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Our company Diekow Segel - Yacht Sails is an independent sailmaker based in Germany/Hamburg/.

We produce more than 40 years high quality Yacht Sailing and accessories for all sail boat classes and applications, has earned the trust of its many customers.

Diekow Segel - Yacht Sails - Manufacturing and Services

Diekow Sails are available for solid craftsmanship with thoughtful details, clean and modern design.

- Basic solid craftsmanship
- Advanced computer technology
- Made in Germany
- Fast, first class sail-service
- Expert advice


Hamburg - Germany

22844 Norderstedt
Ulzburger Straße 727
Telefon: 040 - 535 50 50


- The case is the most important sailing
and with several trims it a decisive influence on the properties of a sailing yacht. It is also constantly in use. For these reasons, the choice of materials, construction and processing must be applied very carefully.

Modern computer technology

Through the development of modern, flexible 7 / 8 rig the importance of the mainsail for the velocity potential of the yachts has increased significantly.
Even a toppgetakelte yacht will be able to exploit its potential only with a perfectly profiled mainsail. Vortriebsstarke profiles can be today without the tool "computer" implemented any more. Of course, still a lot of practical experience and craftsman-like skills are necessary. These conditions are translations in the production of all-sail Diekow given. Decades of experience, sophisticated computer programs and traditional craftsmanship create an optimum mainsail.

Each Diekow sail is therefore one of a kind, just the vessel and adapted to the needs of the sailor.

Sail Equipment:

To adjust the mainsail the corresponding wind conditions, the reefbow as a simple and reliable system has proven successful.
As standard for Yacht Sails we use two reefs. The number you can determine independently of our recommendation, as the heights of the reefs.
The Reffkausch the leech, we use slightly higher than the luff to avoid a "trap" of the tree and an associated Schamfielen on the spray hood.
The Reffosen between the two eye sockets are provided for Wegbandseln the excess cloth and allowed to absorb any load. To prevent this from happening but unintentionally, the hooks are set below the thimbles in the sail.

Sail Processing
We offer four processing options:

Sailing quality:
Designed for durability, this processing sufficient reinforcements for the sailing life, even when the wind is increasing times.

Blue Water quality:
For blue water sailing, we have developed a line that allows a carefree sailing even in bad weather. Only reinforced Nirokauschen, the aft with webbing, are used.
The Reffdopplungen is high.

In order to offer a cheap product variants, we will process the eco-Sogel so that they are the sailing day with no problems just turn out the eye sockets and reinforcements but somewhat smaller. Overall, we exploit the potential of TNF-Touringtuche but the full.

Tri-radial processing:
For tri-radial sail, we focus on the needs of the used cloth.
The necessary reinforcements are selected specifically on the cloth, its weight and the intended use.

The luff is easily fixed with Reffringen. They sit in pairs on a strap (red), which runs through the Reffauge.

This measure has two advantages:

The Reffauge must not be pressed with much force and kink folds in the bulky cloth in the yoke of the tree suspension, but is simply the Reffring ubergehakt.

The mast hochgestauchten sliders are no handicap, since the length of the strap is tailored to the height.

The attachment of the Reffschlaufen
is an additional charge.

Sail Materials
The vast number of sailors choosing Polyestersegeltuch, which is often sold under the name Dacron. This cloth has been proven over decades.
Today we have the right mix between strength and hardness found on the one hand, and handling and a soft surface on the other side. Our material is closely woven from high quality polyester fibers. It is followed by a PU-treatment on the surface, which makes for comfortable handling of the finished sail.

The advantages:

- Highly resilient, even in lean Amwindsegeln.
- Long life by using the finest yarns in the ground tissue.
- Soft grip and easy handling due to a narrow tissue, may be omitted for the resin to form largely as a stabilizer.
- Insensitive for the same reason against Knaus Chen.

Dimensions for mainsail

P is the length between the measuring marks on the mast. Should have been attached to your mast no measuring marks, is measured from tree top to the fall of exit. By this measure, then about 0.2 m can be deducted in order to ensure that the headboard is freed from the backstay. In addition, we cut to absorb the remaining length of about 1% to material expansion. There should be no gallows on your mast, P must either be reduced or waived in accordance with a headboard.

The Headsail

- Headsail have compared to the wholesale use of a limited range. They must be otherwise designed and manufactured. Quality and performance of the headsail to determine a number of variables.

Sail Protection

The protection for your sails Roll
Rollvorsegel remain posted during the season, have to be just like the case carefully protected from UV radiation and the harmful environmental effects.
These are some ways that can significantly extend the life of your sail:

- The easiest way is to protect the sail after each trip with a Furling fore sail

- Provided the setting is fast and

- Or the leech and clew is with
a wide strip of UV-resistant fabrics (in blue or white) as standard. An earlier, mainly on charter yachts widely used method, of which one is now largely abandoned. The

Reason: The protection of tissue behaves differently under tension to the canvas and thus subject to increased wear.

- Another possibility would be to make all the sail from UV-resistant material.

Then, however, still remain the problem of damage to the cloth by aggressive emissions of the industry - at least in our latitudes.

Or: the roll sails in after each trip and stow it below deck - which is probably impractical.
With our Furling fore sail, we offer you several advantages:

- Reliable protection against weathering and environmental influences.

- Very simple set and mountains, through the special section and the type of lacing.

- Very durable, expresses robust material. It can be folded to store, very close.