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In highest quality marine materials Lewmar Boat tested hatches feature a unique integral seal and stylish look, performance, allow 180 opening for easy access and easy deck installation. All sizes Boat Hatches suitable for Deck, Cockpit, Coachroof or Transom installation.

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Lewmar Company is the premier leisure marine equipment designer, manufacturing and supplier products including winch, anchors, windlass, boat deck hatch, hardware, steering, rigging and much more. The most world's premier recognized brand name in recreational boating deck equipment and accessories.

Lewmar Ltd
Southmoor Lane, Havant
Hampshire, PO9 1JJ, UK

web/source: www.lewmar.com

Boat/Deck Hatches

Low and Medium Profile hatches

Low Profile Hatch design with unique sealing system allowing easy acrylic replacement suitable for power and sailboats or large sizes hatches for mid size vessels.

versions available in All sizes from 00 to 65

Low Profile Rectangular Hatch

The Lewmar's Low Profile Boat Hatch has sleek design (Anodised aluminium frame) and soft styling characterized by Curved upper frame, open up to 180° they perfect for use on a powerboat. To allow the hatch to be opened from on deck if it is not locked they are equipped with Outside handles and Friction levers to hold the lid open in any Hatch position up to 95°.

The Telescopic stay boat Hatches allows opening to around 90 where deck space on smaller boats is a small.

Round Low Profile Hatches

Round Hatches are characterised with ability to open up to 170°.

Round Low Profile D-Hatches configurations

Medium Profile Htach for flat surface power and sailboats with a max tolerance

versions available in All sizes from 30 to 77

Low profile hatches

Lewmar call these Hatches - low profile and what it does is it's low profile cuz it so the light issue because as you can see it's a little bit larger than this one there's no obstructions got a hundred percent UV. Here we've got a brand new gasket I and we address the cocking mechanism because we've got this nice adjustable mechanism that will allow them to open it and to any position.

Boat Hatches stress points

The Hinges - it's one of the bigger ones and stress points are usually where the hinges are - because that's where the most work is taking place.

These hinges act in such a way where the hatch can stay up on its own, without needing arm in arm to prop it up, the hinges of boat hatches can hold hatch and various oppositions, so the stress point usually winds up being raped on the hinge itself where the world was so the first thing we have to do is measure this and get it clamped so everything is in the right spot on.

Medium Profile Rectangular Hatches

For greater durability and strength the Medium Profile boat Hatches has designed with deeper frame sections and thicker acrylic. They featured unique sealing system by Lewmar. Comes equipped with Outside handles and Friction levers.

By sliding the two halves of the frame profile apart seal or acrylic can be replaced easy.

Ocean Hatches

classic style and rugged construction Boat Hatches series "Ocean" offering the ultimate protection. Fastening size for lower frame use 5mm
beautiful versions available with Flat Base and with Flange in sizes from 10 to 77

No corrosion on at the aluminum anodized Ocean Hatch frame. What's new interesting is that this was installed fourteen years ago and it's still in perfect condition and it's really works as wells added the day was installed.

Lewmar ocean series boat hatches have one of them is that they've got a nice hinge mechanism where it's got a regular hinge on the back side and then a little counter spring on the inside that holds the hatchet any position.

Tension is adjustable are so that if you find your hatch overtime is starting to drip a little bit you can tighten it up easily.

If you've got a larger boat hatch, which is big enough for a person to climb and and you can also walk it in such a way that it's not entirely closed to give you ventilation. it also has inside and outside opening latches. These latches also allow you to lock the the rotation so that nobody can break in.

The Lewmar's "Ocean" Rectangular Hatches

the Ocean Hatches are constructed from the same components - Anodised aluminium frame and Friction levers, and comes with its classic style that can see on many powerboats around the world.

Flush Hatches

Lewmar Flush Hatches in extruded aluminium hidden below deck frame (available include: stainless steel furniture) with unique design, tinted acrylic panel is all that can be seen on deck for offering a stylish interior and exterior use .

versions available with Stainless Steel Handles and Hinges(sizes 44 - 70), Dark Sport Tint in Dark-grey acrylic and lower-profile frame (sizes 10 - 70)or Standart Colour Hatches (sizes 10 - 70) in Grey acrylic, white lower-profile frame

Pilot sliding Hatches

Stylish sesign sliding boat hatches in low and medium profile, perfect suiteble for normal flat decks and coachroof applications. The lid is moved using a single handlebar, cannot be operated from the outside, that also rotates to seal down the hatch.The lid of hatches can also be secured with a 50 mm opening.

versions available in sizes 60 - 78

Flush Hatch 3G Series Boat Hatches

The Lewmar's Flush Hatch 3G is a a fairly new product to the boating marketplace.
The new version of Hatches comes with cleaner aesthetic and even smaller profile.

Thanks to aluminium extruded frame hidden discreetly below deck all that can be seen on deck is tinted, tough acrylic hatch-panel. 3G Series Boat Hatches comes equipped with locking mechanism, exterior handle and Completely flush fittings.

Lewmar has been making its standards available for many boat owners. The Flush Boat Hatch 3G comes standard with a White lower frame mounted seal and Black mouldings, in dark grey or grey Acrylic colours. They are supplied with plain flush exterior handle caps (for Size 10, 20 and 41 ), friction hinges or supplied with 1 or 2 handles and stays(for Size 30, 44, 54, 60 and 70 ).

Stainless Steel Flyscreen Portlight

All 3 models of Lewmar Portlight Flyscreen provides easy installation ( by clamping the cabin sides between inner and outer frame on your boat) and removal. A perfect match for any boat hatch in the Lewmar range.
Available models: 1RE, 7RE and PL8

The SS Portlight can't be closed with fly-screen in place.

Accessories for Hatches

Lewmar also offer Accessories Products for Hatches and portlights

Stylish design sliding boat hatches in low and medium profile(15 to 62mm). The lid is moved using a single handlebar, cannot be operated from the outside, that also rotates to seal down the hatch.

Telescopic Stay for hatches offering excellent rigid control and lid positioning up to 95 for premium deck space

Retro Trim Kit and Fit Vent in rugged composite Series for any Lewmar low and medium Profile hatches

- Clip flyscreens in stainless wire frame over fabric piping for portlights

- The retro/old design fit lock and key kits

- Ivory or White Flyscreen hinge

Perform the cut and replacing the glass

If you considered replacing that homemade looking original hatch.

I can use a jig saw but in the end end up using an orbital sander with 80 grit. I should have just used the sander. Lay down some tPe on the top and mark the outside of the hatch on it. Note that you don't want to remove material from the corner area as our current cutouts are square and the hatch is rounded. Then just sand to the lines. You also need to remove some material on the inside of the boat so you can through bolt the hinges.

Regarding replacing the glass Lewmar sold diy kits with new plexi/gaskets.

For tech info: Please contact the technical lewmar team they will be able to help you: [email protected]

Spare parts for Boat Hatches

The Lewmar's parts can be supplied for all current boat portlights and hatches ranges ven the older versions of boat hatches that no longer manufactured . In Fact the Lewmar standard cut out sizes have constant, however the corner radius of unit may have changed on certain boat hatches models.

More Than a Test - Lewmar low profile hatches

Time is ticking down for N. Hancock, who will be living on remote Rockall , a rock in the Atlantic only 100ft wide for 60 days in an 8ft converted water tank. Giving him a bit of light and protection from the pounding Atlantic waves will be a couple of Lewmar low profile Boat hatches.

For a complete range of spare parts for Boat Hatches available on-line at www.lewmar.com

Rutgerson & other Manufacturers:

Half Round Hatches - 500 mm deck hatch with tined Glass, weight 4,3kg.

Rectangular Hatches - 556 mm deck hatch with tined Glass, weight 4,3kg.

Color HatchesGlass & Frame

glasses and frames are available in a variety of colors

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Bofor Hatches - Classic, Ultra Slim, Sliding, Flush/Watertight Flush/Watertight and Flush Raised Coaming Hatches

Has several years of international experiance "BOFOR" TR Company since 1982, - Boat deck quality equipment manufacturer in its region offers well designed aluminium extrusion products: deep anodised and hand polished Boat deck Hatches, Portholes,Windows and s.steel marine Doors and competitive prices.

classic Hatches

Slim Hatches

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Craftsman Marine Netherlands - Established 2008 - range of powerful and most efficient marine diesel engines,based on Mitsubishi motors(Company Offer 5 models 2 to 4 Cilinders and to 42 H.) in mind low cost of maintenance/installation reliability and safety , and sundry technical boat equipment and hardware, Deck equipment, Hatches, Bollards, windlasses etc. , innovative electronics and stable Temperature domestic and engine rooms ventilation and accessories for attachment or fastening or many other quality and innovative boat parts.

Deck equipment - a huge number of functional articles, used for anchoring or mooring for all other pieces of boat equipment that are located on deck, we CM uses such top-grade materials, which are Highly resistant against the most awkward weather and hevy sea conditions, and all of these products are well tested, enjoy your sailing and boating with Craftsman TO - quality marine products and accessories on Board

for both types of boat, sail or power.

CM Benelux B.V.
Baanhoek 152
3361 GN Sliedrecht

tel:. +31 (0) 184 499945

web/source: www.craftsmanmarine.com

Craftsman Marine hatches are made of special, aluminium seawater resistant frames, polished by hand to eliminate the surface pores (no collection of dirt) and thereafter anodized. This main process also enhances the resistance against mat. corrosion.
The clamps are made of synthetic and other non-corrosive materials. The Hatch-panes are made of unbreakable acrylic of 0.12 cm thickness, colour: smoke grey.
Craftsman Marine deck hatches

"Sirius" Boat Deck Hatches

Certified and approved 'SIRIUS' Boat Hatches(plus Mosquito marine use screen:200 x 200 to 800 x 800 & R.55mm) at design category "A" on area "II" hatches is made of top quality feature the best protection against wet and salty hurt environmental conditions
anodized Aluminium and smoke grey Acrylic glass, sturdy frames & strong adjusters.

Available Versions

200 x 200mm,340 x 195mm,
450 x 320mm,450 x 320mm R.55mm,
500 x 370mm,500 x 370mm R.55mm,
410 x 410mm,410 x 410mm R.55mm,
500 x 500mm,500 x 500mm R.55mm,
620 x 620mm,620 x 620mm R.55mm,
700 x 700mm,700 x 700mm R.55mm,
800 x 800mm,800 x 800mm R.55mm

"Aquila" Boat Deck Hatches

Certified and approved 'Aquila' Boat Hatches(plus Mosquito Marine use screen: 230 x 230 to 575 x 575 ) at design category A on Area "II" hatches is made of aluminium(anodized), smoke grey Acrylic glass and adjustable friction corrosion resistant Hinges

Available Versions

230 x 230mm, 300 x 230mm
340 x 210mm, 374 x 374mm,
424 x 294mm, 424 x 424mm,
471 x 471mm, 575 x 575mm

Hatch repair and Services

Tig Welding a Aluminum Lewmar Hatches

Darkmoon Metals, LLC is a small welding shop located in US Norwalk Connecticut.

For any welding project on aluminum Hatch frame

They are one of the largest hatch restoration companies in the world they manufacture a brand new one we see little or gasket on Apple hardware back on and then send it back out to the customer. If the hinges up these hatches were all the stress on the aluminum for the framers and those friends have a tendency to crack. For contacts visit: www.darkmoonmetals.com.

How to replace a foredeck boat hatch

Maintenance and Repair - Sealing Boat Hatches And Locker Lids, How to & Materials.

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