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Boat Graphics PR - Puerto Rico and the Caribbean

Established in 1997 Boat Graphics PR Caribbean Company is a family owned stop shop, family owned focused to providing a quality service, signage solutions for all land, marine, and aeronautical applications.

Lettering Production samples

Use only the highest quality equipment available for designing boats and sign programs Boat Graphics PR that is here to make sure that your yacht or boat, or any other Commercial and Pleasure stands out from the rest.

Dimensional Boat signs

Signs and L.E.D. Lighting are available, signs manufactured out of marine grade 316 alloy stainless steel of up to 1/2 thick and proven, high density Urethane delivers outstanding value and exceptional versatility.

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Specifications and requirements

Boat Graphics PR use 3M premium grade vinyls and quality laminates, for boat lettering and graphics. For Names use PVC or Custom cut teak finished with
Awl Grip paints and optional authentic gold(23.5K) leaf as per your boat specifications and requirements.

All very High Performance or 3M Laminated Digital prints by Boat Graphicspr igital prints, boat graphicas & lettering include 3D Domed boat Gel Emblems & Decals

Boat lettering - 3M Digital prints

Boat Graphics PR.com will design, install on your vessel and maintain your full color printed banners, boat lettering, graphics or other related products, can carefully package and mail ANYWHERE in the world your sign or custom graphics.

The heart of work is the perfect design, not only will they produce awesome graphics (for dock boxes, windows, life rings boat tables etc.) & Lettering , but produce an original boat design and yacht signs that is truly your own. They also can wrap your boat or commercial vehicle, produce custom name-boards and stripes, include Classic stripes in Gold (Aluminum, variegated and other metals are also available) for a sailboats - to fit the style and needs.

They also can refinish, If you'd like new graphics and installing graphics or signs from another place

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URL: www.boatgraphicspr.com

the M35 Boat Graphics (Visual Imagination)

Think graphics on the majority of powerboats built by DCB Performance Boats in El Cajon, Calif., and you think gelcoat. But in what could become a trend and is certainly an option Mark M. of Visual Imagination in Peculiar, Mo., is handling the paintwork for an M35 Widebody power cat. After the one-of-a-kind graphics package is complete, the boat will return to DCB for rigging and interior installation.

T&D Custom Painting

For artist Dave Shaeffer, launching T&D Custom Painting has been a sweet payoff following years of dues-paying, itolcc laid off from Mltcher-T Custom Painting & Design of Mlddleville, Ml, he knows about the agony of defeat. But Shaeffer also possesses an Indomitable spirit, characterized by a booming. Infectious laugh that erupts frequently and passionately from his lungs. It's hard to keep a good man down, and though circumstances may have conspired to do just that, It hasn't slopped him.

Shaeffer started his career oblivious to what an airbrush even was. Ills first professional gig was at Mltcher-T, a company known for Its peerless work with Sunsatlon Powerboats, at age 18. "I was a baste laborer," he shrugs.
When that gig ended after 9/11, he worked at a body shop for about four years, doing everything from teardown to painting.

That time (2006) around, he did layup and painting until 2009, when he was laid off the second time. But the experience was critical to learning the basics and fine art of wrapping boats with daz zling paint Jobs. "Watching Mitch and Mason [Christiansen) taught me a lot." he says. "I learned that never giving up Is the key, because if you don't know how to do it, you stick to it and figure it out." By the same token, he admits that his kind of talent Is natural: "Either you can do It or you can't."

Upstream Colors

Another benefit of working at Mltcher-T was meeting his future wife.
IVisha, who worked as the office manager, endured Dave's lunchtime flirtation, but had little Interest In dating him and told him as much. But the fact that Shaeffer didn't give up after repeatedly told "no" serves to illustrate the man's refusal to surrender under any clrcumstances. "We got to know each other, and although she didn't want to date me at first. I kept bugging her." he says, punctuating his statement with his signature roaring laugh.

After leaving Mltcher-T the second time, Shaeffer decided to strike out on his own, depending on word-of-mouth for jobs. "It started out as a moonlighting thing." he says. "I'm a boater myself, and everybody knew me as a painter at Mitch's. So people started asking me If I wanted to paint their boats." His first solo job was a 253 Checkmate, followed by a 35' Nordic Flame.

He kept busy the first year. but when opportunities lagged, he opened and managed a Michigan body shop for a while, and managed to paint several Harleys during this time.
F.ventually, he returned to painting boats, and launched T&I) Custom Painting with Trisha the T of T&D.

For more information about T&D Custom Painting

used materials: http://www.tanddcustompainting.com/, speedboat June 2015 Issue.

Marine Graphics Ink

Marine Graphics Ink is the premiere boat wrap and custom graphics company in the Australia area, proudly delivering the most vibrant, long-lasting and expertly designed wraps in the region.

Using only the industry’s highest rated films, equipment, and best of breed installation techniques, compared to the competition Marine Graphics Ink overall quality is undeniably superior. Learn more and take a look around at: marinegraphicsink.com

Adsspirit Banner Design They are a professional graphic design team who specialize in Banner designs and can help promote your business online.

Artisan Signs Graphics & Lettering

Boatgraphicsnow - Vinyl boat graphics & boat lettering include Manufacturers for Your Power/Boat/yacht Graphics


Graphics and Sign & services | Custom Producers, masters in custom hand boat lettering and design

The Lori Jay art Boat graphics

motif around the boat

6 years ago today a pic of "The Lori Jay" (facebook.com/lori.c.jones) which we sold this June. Today we just finally finished one of many projects (art graphics) on our new boat "Raven's Call" One boat project closer to getting it in the water.