a modern deck layout. Pods not hooked to the door or the corners also held flat handles.
The chassis is made of UV resistant, durable composite plastic . The built-in, adjustable holds the hatch in position when open. Rutgerson all hatches are supplied with an internal frame in off white,All hatches are CE approved for Area 2a. For The hatches are available with either one Mounting frame for plastic decks or available for teak decks. Easier and faster installation than conventional hatches.

"Bootsfenster" Germany Company - We want to introduce you to these pages an overview of our products and services, should you not find something, just ask us and we will try to fulfill every wish.

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Bomar hatches

From flybridge access, to hard top boat hatches

For several decades, has been synonymous with innovative design Bomar Company, a division of Pompanette LLC. has designed the finest boat ports, deck hatches (include Custom Hatch Series), doors and windows for the boating industry. Note: Bomar is expensive.

Bomar 2600 Series SS Voyager Mid Profile Hatches
2  hatches on Donzi boat

If you want to replace my rubber seals on my older Bomar hatches (that they don't manufacture anymore) Here is Bomar's number 603) 826-5791. Give them a call. Seals come jointed together. Hatch covers- they sell direct if yours is a bomar hatch.

Boat/Deck Hatches

Resistant aluminum Hatches

hatches Guides

Aluminum boat Hatches made for boats - ships and to vehicles and recreational vehicles and Expedition vehicles.

All Hatches are manufactured according to your wishes and requirements. This is done using either an accurate measurement method for rectangular Hatches and a template of the mounting hole.

The company "Smaal" has been producing Smaal more than 2 decades to measure aluminum Hatches and has an extensive profile selection Hatches for boat use.

The profile systems offer extensive range of profiles, all systems are CE - tested and are manufactured according to these tests.

Because of this CE - regulations will also only produce complete window frame and no spaces. The use of separate panes of glass for the manufacture of new hatches can be done only in exceptional cases and after prior consultation with the company Smaal.

Most of the existing transport wheels for manufacturers is also complicated and expensive, and the supposed advantage is canceled out by it.

The type and design depends always on your needs and desires, whether simple clamping frame with an inner cover made of a rubber profile frame with counter bar, thermal break profile double-glazing for motor boats and some "serious" aluminum profiles for applications in commercial barges.


Color Glass & Frame

glasses and frames are available in a variety of colors

The alternative ... from seawater-resistant aluminum profiles, you get a low-speed solution according to your dimensions.

You have the choice between different frame colors and glass shades.

Boat Portlights

Portlights are manufactured in many standard sizes and made from high quality marine grade aluminum.

By default, the Portlights with silver anodized frame profiles and gray-tinted acrylic glass (tinted glass) are produced. But there are also versions in stainless steel. Install with terminal strip in each hull design. It's best to give us the measure of what you need and we examine the basis of the stock lists, which would be suitable standard size available.

Choose from rectangular, oval, elliptical and circular shape,Rapid and easy installation all port lights are CE - compliant

Deck Hatches

We offer hatches from different manufacturers or distributors also mounting. All standard hatches are normally supplied with tinted acrylic glass in anodized frame. Are inter alia as a variation Standard frame with or without flange, super-slim frame, mounting frame with frameless acrylic plate and many other variations are available.

As a manufacturer to offer the following on order:
Of these manufacturers, we can arrange for you to request hatches as well as accessories and spare parts for all current and some also provide for older hatches.

On request, we can also order from manufacturers not listed hatches and spare parts, as far as possible.

Glass is also a replacement for most types of hatches possible
We ask this in case of need for your request.

Hatches - Measuring and Installation

Stencil making - Allowance

To produce a custom Hatches, we need a template with the exact dimensions of the opening. On the Measurement sheet describes how you can customize these templates. Your windows are manufactured so that they can be installed without any problems then. See installation instructions. We take an option for you but also the making of the stencils and the installation of windows. Ask noncommittal about the possibilities.

Installation instructions:

First, check whether the actual wall thickness matches the thickness that you have specified when ordering. Differs from them, please contact us first. The screws are too long, the window is not tightened enough. The screws are too short, grasp it properly.

The installation of a boat window should be made for two. A person pushes the window from outside the window opening. Make sure that the sealing tape is not damaged. The second person sets up the window in the opening so that it overlaps evenly everywhere. Does the Hatches around on a pad of at least 4 mm, it shuts off properly.

The mounting screws do not overtighten! When using a wrench to tighten the screws slightly and then pull it to manually. The constructions are designed for manual tightening. A screwdriver may cause damage or break off the stainless steel screws. Such damage is not covered under the warranty.

Inspect the outside if the window has been sufficiently tightened. The seal is formed so to speak, in that it is being extracted. Should not be the case, the screws are not tight enough or it is not seated properly, the inner frame. When necessary, it can be tapped with a rubber hammer.

It is advisable to check about 2 months after installation to another by hand, if the bolts must be tightened. Then, the flange is set and if necessary can be created a certain margin.

Ensure that the outer vessel skin irregularities, such as no holes or waves exhibits. This caused leaks are not covered under the warranty. At the installation opening must by no means a flexible product (for example softer cork) be processed in the wall construction. This design may not be compressible.

Accordingly, this depends heavily on the seal!

We can advise you on appropriate means to seal the gaps between the ship and the new boot screen.

That opens glazing products such as folding or sliding windows can not be regarded as completely waterproof. The windows are manufactured according to ISO, after which these products are only water resistant. Of course, we give our best effort to make these products as waterproof. Nevertheless, it is not excluded under the extreme conditions that a certain small amount of water penetrates. This also applies to removable windshields and hatches.

Hybrid Composite

Hybrid Composite CT is a leading manufacturer with over 42 years of cumulative experience of semi-custom boat parts, such as innovative up-market deck hatches, Dog Handle and custom products.

Lewmar Hatches

Lewmar makes one of the most quality Boat Hatches on the market.

Designed for durability and greater strength from the highest quality materials these weapon works without fail. It's simplistic in design and unique integral seal thus performs without any leak. They all are rigorously tested by Lewmar for performance and constructed for easy one-piece installation and simple maintenance.