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Our boat covers are custom measured and fit. The soft luggage line is also designed and handmade here. In addition, we offer a wide range of made-to-order products for businesses such as industrial COVERS and awnings.

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Boat Tops & Covers

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Harken Canvas Production

Custom Boat Covers :

We make covers for boats of all shapes and sizes. Following the Harken tradition of top quality and attention to detail, each cover is individually cut and sewn using the finest fabrics is available.

We take pride in our craftsmanship. All seams are triple layered and double stitched. Inside seams are overcast for additional strength and to prevent fraying. All stress and wear areas are reinforced

Boats must be on-site in Pewaukee Wisconsin for exact measurement.

All covers (with the exception of our cockpit cover) feature 10” skirts that end below the gunnel edge and secure with 3/16”sewn-in shockcord for a snug fit. Heavy-duty nylon webbing tabs with eyelets for tie downs are sewn into the gunnel seams so no metal touches your boat.

Harken Canvas Covers : Deck, Mooring, Bottom, Cockpit, Envelope and Sail Boat Covers and Sail or PowerBoat Accessories.

Harken Canvas Powerboats Accessories and Covers

Outboard motor covers - woven acrylic high-quality motor water resistant cover is ultraviolet and mildew. Cover in a large selection of colors and polyester drawstring cord ensures a snug fit.

Center console covers - center console boat and elements protect lightweight cover with this durable cover.

Fender boat covers - Plastic fender covers available in Sunbrella /Outdura woven acrylic fabrics. A drawstring cord cinches material tight on top and bottom.

BURGEE/FLAG covers - Harken Canvas covers to keep your yacht's, club’s flags and pole in best condition.

Bimini boot covers - bimini dry and clean with Harken's UV resistant and acrylic fabric covers.

Sailboats Accessories and Harken Canvas Covers

Sail covers - high-quality woven acrylic fabric cover wraps snugly around the mast collar and headboard.

Headsail covers - The cover hooks to the jib halyard to keep it off the boat-deck. It can also be used as a sailbag to store the headsail.

Fender boat covers

BURGEE/FLAG covers - Harken Canvas covers to keep your sailboat club's flags and pole in best condition.

Wheel covers, Heavy-duty covers, Tiller and Bimini boot Covers

HeadSail Sac & headsail bag

Headsail Sack

Abrasion from dirt, mildew from rain and UV rays from sunlight are all harmful to sailcloth. If your boat has roller furling, you can just wind up the headsail, and provided it has a leach cover or a zippered sleeve that muffles the headsail, leave it permanently attached to the forestay. Hanked-on headsails, however, must always be removed and stored below. Unless of course, you make a headsail sac. For less than $100, this sac protects your headsails and frees up valuable space below.

Made of 100% acrylic (i.e. Sunbrella), the sac can be either rectangular in shape (easiest) or a triangle. To determine the size, tightly flake the headsail while connected to the headstay. From the clew, roll the sail, much like rolling a sleeping bag, and tie with a bungee cord. Now measure the width, length and height, allowing extra for a slack, but not Sample of single fold and double wide hem.

baggy, fit. To these measurements add extra for a 16mm (5/8") seam width across the top and back, 38mm (1-1/2") double wide hem on the bottom,

Top collar and front zipper details.

and a 25mm (1") single fold on the front for a zippered (or Velcro) closure. (I prefer using either material to snaps to achieve a better water-resistant “seal.”) Finished size for a small headsail is typically 91cm (36") on the headstay, 86cm (34") top width, 132cm (52") bottom width, and 81cm (32") back. Add 20cm to 25cm (8" to 10") to all measurements for a large headsail.

To assemble, sew the top and back seam, inserting a webbing loop with a stainless-steel ring into the top back corner. Turn under the bottom edge 38mm (1-1/2"), then turn under again, and sew along the top and bottom edges. Turn under 25mm (1") along the front opening, and sew on the plastic zipper or Velcro. For reinforcement, and to reduce chafe from the headstay, sew cowhide or webbing along the top collar. Sew Velcro along the bottom edge or fasten snaps, spaced every 15cm (6") or so. To bag your sail, close the front and bottom, attach the halyard shackle and take up the slack.

Everything you need to make this bag is available from Sailrite Web:

Finished Foredeck Bag F-4 by Sailrite

www.sailrite.com. If you’d prefer not to start from scratch, Sailrite also offers five sizes of headsail bag kits, sold complete with instructions, fabric, thread and all you need hardware.