Hayn Marine Hardware

Hayn Marine has set the standard for quality and service in cable boat hardware. We have been able to accomplish this by manufacturing our hardware at our own facility in Rocky Hill, CT. We offer top-quality products of stainless steel lifeline and rigging hardware as well as architectural hardware, swaging equipment, and handy crimp lifeline hardware.


Boat Hardware, Deck & Interior Hardware

Boat Interior Hardware

Hayn Marine Production

  • Rigging Hardware
    turnbuckles, adjusters, eyes, forks, compression fittings...
  • Lifeline Hardware
    lifeline turnbuckles, deck toggle hardware, pelican hooks...

  • Replacement Hardware
    replacement parts for our lifeline and rigging hardware including swage studs...

  • Misc Marine Hardware
    shackles, wire rope clips, thimbles, u-bolts,
    copper sleeves...

  • Rigging Hardware parts:

  • Bronze Turnbuckles
    Tubular Turnbuckles
    Rigging Adjusters
    Shroud Adjuster
    Stay Extender
    Aircraft Eyes/Forks
    Marine Eyes
    Toggle Jaws
    Marine Eye Toggle
    Compression Fittings
    Rigging Insulator
    Compression Splice Link
    Compression Extender
    Eye-Jaw Toggle
    Swage Fork

  • Lifeline Hardware psrts
    Bronze Turnbuckles
    Tubular Turnbuckles
    Deck Toggle Hardware
    Toggle Jaws
    Lifeline Adjusters
    Pelican Hooks
    Gate Eyes
    Other Lifeline Hardware

  • Replacement Hardware parts:
    Swage Studs
    Turnbuckle Bodies
    Threaded Toggle Jaws
    Toggle Stampings
    Pelican Bodies
    Gate Eyes
    Cotter Pins
    Clevis Pins
    Circular Ring Pins
    Hex Nuts
    Adjuster Nuts

  • Misc Marine Hardware parts:
    Wire Rope Clips
    Copper Sleeves

Safety systems - Lifeline terminal types, Terminations, Cables, Stanchions and Accessories