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The Johnson Pump brand is recognized as being solution provider for liquid transport.


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The Johnson Pump product line includes:

  • Impeller Pumps - With an electro magnetic clutch you will have pumping power whenever needed, at a push of a button, without being at the pump. Combined with a vacuum switch from Johnson Pump , the clutch will automatically disengage whenever the pump starts priming air, thereby preventing dry running and pump damage.
  • Bilge Pumps - Johnson Pump brand submersible bilge pumps can be fitted with a Johnson Pump automatic switch or electronic float switch for automatic operation. The Johnson Pump bilge pump control panel also allows you to run the pumps manually.
  • Engine Cooling Pumps - Pumps are ideal for inboard engine cooling systems. Johnson Pump engine cooling pumps are available in a variety of mounting styles and sizes.
  • Circulation Pumps - A line of compact magnetic driven centrifugal pumps, CM10 and CM30 and the new as top of the line; CM90, which combine high flow rates with very low electric current consumption, making them ideally suited for circulating fresh water in live fish tanks, heating and cooling systems. C090 with mechanical seal and a motor is designed for continuous operation. Designed for also handling fresh water handling.
  • Lavatory Systems
  • Refueling & Water system - With their high level of flexibility, the DC driven pumps from SPX Johnson Pump can be used for a variety of different applications and are ideal as deck wash pumps. Not to be used for pumping paraffin or other thin petroleum products.

Johnson Marine Products 2013

Johnson Pumps

Johnson Heavy Duty Bilge Pumps

Series 1600-4000 - Pulsation-free and quiet liquid cooled pump with 2-pole
motor with (SS2343) stainless steel shaft for recreational duty and commercial use.

Automatic Series 1600-2200 -4000


Cartridge Series 500-1250

The new design produces smooth Easy-to-install Johnson Dura-Port with some of the most advanced features in a wide variety of uses, from fishing boats to commercial duties.

Low Boy Series

Low Profile Johnson marine pump with length of 146 mm sp designed for for ease work in bilge areas: removal or mounting. The pumps come with a 90 smooth elbow and a straight.

Ultima 500 GPH UC - 1000 GPH UC Series

Automatic Marine Pump equipped with the Ultima switch, come with motor's input voltage:12 V DC as well as 24 V DC.

Proline and Cartridge Combo Series

Intelligent Marine Pumps both equipped with a non-clogging electronic float switch.

Ultima Series - Bilge Pump

Reliable Marine pumps come in 600, 800, 1000 and 1250 GPH 12 V DC versions with Dura-Port and convenient check valves.

Johnson Livewell Pumps for fishing boats

Aerating pumps Series

Twin Port & Cartridge Pumps:

The convenience, easy to maintain pump with " tapered inlet and outlet port. lower outlet one a " or " port.

Livewell Pumps for Small Craft offering outstanding performance. Cartridge Aerator Pump come with two different intake configurations of 90 and straight. Small profiles design to fit in confined and Enclosed spaces.

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