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Top Manufacturing fishing line.

Monofilament Line is an extremely top high quality monofilament line produced using strict full quality controls.


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Momoi fishing lines - Quality since 1905 - Momoi The N1 monofilament in the world.
In the 55 years that we have pursued super monofilament, and we have dedicated ourselves to best quality and our class technologies are proof of that.

Momol continues to develop original materials in line with angler needs. We have explored the characteristics of polyamides down to the monomer level and pursued original copolymers and production conditions. And, we successfully are producing an original monofilament made of crystalline resin to meet current angler needs.

Fishing Lines for sale - Different Types & sizes, variety of species and characteristics, best choice for extreme conditions: Diamond/Braid, Hi-Catch, Nylon/Wind-on, Mono, Hi-Max Premium/Soft, Pro-Max, Classic and IGWA Lines and Leaders.

Momoi ( - world class JP proof technologies and interactions to draw out the full performance of fishing lines and fishing leaders. Momoi offers different series fishing line, choice for standard or extreme conditions with high level of tensile strength and sensitivity. High - performance Nylon line series that block UV rays, Fluorocarbon strength series, Nylon monoflament and super strong PE braided line all abrasion resistance.