Boat Lettering

Boat Accessories - Boat Lettering

Designer & manufacturer of boat & ship awnings, waterproof bags, bladders, insulating blankets, cushions, oil rig shelters, hangers, inflatables, tarpaulins strap assemblies, tarps, tents, thermal curtains, streamers, canopies, welding curtains, cargo nets and containment belts. Contract manufacturing of custom sewing, cutting, dielectric welding & bonding of most fabrics. Fabrication services for commercial, industrial, aerospace, marine, military, OEM & international markets.

Weckworth-Langdon - Wichita, KS

Protective custom coated fabric covers include boat covers, used covers for air conditioner, baseball, football & athletic field, boat, loading dock & truck.

Also used for the inlets, exhaust & thrust reversers on jet engines for military & commercial aircraft & protect equipment/people from the elements on oil drilling rigs & fire shelters for wildland firefighters.

URL: http://www.weckworth.com