Luther's Welding Tanks

Building marine fuel and water tanks for over 20 years. Luthers Welding has a reputation for quality, workmanship and customer service that we is known throughout the marine industry.

We manufacture marine fuel tanks, boat diesel tanks, holding and water tanks for your boat. We also build custom tanks made of aluminum or stainless steel for automotive include boats, cars, trucks, recreational and racing vehicles.


Boat Fuel Tanks and Systems

Fuel Tanks

Boat Fuel Tanks and Systems

Aluminum Fuel Tanks

Boat Fuel Tanks and Systems

Waste & Water Tanks

Luther's Welding Production

  • Custom Marine Tanks

  • Marine Industry Standards

  • Subchapter T Vessels

  • Engineering Department

  • Aluminum, Steel and Steel Alloys

  • Price Estimates and Delivery

  • Mastheads

  • Anchor Rollers

  • Mounting Brackets

  • Marine Radar Posts

  • Steel Cradles to ship boats