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Rondal Company is a top manufacturer of marine and boat/yacht equipment and hardware.

Products gama range fare divided in four main maximum reliability and premium quality and product groups: Marine Winches, Spars & Rigging, Hatches and quality Deck Equipment and Doors.

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Boat/Yacht Hatches

Rondal manufacture a normal entry hatches(include Hatch parts and Accessories ) and ventilation hatches for both hinged or sliding options on a hatch. We can build any hatch shape and size with glass or perspex panels or bulletproof glass also available heavy hatches with double stroke gas springs. Every single boat hatch is syctom built to satisfy specific needs. Our boat hatchess can be electricically powered.

Aluminium Hatches and steel and combination of materials availiable in our production, Stailes steel are electrolitically polished and offer max corrosion protection.For Aluminium hatches may have an al gutter to minimise corrosion in aluminium.

Composite Boat Hatches with weight saving and flexibility are made of carbon and PVC foam and are cured in an autoclave at max 3 bar pressure or
cabin version under full vacuum.

Carbon hatches

Carbon-fibre flexibility and high quality hatches availiable up to 1000 x 1000 mm are cured in an autoclave applications at maximum 120 C and 3 bar pressure or full vacuum. Moving part of Hatches are made in one piece and glass or perspex panel fitted. Most weightless and minimise corrosion problems and can be bonded onto a composite deck.

Hinged Boat/Yacht hatches

Hinged Rondal's hatches availiable in glass/insulated glass panel or perspex and

can be made in any shape. Hatch top Supplied with an aluminium plate top with a perspex or glass panel and can electrically or gas spring assisted powered/opening. Aluminium or stainless steel Dog locks, locking gas spring in any position and dog lock securing device also available for Hinged Series.

Sliding hatches

Sliding hatches are designed from aluminium with or without teak covering to the reqiured size with glass or prespex panel for sliding part. The sliding hatch can be manually or electrically operated.

/Total flush/ sliding hatches

Rondal Pneumatically and Manually operated versions available in carbon or aluminium and perspex or glass panel for the sliding part. sliding hatches can be produced with deck camber.

Companionway hatches

Sliding hatches are made of a horizontal(similar to the sliding hatch) and vertical(available two options) sliding part in one construction.

Built in wood Simple washboard and Perspex or glass panels for vertical or horizontal sliding parts.

Standard Boat hatches

Fixed dimensions boat hatches with tried aluminium frames and choices as to the thickness of the teak coverage, perspex or glass panel

700 x 700 mm standard deck hatchs

Standart and Custom Boat hatches

- from Solimar s.r.l. - Italy

Standart Series Boat Hatches - best functionality made in long lasting quality materials to be the most aesthetically.

Custom Hatches is flexible to satisfy every requast, sizes are available in the version with glass for painted or teak deck.