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Boating Magazines. Here are the more popular boating magazines with national readerships, many of them of general interest to the broad community of sailors. In addition, many boating areas have their own local newspapers and magazines.

Boating Magazine | Boating / Sailing Magazines: 1, 2, 3

Boating Magazine

Boating Magazine
Offers reviews of watercraft, accessories, and tow vehicles. Includes articles on repairs and maintenance, angling, and destinations.

MotorBoating Magazine

MotorBoating Magazine
Articles, boat tests, and more for high performance boating.

Sea Magazine

Sea Magazine
Sea Magazine has been America’s western boating magazine for nearly 100 years. Sea brings you up-to-date information on boating trends, new boat and equipment.

Go Boating Magazine Go Boating Magazine
Go Boating Magazine is the national publication written exclusively for power boat owners of vessels 14-feet to 34-feet in length.

Boating Life Magazine

Boating Life Magazine
Esource for boaters in the under 30-foot market, from personal watercraft to express cruisers.

Ocean Navigator Magazine

Ocean Navigator Magazine
Provides offshore voyaging sailors with articles about seamanship, cruising destinations, boat design, yacht maintenance, marine systems, and equipment. and marine science.

House Boat Magazine

House Boat Magazine
Devoted to the world of houseboating, with rental listings, old boat club, aftermarket, and more.

House Boat Magazine

Amazon Boat Magazines & Newspapers
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House Boat Magazine

Blue Water Sailing
reaches and publication readers all across North America and in 66 countries, great sailing stories around the world and real world solutions for offshore sailors.

House Boat Magazine

Boating World
The Leader in Recreational Trailer Boating, Power & Motoryacht, Yachting, Sea Magazine

House Boat Magazine

Boating Life
produced and Written by our award winning staff, Boating is packed with reviews and expert advice

House Boat Magazine

Boating World
Written and produced Features boat tests, the latest boating gear, tips and tricks, more stories and articles.

House Boat Magazine

Great Lakes Boating - Virtual Magazine
Virtual Magazine - For all who cruise freshwater seas & inland waterways, Boats Offer Great Value

House Boat Magazine

Houseboat Your Ultimate Online Houseboating Resource Magazine
Aftermarket, Manufacturers, brokers - News, Boat Show and Everyone on the Water Mat

House Boat Magazine

POWERBOAT - The world's Leading Performance Boating/Powerboating Magazine
Powerboat Magazine since 1968, Performance boating magazine offering quality product reports, ads, photos and news, evaluations of today's boating equipment and gear.

Y&Y Magazine

Yachts and Yachting Magazine
"Yachts & Yachting" is the leading monthly Yacht/Boat magazine for keelboat enthusiasts and dinghy yachting enthusiasts who enjoy the thrill of competitive sailing. Published Magazine 'Y&Y' for more than 55 years.

Yachting & Boating Magazine

Yachting & Boating World Magazine
Published Magazine. The best boating pictures from around the world .

Yachting-World  Magazine

Yachting World Magazine
Published monthly Magazine "Yachting World"Founded in 1894, YW is the most international& widely distributed sailing-boating high quality of text and images and magazine in over 100 countries. This World int. magazine includes global sailing epics and ocean cruising, international superyachting&events and yacht racing, superyachting and charters.

Motorboating Magazine

Motor Boat & Yachting - Europe's motorboating Magazine
"Motor Boat & Yachting" - the oldest EU boating magazine since 1904. Each monthly magazine that cover boat tests, best cruising areas, the best new boats on the marine markets,training and practical,available Interactive iPad Magazine Edition.

Sport Boat & Rib Mag

Sport Boat & Rib Magazine
Sports Boat & RIB Magazine is published 12 times-, the world's exclusive power boat marques,with detailed reviews and news on the most desirable new yachts and boats-powerboats, RIBs include fishing and sports crusiers, destination area reports from some of the worldsmost desirable Yacht locations from global correspondents. Best Boat Guides to assist in the buying process.

Sailboat Racing  and Sailing World Magazine

Sailing World, Sailboat Racing Magazine
Quality source of news and information on sailboat racing at every boating level include trips, techniques racing and advice. Magazine show the latest boat models,new yachts and gear and equipment. If you are ever dissatisfied with your subscription for any reason, you may cancel and receive a full refund for all unmailed issues. Online order-save 72%.

Sail Magazine

Sail Magazine - A SOURCE INTERLINK MEDIA PUBLICATION ( plus digital magazine version)
Record on sailing SAIL - magazine covers the sailing lifestyle with sailing experience, seamanship and boat safety, piloting, NAV, boat handling,sail trim ,blue-water cruising, racing and boat reviews, new models with product reviews,quality image content plus digital mag version. Did you know you can 1 nowget SAIL for only $7.50? You can - when you subscribe to the dynamic digital magazine version

 Great Lakes Magazine

Great Lakes-BOATING - where boaters GO plus Virtual Mags

Boating Magazine For all who cruise freshwater seas & inland waterways,Natural Resources, news ,the Great Lakes have faced various threats for years, from invasive species to industrial pollution.

Speedboat Magazine

Speedboat Magazine is the only regular PRINT magazine that covers the world of high-performance boating. With nine high-quality issues per year––with seven consecutive issues running during the boatingmonths, we'll supply you with what you need.

Nautica Italy Magazine

Nautica IT Magazine
Boating Magazine For all who cruise freshwater seas & inland waterways,Natural Resources, news ,The Great Lakes have faced various threats for years, from invasive species to industrial pollution.

Proffesional BoatBuilders Magazine

BoatBuilders Online Resources

Proffesional BoatBuilders Magazine

ProBoat - Search the marine industry's foremost online job service.

Professional BoatBuilders, online job-search engine provides an online employment forum. Find the best marine-industry professionals and manufacturers or submit your resume for consideration among top companies worldwide. Job postings are updated continuously and our listings are free to search.

ProBoats Events online - Join free educational Web conferences.

Attend expert-led presentations once a month. Topics will include New marine systems, surveying, closed molding and more. Boatbuilders, designers, surveyors, repairers, technicians, and yard operators anywhere in the world can participate. Visit us online to see the schedule and enroll free.

ProBoat - Train for your current or new position in your spare time.

Formerly, the new Web site hosts online seminars for all marine professionals. Worldwide experts will educate and inform you in advanced marine technologies and processes around the world.

Read the current issue of Professional BoatBuilder magazine online.

All the information from the current issue of PBB is online in a digital, searchable format, available to boatbuilding professionals free. Search articles and advertisements by keyword, use hyperlinks to access the products and vendors showcased. Professional BoatBuilder becomes your educational and sourcing partner. Online at

Inmternational Boat Show - Exhibit your products online. is Professional BoatBuilder's new endeavor in the areas of education, communication, and sales. This is the marine industry's VIRTUAL show (it exists only online). Exhibitor space is available now and pick your booth online.

In Fact, it is much more cost-effective to run a digital "magazine" than produce, ship and stock physical copies of a publication. Most of the big names fell by the wayside - Hot Boat, Powerboat, Extreme Boats, Sportboat, etc. We started in 2008 as Performance Boats Magazine; changed the moniker to Speedboat Magazine in 2014 and are continuing to grow as a PRINT publication, with each issue released. Mainly because the boating world has grown up on print mags (to have and to hold) and still sees a value to them. We appreciate that very much.