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"Wooden Boat Building methods," article by Peter Spectre, good introductory overview for beginners; in WoodenBoat May/June 1995, pages 75-85.

The WoodenBoat Series:

10 Wooden Boats You can Build, Peter Spectre, editor. WoodenBoat 196 pp. 1995. Articles from past issues. Abundant photos of building steps.

The Caddo Lake Bateau, an solid alternative to the "six hour canoe" - build from a couple of 16-foot boards in a couple of days. No epoxy mess or cost.

Norwegian Pram about 5 meters long: broadax and knife work. The Yankee Tender a flat bottomed skiff.

Bolger cartopper 11'6" long, 4'0" max beam Kulczycki Cape Charles Sea kayak 18' long; 38 pounds stitch and glue plywood

McCarty's Wee Lassie strip-planked canoe, 10'6" Constant Camber Gull skiff

sailing canoe Piccolo 12'8" true lapstrake for one or even two adults. Biscayne Bay 14 daysailer 14'5" x 5'0" cb or keel "sports car"; sail 122 sf

disp about 1000 pounds, 14" frame spacing. deck and cockpit (sit on side deck)

Downeaster 18 power boat by Charles Wittholz Does not include strip-built, cold molded, metal hulls, true lapstrake, and several other slightly specialized techniques, which are fully covered elsewhere in this list. In alphabetical order by author.

Frame, Stem & Keel Repair. Peter Spectre, ed. WoodenBoat 1996 133 p. selected articles

Planking and Fastening. Peter Spectre, ed. WoodenBoat. 1996. 170 p. selected articles.

Painting and Varnishing. same team. 24 articles. 146 pp. 1995.

Boat Interior Construction Michael Naujok 138 pages. cabinets, water, gas, doors, etc.

selected building books with descriptions by a naval architect,and order forms: from Jacques Mertens

Go Build Your Own Boat, Harold 'Dynamite' Payson, 128 pages. 180 illus. Van Nostrand 1983. An overview of boat building. Includes complete instructions for building a rowing dory. The first part is a good sound introduction to traditional carvel construction; the second part is building with simple plywood methods, a technique now linked to Payson's name.

Featherweight Boatbuilding. Henry "Mac" McCarthy. 96 pp. 200 illus. strip-built 11' double-paddle Wee Lassie. Everything you need.

Building Sweet Dream: An Ultralight Solo Canoe for Single and Double Paddle. by Marc F. Pettingill 176 pp. from Tiller Publishing. St. Michaels Maryland. " The SWEET DREAM design makes maximum use of materials, is easily and quickly built using hand tools, is stunning to look at, and gives excellent paddling performance for beginning and experienced canoeists alike. SWEET DREAM can be built in 12', 13', or 14' lengths and weighs about 27 pounds. The 14' hull can accommodate overall weights up to 350 pounds. " - Marc Pettingill

" This is a boatbuilding project that anyone can undertake, no matter the level of experience, no matter the limitations on space and time. Sweet Dream is an ultralight solo canoe, propelled by either a single or double paddle, that can be built in either 12-, 13-, or 14-foot versions.

Usually boats designed for simple building are rather uninspiring to look at. Not the Sweet Dream. She has a rounded bottom, fine ends, and a lovely sheer. The method of building her is so-called tortured plywood, wherein flat sheets of plywood are cut in such a way as to allow the pieces to be bent to shape. The seams are then wired together and sealed with fiberglass tape. Finish her out, paint her up, and you have one of the loveliest canoes to come out of a backyard boatshop in some time." - from the International Marine Catalog, Holiday 1996, " I put everything you need to know in "Building Sweet Dream;" I don't assume you have a work shop full of tools, or even a workbench, nor do I assume you know how to paint and varnish. Epoxy is a wonderful adhesive but it requires some specialized knowledge to use well; this too is covered in detail. Every step from building a work table to final launch is covered."

Signed copies of "Building Sweet Dream" are available from the author. Send check or money order for $29.00US ($32.00US for Canada and overseas) to: Marc Pettingill, Boat Builder 542 Warrick Road Chesapeake, VA 23320 USA [email protected]

Illustrated Guide to Wood Strip Canoe Building. Susan Van Leuven. Schiffer Pub. 77 Lower Valley Road, Atglen, PA 19310. $39.93. step by step photos with instructions. "excellent practical manual"

Devlin's Boat Building, Sam Devlin, Intnl Marine 1995, 256 p. "how to make 7 to 40 foot boats from sheet plywood, wire stitches, and epoxy glue." A excellent book on the stitch and glue technique. Devlin uses plywood sheathed or encapsulated in fiberglass cloth and epoxy. Precisely-cut pieces of plywood bonded together at the edges naturally form the hull shape. No molds or frames or even keel or stem in some cases, but careful work is needed.

The result is a boat built to last 20 years, and strong enough for most any conditions. These are not to be confused with cheap, quickly- built plywood boats of boxy form. The hull form is basically traditional, but being sheathed entirely in plastic and lacking internal framing they look rather modern. This produces good durable strong long-lasting boats requiring comparatively little maintenance. Not cheap nor intended to be cheap. This method makes a hull whose strength is almost entirely in the monocoque hull and in the reinforced shear. Good advice on tools, materials, painting, model making, and others applies to many kinds of boats.

A Skiff For All Seasons - How to build an Alaskan Skiff. by Renn Tolman Kamishak Publishing, Box 1343 Homer Alaska 99603. $24.95. Outboard powered for hunting and fishing. "This is a well written book, easy to follow, and contains all you need to know about building this semi-V, stitch and glue plywood 20' skiff. It's his own design, and he tells you how he arrived at this design, and why he thinks it's a good one. Also known as the Alaska skiff." description from Judy Monihan.

28 Practical Small Boats You Can Build. John Atkin. From 6.5 foot pram to a 28 foot cruiser, many flat or vee bottomed, for motor, oar, or sail. Includes chapters on lofting and understanding the lines drawing. Does not include full plans, only study plans. Full plans can be ordered. Atkin and Co. P.O.Box 3005 Noroton Ct 06820 $18.95. The Small Boat Book (formerly, The Dinghy book) John Atkin. Includes 7' pram, 8' sailing dinghy, 9' flat bottom row dinghy, 8' pram, 10' folding punt, 10' flat bottom skiff for oar or motor, 10' flat bottom sailing skiff, 12' tender, 14' outboard, 14' vee bottom rowboat or use motor. $9 from Atkin and Co. P.O.Box 3005 Noroton Ct 06820

How to Build Small Boats, Edson Schock, A.S. Barnes and CO. NY 1964

Boat Building Techniques Illustrated. Richard Birmingham. 312 p. 121 illus. British. looks like plank-on-frame from an ad I saw. the ad says "virtually encyclopaedic in scope" "a standard work" - in the UK, I presume, since that's where the ads appear, and since it is not common in the U.S.

United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Fishing Technology Service Fishery Industries Division The UN, New York. "The boats are 20 to 30 feet, simple to build and low tech., including a 28'8" open boat powered by a 4 cycle Yamaha, and a 28' powered catamaran." Traditional Boatbuilding Made Easy: A 12-Foot Skiff for Oar and Sail. by Rich Kolin, WoodenBoat, 1996. 96p. "The perfect boat for those who are new to traditional wooden construction." Solid Plank, copper nails, etc.

Featherweight Boatbuilding. Henry "Mac" McCarthy. WoodenBoat. 1996. 128 p. Building Mac's Wee Lassie, a classic double paddle strip built solo canoe.

Boats to Go (formerly titled Low Resistance Boats) by Thomas Firth Jones. 1992, 242 pages. "24 slightly unusual boats of all types and sizes with perceptive insights. Jones' design philosophy and no-nonsense approach to building is very Bolger-esque. If you're familiar with the Bolger-Payson books, you'll feel right at home here. Designs and dimensions for his "kayaks" and a nifty 11 ft sail boat are right in the book." "Strictly speaking there is no such thing as a good "combination" boat. Hull shape requirements for sailing, rowing, and motoring are so different that there is no reconciling them, and they can only be compromised."

Rip, Strip and Row: A Builder's Guide to the Cosine Wherry, J.D. Brown, 82 p, with complete plans for 14 foot wherry.

A Manual of Strip Plank Contruction, Paul Fisher, Selway Fisher Design, 15 King St., Melksham Wilts SN12 6HB England. L 9.75 1995

The Hardchine Hull Manual. B. Migchelsen. 1515 Hamilton Place Dorval PQ H9S 1H3 Canada. send $29.50. Typwritten, ringbound. "much on design and technical matters" not seen by me yet

"Design and Construction of Centerboards and Rudders." by Paul Zander

The New Stitch and Glue Manual The most recent techniques about stitch and glue, especially for small craft. A comparatively easy and inexpensive way to make a good small boat. Describes the building technique, compares materials, lists suppliers. $15.00 as a computer file, $ 23.00 ppd for the printed version. Jacques Mertens ([email protected]) 343 23rd Street SE Vero Beach, Florida 32962 (407) 567-8422

Geodesic Airolite Boats: An Inexpensive Low Tech System Utilizing Exotic Materials. 28 pages. $6. Platt Monfort Light wood frame braced with kevlar strands and covered with aircraft dacron. VERY light weight. See also Messing About in Boats, June 1 issue 1995.

Cold-Molded and Strip-Planked Wood Boatbuilding, Ian Nicholson, 187 pages. "the best one... it begins to date a little, but is very complete."

The Laminated Wood Boatbuilder: A Step-by-Step Guide for the Backyard Builder, Hub Miller, 256 pages. (with plans for 12'(oar/sail), 28'(power), and 32'(sail) boats) "lots of drawings, very clear and pleasant to read, up to date."

The New Cold-Molded Boatbuilding: from Lofting to Launching. Reuel Parker, 288 pages. "down-to-earth... an excelllent book" "for larger boats, fast method"

How to Build Mango. J. Arthur Rogers, published by the Sailaway Cruising Club (J. A. Rogers), 1995 Box 473 Puerto Real, Puerto Rico 00740-0473 $8.95 "Mango is an 8' garvey-style dinghy for oar, power or sail, with a very interesting rig. She's built of plywood, instant fashion, and the book takes you through her construction step by step. Rogers uses a regular Arrow hand stapler for temporary fastening of the plywood until the glue sets."

Build your own Boat ... sail and power. Ian Nicolson Norton 1982 198 p. Well -- everything EXCEPT the hull. Fitting out a bare hull over 30 feet.

The Gougeon Brothers on Boat Construction, 4th ed., 328 pages, 332 illus. "an excellent reference book. It's filled with construction detail drawings, photos, strengths of materials, lofting, types of construction etc. It's worth the effort to find it." For all uses of epoxy, including cold-molding. Gougeon Brothers Inc.

Bruce Roberts Boat Building. R. Bruce Roberts-Goodson, 215 pp. fiberglass, aluminum, steel, wood, etc.

Steel Boatbuilding, T. E. Colvin, 1985; 1994, 480 pages said to be the "definitive reference" or "ultimate book" on building in steel from Tiller Pub 1 800 6TILLER

Steel Away, LeCain W. Smith and Sheila Moir. "It has a good introduction to building a steel boat. This book is available from Bruce Roberts." "it covers some aluminum issues but mostly good common sense metal boat design and building."

Boatbuilding with Aluminum, Stephen Pollard 280 pages, 174 illus "A good book for learning about aluminum alloys, welding, and lofting"

From My Old Boatshop: One-Lung Engines, Fantail Launches, & Other Marine Delights, Weston Farmer. A Collection of articles, most previously published, on a variety of boat building and designing subjects. Contains several boat plans. steam Reviewed in WoodenBoat March 1997.

Electric Boats The Handbook of Clean Quiet Boating Douglas Little, 160 p. 77 illus. A good 15 foot electric launch can make 6 knots on a one-half horsepower motor! And it's silent. Includes plans for a 14.5 ft light pirogue, with building intructions, estimated $500 for materials including motor.

Handmade Houseboats, Russell Conder.

Floating Homes, Ted Laturnus.

Simplified Boatbuilding: The Flat-Bottomed Boat, Harry V. Sucher, Norton, 1973. 416 pages. Intro by Howard Chapelle. Simplified Boatbuilding: The V-Bottom Boat. Harry V. Sucher. 1974 Big books with a lot of information. "Some of Sucher's discussion of building boats is weak but both books contain many interesting plans for traditional wooden boats." (from John Kohnen)

Atkin, William and John (Editors) The Book of Boats, International Marine 1976 One-volume reprint of a collection of articles on boats and boat designs, power and sail, by several authors, including William Garden, Nelson Zimmer, Thomas Gilmer, John Hanna and the Atkins. (from John Kohnen)

Fiberglass Boatbuilding for Amateurs. Ken Hankison. 392 pages

Boatbuilding one-off in fiberglass, Alan Vaitses, Intnl Marine, 1984, 288 p.

Boatbuilder's Manual, Walbridge, Charles, ed., 6th ed., Menasha Ridge Press, Birmingham, Alabama, 1987, 126pp. fiberglass kayaks&canoes (white-water kind)

Wharram Design Book (catamarans from 14 to 63 feet) $10 to James Wharram Designs Greenbank Rd. Devoran Truro TR3 6PJ UK