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North Flags - manufacturer of high quality yacht clubs burgees throughout the world. The combination of highly trained technical production staff, state of the art equipment and the best service give you piece of mind knowing your Yacht Club order is in good hands. We offer also Custom boat flags in three popular flag styles:Pennant, Burgee ot Flag and variety of materials including 200 and 400 denier nylon and option to personalize your flag header

North Star Flags & Flag poles - Flag and Custom Made Flags and Flag Accessories manufacturer with well over 100 years of expertise with the highest quality products at the most competitive prices possible. Custom Boat & Nautical Flags, outdoor & indoor applications are made with our state of the Art dye Sublimation Process.

The Flag Emporium - is the US source for flags all manufactured with the highest quality materials, we offers a large selection of flags, flagpoles, Outdoor Flag Poles and Hardware include custom flags for any occasion and accessories since 1976.

Newton Newton flagstaffs - Club flags. We are manufacture logos and club badges reproduced in exact scale and proportional detail in a variety of methods on flags include boat and marine flags and high strength fibreglass poles and accessories, reinforcement and specially selected polyester resin and colour.

Flagstuff - one of the largest suppliers of flags in the US - Our Yacht Club - Annapolis Yacht Club Officer flags are made for us in America by Annin & Co., America's original nautical flag maker. Today, Annin has become America's most respected flag maker, still employing the same ethic of workmanship and attention to detail for flags, flag sets poles and parts.

International Code of Signals - Flags & Marine Flags - Not only decorative Boat and Nautical Flags in several sizes and Nautical Flags for sailing emergencies, buy International Code of Signal Flags in complete sets or use these Nautical Alphabet Flags to spell out your name, Made in USA

Flagman - Nautical /Boating Flags - America's Choice since 1947, we offer US flags, international, hosttorical, nautical, boat flags include yacht club flags,Boating safety , yacht ensign and signal flags, flag poles, hardware and accessories. Flagman of America creates also custom flags for any reason.

Flying boat flags - High-quality and materials flags include custom flags, not vinyl imitations. Nylon, sewn throughout with double-stitched seams and all in approved colors. Complete with rope distance lines with toggles. Each set includes 26 Alphabet flags made in USA.

custom flag makers manufacturer all types of custom flags and Custom boat flags Inquire today.We use highest quality and proven flag materials, custom flags design to any size and shape

Boat Flags, Burgees, Bunting and Cruising Flags - Over 30 yars of experience we specialise in the provision of all types of flags, include marine/boat, burgees and race flags, signal flags, pennants and ensigns ready to proudly fly on your yacht or boat

Learn more about maritime history & flags:

Flags at Sea

By Timothy Wilson

available in Amazon

Flags at SeaThis beautifully illustrated paperback is not a ‘flags of the world’ tome; it does not set out to be, but rather it is a guide to the flags flown by ships of the four countries whose maritime history is most closely linked to Britain’s - Spain, the Netherlands, France and the United States, as well as, of course, those of Britain herself.

The period covered is from the 16th century to the present day, and all the photographs are of items in the collections of the National Maritime Museum, with additional drawings by Lionel Willis. Timothy Wilson is to be congratulated, for he has written a guide that makes what is a rather complicated and arcane subject eminently readable. Certainly, as an introductory study, this book deserves a place on the shelves of anyone interested in maritime history.

The details of flag etiquette
the proper flag etiquette for boats in foreign countries

The national ensign should always be displayed at the boat’s transom in accordance with the laws and traditions of your home country. For a US boat, the flag should be hoisted at 8.00 hours and lowered at sunset. This identifies your nationality and should be large enough to be viewed from a distance—the most often-used rule is one inch of fly for every foot of boat, so a 36-footer should have a 36" by 24" US flag.

When entering a foreign port for the first time, each boat should fly the all-yellow "Q" flag. This indicates that the boat is "quarantined" and awaiting clearance from immigration, customs, agricultural, health or port authorities, a whole bundle of services termed "free pratique." The "Q" flag is flown from the lower starboard spreader of sailboats or powerboats with flag masts, and is commonly tied high on an antenna or outrigger on powerboats without masts.

After the visas and passports are stamped, and the cruising permit is signed, then the "Q" flag is lowered and replaced with a courtesy flag of the country being visited. While it still considered a "courtesy," some countries have fines and penalties for failure to fly the proper flag. And note the word proper—many nations, including the Bahamas, have a maritime ensign that differs from their national flag. The standard sizes for courtesy flags are 18" by 12" for boats up to 65 feet and 36" by 24" for boat 65 to 130 feet.

Marine Flags & Pole, Custom Flags

Boat Lettering, Graphics and Flags

Boat Accessories - Boat Lettering

Boat Lettering and Names, Signs & Signage, Boat Graphics, Boat Decals, Boat Signs, Hail Ports and Covers

Gettysburg Flag -

Custom, Flags and Sets, Flag Poles and Hardware

Gettysburg Flag Works, we offer many sign and signage options. Both indoor and outdoor signs and banners are available with your logo, lettering or photos on them.

Custom Marine flags

Great way to get your boat noticed. We make our boat flags in various styles for the most perfect vision. You can put a photos, company logo, business phrase on them or display the unique name of your yacht/boat. Flag size, shape, number of colors and durability are all things to consider while designing your custom boat flag.

Boat Flags:

We offer many Flags, Custom Boat Flags, Yacht Club Flags, Code Signal Flags for Boating, Designer, Feather Flags,Custom any flags, Olympics Flags and Banners, Blank Flags, Boost business, Simple, Complete and Durable.

Double-Sided Digital Print boat flags with Light-Blocking liner.


We make the perfect flag pole for your home or business flexible telescoping flagpole, House Mounted, Telescoping & Sectional Flagpoles, Telescoping & Sectional for every home & marine need - Fiberglass flag poles and Aluminum.

Our Marine Flag Staff include:

Fishing Flags, Custom Boat Flag, Signal Flags, Fun Boat Flags, Nautical/Storm Flags, Flags for Yacht Club, Code Signal Flags and Marine Ensigns.

Marine Flag Pole Set

Style boat flags with this quality flagpole and socket set. Pole is aluminum, 31.5" long and .5" in diameter. Chrome plated zinc socket alloy angled to 13 degrees. Allen wrench for semi-permanent installation and thumbscrew for easy removal of pole are included. This set is designed for display on stern of boat with a recommended flag size of 16x24. You will need 3 screws to secure this to the boat, choose a type and size based on the material that you are mounting to.

Flag sold separately.

Boat Flags for the Marine Flag Pole Set

Nylon/Polyester all weather outdoor marine fabric boat flags 16x24 to fit the set described above.

Designer Flags - We manufacture any type of custom/boat flags, and provide production services and complete custom flag design.

Manufactured to communicate a variety of ideas, boating flags - powerboat and sailboat flags, yacht flags, boating flags, fishing flags & Sailing flags include fun boat flags, nautical&sorm flags, signal and yacht club flags and more beautiful flags made in America.

You can put anything, name of your yacht or boat, company logo, or custom design graphic. Our flags make our boat in various styles. We design any type double-sided boat flag shape, size- 12x18", 10x15", 11x14", 12x20", and of colors iclude flag hardware and accessories, Poles, flag pole accessories, bases, flag lighting, clips, cleats, snaps, outrigger flagpole parts, flag Spreader also all for individuals or companies Flag needs! Poles available in a variety of sizes, from 5'- 100' manufactured in aluminum, fiberglass or wood.

Guide to Nautical Flags beloow:

Marine grade Flags for your PowerBoat

up to 18feet - 10x15" flag
up to 30feet - 10x15" flag
19 to 24feet - 10x15" flag
31 to 36feet - 12x18" flag
25 to 30feet - 12x18" flag
37 to 48feet 16x24" flag
31 to 36feet- 16x24" flag
49 to 60feet 20x30" flag
37 to 48feet - 20x30" flag
61 to 72feet - 24x36" flag
49 to 60feet - 24x36" flag
61' to 72feet - 30x48" flag

Flags for your SailBoat

up to 30feet - 10x15" flag
19 to 24feet -10x15" flag
31 to 36feet - 12x18" flag
25 to 30feet - 12x18" flag
37 to 48feet - 16x24" flag
31 to 36feet -16x24" flag
49 to 60feet - 20x30" flag
37 to 48feet - 20x30" flag
61 to 72feet - 24x36" flag

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may be interesting:

College flags

State Street Products, LLC ©

College Yacht and Boat Flags

The SSP Flags ,team insignias, designs and colors shemes are officially manufactured and licensed authorized agreements held by their respective licensees and Colleges. Manufactured from double-sided polyester in following standard size 12x18 inches, provide two sturdy metal grommets and stitched fly-ends and will remain colorfast. Boat team insignias are rinted into the polyester. The SSP Boat Flags are perfect to show from your boat your team allegiance and can be used on any type power,wooden and sailboats even the cars.


Quinn Flags

Quinn Company PA one of the largest on-line distributors of quality marine flags, a huge variety of custom made flags, banners flagpoles and accessories, including Boat and Advertising Flags of every size, made in America with professionalism.

Nautical and marine Flags

Quinn team offer a full line of Code Signal Flags individually Boat Flags and by the set. Quinn Flags are equipped with Line and Toggles or Grommets and Heading. Standart Flags come in 12x18 inches size, but Quinn have the option to add a custom flags include Fun Boat Flags,Custom Yacht or Sailboat Flags , yacht clubs flags or Commodore, Pirate Flags and much more, just send your quantity and size needed, quantity.


Hanover, PA 17331


Boat Flag

Yacht Club Flag

Fishing Flags

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