Suncor Stailess, Inc has developed a large range of stainless steel boat harware products and quality accessories include:

Suncor Boat Anchors - Stainless offers the experience, personal service and complete Anchor Systems for to equip your boat with the finest stainless steel seris of quality marine anchors: SeaMaster® Anchor - "Danforth®" style anchor, Suncor Folding Grapnel Anchor, Galvanized Plowmaster and anchor accessories: swivels universal swivels, stopers chain and rope for all you anchor needs.

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Since 1985 - Suncor Mfr. and its associated companies have been producing stainless steel boat & deck hardware and accessories, chain and anchors. Over the years, Suncor has greatly expanded its product line, and now offers one of the world's most complete selections of ground tackle.

Suncor Stainless -


Suncor Stainless - Rigging Hardware

For the past 20 years, the Suncor Stainless line of products has expanded steadily. Currently, there are thousands of high quality stainless steel boat products. Included in this stellar arsenal of products are stainless steel anchors, bimini & deck, blocks, chains, sheaves, snaps, deck hardware, lighting products, eye & U bolts, hasps, hinges, hooks, clips, LED Microstar & Electrical, pad eyes / lifting lugs, railing systems, rigging, shackles, swage fittings, swageless fittings, quick attach fittings, tie downs, web systems, titanium hardware, stainless steel tools, turnbuckles, wire ropes and many more.

Suncor warrants its products to be free of defects in material and workmanship for the lifetime of the product.

Suncor Deck Hardware Catalog

/pdf - including line drawing, sizes & picture - complete information./

Suncor Bimini Hardware - stainless steel high quality deck railing and bimini products: round rail base, rectangular base, rail elbow, 3 way corners, "T" corners, aft end rail, center rail, mounts, bottom mounts, top cap and much more.

Suncor Hardware - Block, Sheaves, Chains, Eye and bolts, cleats and choks and thousands of high quality stainless steel products bearing the Name - Suncor®.

Suncor Titanium Hardware - products for the marine applications, range of items include chackle, snap chakle, Jaw swivels, rings, folding pad eye , eye bolts, lifting eye nut extender plate, clevis pin, metric, kay and opener, spring gate snap, biners in all sizes and custom titanium products from Suncor.

Suncor LED Microstar and Electrical products - microstar, tristar, tristar ball, bulkhead mount, 9 star cluster, stright conectors, spreader light and more.

Suncor fittings - the new stainless steel hand swage series ot fittings and turnbuckles to add to their already collection of rigging hardware.
Suncor series boasts 19 different types of terminals and turnbuckles to fill all needs of various marine applications.
These swage components are made from 316 steel for maximum corrosion resistance and durability. They are offered in two sizes 1/8" and 3/16" and feature open body, closed body, pelican hook, eye, double eye, swivel eye,wall mount stud and terminal styles.

Suncor also offers tools - hand tools and electric portable tool, which were specifically developed for use in conjunction with the hand swage series: hand swager series, bench swager seies, wire rope cutter, bolt and chain cutter
rivet nut installation tool and raileasy wire rope cutter.


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Rigging Tools

Learning to work with rope, canvas, wire, chain and their associated parts will not only save you money, it will make your boating safer since you will be able to solve many problems yourself.

Rigging work is usually associated only with sailboats, but powerboats need some tools aboard for making up new docklines, splicing fender lines or creating anchor rodes.

Basic Ropeworker’s Kit

For splicing line and whipping ends, a few minimum tools should be carried on the boat at all times. This one small kit includes all the parts you need to work on most rope, sails, canvas and leather.

- A ditty bag, or small canvas tote with a top that closes, is needed to keep all the tools in one place.

- A sharp knife to cut heavy rope and fabric. Keep a small whet stone in the ditty bag too as synthetics dull a knife very quickly. For small boats, look for a rigger’s knife that has a small spike and a shackle key as well as a blade.
A sewing palm is used to drive a needle through tough rope or canvas. Make sure yours is left-handed if you are.

- Waxed sailmaker’s thread for sewing canvas, whipping the ends of lines and stitching splices. Unwaxed twine and a cake of beeswax is an acceptable substitute for hand sewing.
Tarred marline is twine used for heavier whipping jobs.

- A selection of Cutters.

RAILEASY™ Cable Cutter by Suncor

- An assortment of sailmaker’s needles in different sizes. These special needles have a triangular point for driving through tough synthetic materials. For the ultimate in repairing canvas, cushions and sails, offshore voyagers may want to consider carrying a sailmaker’s sewing machine, some can be hand cranked if no generator or inverter is aboard.

- A selection of fids. A stout, short hollow fid is ideal for splicing 3-strand cordage or wire. Special fids for splicing braided lines may be too long to fit into the ditty bag.

- A shackle key or pliers for tightening or loosening shackle pins. Many of these tools have multiple uses such as compact nut drivers and screwdrivers combined on one handle.
- Spare parts should include a selection of thimbles for making eyes in rope, shackles and swivels for joining ropes to chain, and any special fittings such as snap or headboard shackles on sailboats. You will also need small pieces of canvas, sailcloth or leather to make patches for any fabric part of your boat.

Wire and terminals - Learn more: Standing rigging and Wire, Swage vs. Mechanical Wire Terminals, The problem with fatigue and How to Changing Wire Size.