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Mr. Crappie Rods Series

Wally Marshall Rods
rods constructed for the crappie angler and slow amd long trolling

Tight Line Rods
Specially designed for Power trolling and Heavy fishing

Mr. Crappie Pro-Series
Specially designed rods(very fast tip and light) for casting and Fishing heavy timber and Brush.

Mighty Lites
The lightest crappie rods for lite jigs
Combo's - Wally Marshall Pro-Series
designed for casting the lightest jigs and pervect for shooting docks, bridges and submerged brush piles.

Mr. Crappie Rod Holders

Rod Holder "slow trolling fo crappie"- pro series ultimate rig up to 4 fishing rods. Holder are full adjustability for rod (horizontally or vertically) angle. The kit was designed in conjunction with Wally Marshall - Additional features include, a tray for quick storage, like jig heads, clippers, weights, and 22 lure holder holes for larger fishing lures. This kit can help to make your perfect fishing trip a more pleasant one with less discomfort for your body. Crappie rod-holders help you to make fishing more convenient and allows you to cover area at different depth to look for the fish.

size 12"H x 30"W x 3,58"D and 4,75 lbs. wieght

Light Series Black Rod Holder by Mr Crappie is easily portable for stern or bow platform and small boats. Holder include locking surface mount
size 2,75"H x 8"W x 2,5"D and 4,00 lbs.wieght

Mr. Crappie Fishing Line

Mr. Crappie Lines has all of the characteristics to be the finest, Soft and supple but very strong, low-memory line that is as strong and and extremely abrasion resistant, with excellent fish knot strength to get big slabs.

Mr. Crappie Fishing Floats

Mr. Crappie offer a variety of Floats,designed for attaching crappie in heavy cover,designedt to set tour lure at any depth.

Floats (Series Rattlin Pear,Wally Pop, Slippers, Twist On Twist Off, Pop-A-Top ) by Mr Crapie are with yelow and
green combination makes them easy to detect strikes.

Where to Buy: "Mr. Crappie®" and "Wally Marshall®"

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Mr.Crappie hooks

Mr. Crappie® Dirty Dozen Hooks are to turn towards pressure designed and make your bait appear injured and trigger a feeding response. Perfect for battling is larger hook series and for Shallow water 1/0 sized hook.

Mr. Crappie fishing Hooks are perfect for double-rigging


Crappie Fishing Lures are a smaller size lures also and a smaller hook size and also bait, panfish that feeds mostly on small minnows and Bait fish. Lures come in an insane amount of several color sombinations different actions, realistic patterns and choises, Main 5 Types of crappie lures are "The Crappie Crappi Jig" - most effective and proven lure and also most used, Jig for Crappie fish are...more