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What reference books do consider essential to have aboard your boat at all time for things such as sail, navigation, medical procedures, engine repair, etc..

comment and answers:
Bill Chace Call of the Ancient Mariner by Reese Palley and anything by Lin and Larry of course. Nigel is a must have also.Bill Chace

Nigel Calder's Boatowner's & Diesel books, your Storm Tactics and Care & Feeding of a Sailing Crew, tech manuals for everything, paper charts & cruising guides, pilot charts, Hinz: Complete Book of Anchoring & Mooring; and, of course, The Boat Galley Cookbook. Jan Irons

The two books I consider a very good idea to have onboard are: Boatowner's Mechanical and Electrical Manual by Nigel Calder and Chapman Piloting and Seamanship. Of course a manual for every item onboard, and not on a disk but a hard copy. Ok and charts and coast pilots for everywhere you might end up. We have 20+ books for reference onboard our boat.Rich Kallerud

Some are going to be electronic but hard copies of anything Nigel or Lin or Beth writes. And for me Julie Gifford's Canvas for Cruisers

Nigel spoke at SSCA. He seems very approachable. He made the technical stuff understandable.
where do you keep your books? have you guys found a boat? I saw a nice IP for sale pretty good price too, How do you feel about Pacific Seacraft? What size you guys looking for - Derik Gagnon

Technical documentation of your boat; such as electrical and pipeline drawings, manual of each equipments. Besides repair kits, tools, spare parts might be useful too. Bulent Ortemiz

By Way of the Wind by Jim Moore (because we had the same boat so could try some of his weather tactics), The Bartender's Guide, Sprouts The Miracle Food. Christine Watson

Essential essentials? Bowditch, Calder's Electrical and Mechanical, Brion Toss' Rigger's Apprentice, coast pilots, printed tides and currents, paper charts, almanac. Harry Pattison