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Simpson - Lawrence products have long been known for offering recreational boaters comfort on board and maximum enjoyment from their boats. For boaters worldwide have turned to Simpson - Lawrence's range of exceptional anchoring systems for dependable safety systems and electrical plumbing and mechanical systems that integrate aesthetically and functionally with your boat or yacht.


That’s why the Simpson Lawrence tradition is now a key boat component of Lewmar control systems for sail boats

Titan, the world’s leading manufacturer of winch handles, was acquired in 2002. Titan’s range of winch handles are a natural fit for Lewmar’s time-tested portfolio of industry leading winches.

Titan handles are used on yachts from the smallest trailer sailor to IMS racers, one designs, Farr 40's, Whitbread and America Cup yachts.

Simpson Products : Anchors, Custom & Hydraulics, Hardware, Hatches, Portlights, Navtec Rigging & Hydraulics, Steering, Thrusters, Winches and Windlasses.

Boat Anchors

Lewmar anchors lead the world in innovation engineering in a range that provides a solution for any anchoring requirement. The range encompasses galvanised, stainless steel, dropped forged and fabricated anchors. Each model displays unique design features making it easy to find the anchor specific to your needs.

Custom & Hydraulics

hydraulic powered sailing systems for use on modern cruising yachts of all types. This has enabled larger vessels to be sailed with less crew more safely than ever before. A variety of heavy jobs can be completed at the touch of a button making life easier, and more enjoyable.
A hydraulic power system can be engineered to perform many tasks, from hauling up the anchor, to furling the sails. With over 20 years of experience, Lewmar can offer variety of solutions tailor made to suit your particular application.


By using the latest materials and design technology developed in the racing arena, Lewmar has completely transformed the sailing experience. Each hardware component is designed to work in perfect harmony with rope action, placing sail control squarely in your fingertips. The result? Smooth yet powerful deck-to-sail movement that you can feel confident about.


Lewmar hatches are manufactured from the highest quality materials under approved manufacturing methods. Rigorous tests are applied to all products to ensure performance, including adhesive testing, ISO and the European Recreational Craft directive tests, and quality checks.


The Lewmar portlight ranges are styled and designed to work together providing solutions for coastal and ocean power and sailing boats from a single product family. The range ensures solutions for CE Areas 1 & 2a.


Lewmar offers a comprehensive range of steering equipment based on 3 different mechanical concepts. This product portfolio offers today's boat builders a solution for any steering installation.


When choosing a thruster, consider the kind of conditions that you will encounter, both wind and tide. It is better to have a little in reserve, choosing a higher output Thruster may cost a little extra but will give you a lot more piece of mind. The Recomendation is not only based on complex windage calculations but years of experience in supplying Thrusters to all types and construction of vessel.


WinchFor Lewmar customers, there is no such thing as just a winch. That's because inside every Lewmar Winch, you will find materials developed for the aerospace industry, precision CNC machined for maximum efficiency, durability and strength-to-weight ratio. And because of our aggressive in-house testing program, Lewmar Winches have proven themselves time and again in the roughest conditions and on the toughest racing courses. Choose from a variety of finishes from lightweight carbon for the elite racer to shining chrome for cruising yachts.


Windlass designed to fit your exact needs. Each one is crafted with durability, convenience and affordability in mind. And both our vertical and horizontal designs are sleek and attractive to complement your boat. Which explains why boat builders continue to put Lewmar Windlasses on theirs.


Simpson Lawrence was purchased by the Lewmar Company.

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