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Our boat blocks and hardware combine the beauty and durability of bronze designs from the guilded age of yachting with the proven performance of modern plastic ball bearings.

J.M. Reineck & Son

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Manufactured under license from original Herreshoff designs in the Hart Nautical Collections to the highest standards of workmanship and materials to last a lifetime and beyond.

With the revival of traditional wooden boats, especially new sailboats built to old designs, there's been a corresponding slow but steady increase in the demand for appropriate bronze hardware. By working the grapevine or making their own patterns, builders and restorers have been able to satisfy most of their hardware needs -- with the single exception of good bronze blocks. Unless one had a metal-turning lathe and was adept at using it, the machining, assembly and finishing were beyond the average boatbuilder. And because almost any sailboat requires a variety of end connections such as front and side shackles, hooks and eyes, beckets and straps, there was no practical way people whose primary occupation was building new boats, or fixing up old ones, could take the time to make their own bronze blocks.

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