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Bete-Fleming offer Professional Installation Services and large Selection of Quality marine Products include Wood(Ash,Teak and Mahagany), Fiberglass, Non-Fouling Flagstaffs, Battens, Rollers and Accessories

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Wood Flagstaffs

These mahogany, teak and ash flagstaffs offer beauty, quality and choice. We feel the ash staff and the mahogany truck result in a striking flagstaff. The poles are finished with four coats of varnish for lasting beauty and finest.

We offer custom solutions, so if you don't see what you are looking for, call us.

We also offer complete wood flagstaff kits: flagstaff, flag, line, cleat and socket. Call for pricing.

In keeping with the traditional look, you will find a "saucer" style truck and a "beefy belly" shape to the flagstaff.

Flagstaff Accessories are also available!

Fiberglass Flagstaffs

These distinctive looking flagstaffs replace all the problems of the existing staffs. The extremely hard gloss finish resists soiling and scratching for long lasting beauty. This no maintenance flagstaff has the classic taper for beauty and grace. Truck color and staff options available. Solid white shaft standard.

We also offer complete fiberglass flagstaff kits: flagstaff, flag, line, cleat and socket.

Non-Fouling Flagstaffs

These Non-fouling Flagstaffs are for the proper "wearing" of your club burgee or house flag aloft. We offer two types, tapered and straight shaft and a choice of two materials, fiberglass and wood.

Tapered Shaft - Wood/Fiberglass

Rugged, light weight, with the beauty of a tapered shaft. Flagstaffs are of varnished birch or smooth glossy finished fiberglass. Rigid brass swivels turn with ease to prevent fouling and also add the taditional look. Wood flagstaffs are 3, 4, 5 and 6 feet overall. Fiberglass flagstaffs are 3 to 13 feet. Packaged individually in poly bags.

Straight Shaft - Wood

The varnished straight grain birch staffs are perfect for the lighter duty of smaller boats. They have the same brass swivels for prevention of fouling.