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SOLIMAR Products and quality boat hardware all made in Italy. We manufacture mechanical
steering system and deck hatches in composite materials, rudders and rudder bearings for racing sailboats and cruising and racing

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Solimar s.r.l.

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47122 Forlm (FC), Italia


Flush Boat Deck Hatches

Rondal manufacture a

Standart hatches

(flush deck hatches)

Standart Series Hatches - best functionality made in long lasting quality materials to be the most aesthetically.

SOLIMAR designed standart low profile(for thickness deck) deck hatches suitable for small boats around 40". Hinges, springs and finishes are the same of standard production.

Flush deck hatches

VA type Model Hatches

with glass

preset for deck with teak

Fashion Hatches versions gives to the deck modern view with glass(Perspex glass) for sailing and powerboats with teck deck.

versions available in (deck) sizes 245 x 405, 295 x 395, 470 x 470, 520 x 630, 590 x 590, 690 x 690, 550 x 550to700

VB type Model Hatches

with glass

preset for painted deck.

Deck Hatches in fiberglass with glass for sail and power boats with painted or gel coat finished deck. Hatches and parts can be white or another color needs

versions available in 4 (deck) sizes 295 x 395, 520 x 630, 590 x 590, 690 x 690

T type Model Hatches

without glass

preset for deck with teak.

Deck Hatches for power and sail boats with teak deck and where you don't need to light the boat rooms

versions available in 3 (deck) sizes (mm) 520 x 555, 520 x 630, 790 x 790

TVB type Model Hatches

without glass

preset for painted deck.

Deck Hatches without glass for power and sail boats with painted or gel coat finished teak deck

versions available in 2 (deck) sizes (mm) 520 x 630, 790 x 790

Solimar flat hatches

The sizes of custom flat hatches crafted from composite material already available satisfy most of the boat applications.

The choice of the flat boat hatches must be done following the inner useful passage requested or following the deck cut max-sizes possible suitable for your boat(see photo below).

All dimensions are in millimeters

Custom hatches

We can also build and design custom parts starting from your technical info.

Custom Hatches is flexible to satisfy every requast, sizes are available
in the version with glass for painted or teakdeck.Also available flat beautiful models with very small camber and hidden hinges.For our custo series in additional are available hatche's frames in fiberglass
to couple to the ceiling.

Rondal Company is a top manufacturer of marine and boat/yacht equipment and hardware.

Rondal Boat/Deck Hatches

Rondal manufacture a normal entry hatches(include Hatch parts and Accessories and ventilation hatches for both hinged or sliding options on a hatch. We can build any hatch shape and size with glass or perspex panels or bulletproof glass also available heavy hatches with double stroke gas springs. Every single boat hatch is syctom built to satisfy specific needs. Our boat hatchess can be electricically powered.

Aluminium Hatches and steel and combination of materials availiable in our production, Stailes steel are electrolitically polished and offer max corrosion protection.For Aluminium hatches may have an al gutter to minimise corrosion in aluminium.

Composite Boat Deck Hatches with weight saving and flexibility are made of carbon and PVC foam and are cured in an autoclave at max 3 bar pressure or
cabin version under full vacuum.

Carbon hatches

Carbon-fibre flexibility and high quality hatches availiable up to 1000 x 1000 mm are cured in an autoclave applications at maximum 120 C and 3 bar pressure or full vacuum. Moving part of Hatches are made in one piece ...more

Standard Boat hatches

Fixed dimensions boat hatches with tried aluminium frames and choices as to the thickness of the teak coverage, perspex or glass panel

700 x 700 mm standard deck ...more

Lewmar Company is the premier leisure marine equipment designer, manufacturing and supplier products including winch, anchors, windlass, boat deck hatch, hardware, steering, rigging and much more. The most world's premier...[]

Lewmar Boat Hatches

In highest quality marine materials Lewmar Boat tested hatches feature a unique integral seal and stylish look, performance, allow 180 opening for easy access and easy deck installation. All sizes Boat Hatches suitable for Deck, Cockpit, Coachroof or Transom installation.

Low and Medium Profile hatches

Low Profile Hatch design with unique sealing system allowing easy acrylic replacement suitable for power and sailboats or large sizes hatches for mid size vessels...more

Medium Profile Htach for flat surface power and sailboats with a max tolerance

versions available in All sizes from 30 to 77...more

Taylor Made Products offer a wide selection of Boat Hardware, Accessories & Parts quality products include boat hatches & portlights & Windshield, replacement parts & accessories include the essential parts you need to get to fit boat models since 1990.


Low Profile Custom size Hatches

Equal style low profile superior strength Hatches manufactured in powder coatings aluminum ring(frame) and polyester coating plus tempered(gray) safety scratch resistance glass.
Ventilation and low profile access Hatches Equippet with locking ernomically handles and no exposed hinges. | more >>

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