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The correct item is not always easy to find amongst the thousands of marine/boat products and accessories items available. Every boat or yacht was made with different parts from different boat manufacturers, here products arranged by manufacturer & Category. We have a vast selection of all parts needed in modern or traditional, classic boat building, woodworking and restoration, new or used boat parts and accessories.

The Accessories to be carried on a boat/motor-boat may be broadly divided into four classes:

- Necessary mechanical parts and equipment, steering systems, Anchors & Winches, boat tools, etc.
- Equipment required by law,for Safety Equipment, Mufflers & Noise Levels,Requirements for Waste and Garbage , etc.
- Optional accessories for convenience.
- Boat Accessories for comfort and pleasure, fishing boat equipment, etc.

Taking the last two classes first, it may be said that there is no limit to the number of such accessories that may be carried. Many of these are of such practical utility and occupy so little space that they may come to be regarded as indispensable, see our statement of boat products arranged in categories.

Marine equipment solutions and products include hydraulic component, safeguarding and control equipment - One of the leading companies

Marine a ccessories

Boat docks which are not kept up to code may also be dangerous if they begin to deteriorate or break down. Water brings natural erosion, mildew and fungus, marine borers and more which can contribute to the decay of docks made from wood or metal. There are many products which you can use to keep your docks safe for you, your friends and family.

Marine Hardware

Strong hardware is important for keeping your boat docks solid, dependable and stable. There are different hardware Marine Accessories you can find such as welded tabs, corner pipe holders, heavy duty angle cross supports, chain retainers and washer plates. From strong nuts and bolts to screws and nails, there is a lot of variety in choosing dock hardware for restoration and building needs.

Dock bumpers are marine accessories which are used to protect both the boats and the dock itself. Dock bumpers are designed to provide impact shock resistance to protect the dock and boat when a boat bumps into the dock. They can be made from different materials such as polyethylene or laminated rubbers.

Other Marine Accessories

Rub rails are used to protect boats from being scratched or dented by dock piles or poles. They are usually a vinyl edging and can be attached easily with stainless steel dock nails. Some rails come with protective coatings to fight against fungus or UV rays and they can be bought in strips for easy transport and installation.

Dock wheels are another type of marine accessories which are usually placed on dock corners to allow boats to roll along the corner instead of impacting into it. Marine winches allow you to secure your boat to docks without worrying that the boat may be knocked away with waves. Winches have wire which connects to the boat and rolls up on a cylinder like metal structure.

Cleats and Ladders

Cleats are metal structures on docks which are used to anchor a boat to it. They look similar to a little or big metal cube with horns which stick out perfectly perpendicular from the base. Ropes which are connected to the boats are tied around the cleats with intricate knots to hold the boat in place securely.

Other marine accessories are dock ladders which can come in several different sizes with choices of step quantities and connectors. Different ladders include swing, lift, straight and straight and each can be designed for floating or mounted docks. Ladders can be standard, cage or finger pier designs. Craigmarine.Info Directory provide information, shopping assistance resources and service on the Internet covering all of them.

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There are many different types of boat accessories which are manufactured and sold for boat docks and their upkeep and preservation. Some accessories include products such as boat dock anchoring devices, dock buoys, rub rails, wheels, ladders, cleats, winches and more. It is important to keep boat docks maintained or boats may suffer and become damaged.

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The following "Boat Parts and Accessories" is not a complete list, but we, at craigmarine believe all the suppliers listed to be reliable and dependable.

Specialty marine, electronics, controls, fishing, pumps and tool companies often change hands or go out of business, and new ones are formed just as often. We include this list in the hope it will be helpful. Many of the builders and designers listed here offer catalogs, brochures, or both.

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