Martec - turn the most complicated ship structure technical challenges into solutions that work. As a topleader in naval architecture and marine engineering technology and services for boats and yachts, our area of specialization is advanced numerical modeling and engineering simulation for both commercial

and naval .


Controls Boat Parts and Steering

Feathering Props

Martec Production

  • Naval architecture - Design and analysis of vessels using global and detailed FEA
  • Seakeeping analysis - Prediction of wave loads and vessel motions in any sea state
  • Fatigue analysis - Simulation of crack initiation and propagation under both deterministic and spectral loads.
  • Underwater shock - Modeling of underwater explosions including far field shock analysis, far field bubble analysis and near field bubble analysis.
  • Ship signatures - Prediction and analysis of ship signature data including acoustic radiated noise and electromagnetic (EM) signatures.
  • Ultimate strength - Perform ultimate strength analysis using the ULTMAT and VAST codes