Mustad Hooks - Best Hook for a specific fishing. Premium, Classic or Commercial hooks, impressive number of different fish hooks, strong conical precison points for easy penetration, Tested max holding power and high carbon steel wire for fresh and saltwater hook families. Mustad Commercial series include Double and Treble hooks with standard shank - length and short-shank length of the same model hook.


Fishing Equipment

Fishing hooks

Mustad Production

Manufacturer of top-Quality Sportsfishing Equipment ,high-quality fish hook for a specific type of fishing

  • Mustad Carp-X Anti Tangle

    * 6 new Anti Tangle rig types
    * Tied with specially developed braided lines and
    * Assembled at Mustadís own plant in the Philippines
    * A high quality product of which Mustad has
    been able to assure the quality of every single
    phase of the production

    - secure your catches!

    * New Mustad range of Jigging Assist hooks for deep sea fishing
    * Strongest and sharpest Mustad UltraPoint hooks
    * Jigging Braid Multifilament
    * Individually tested knots
    * Corrosion resistant
    * Mustad assist hooks can be used for all jigs available in the
    * Available with steel wire for predators

  • Catfish Rigs

    * Perfect for baiting live or dead baits, such as carps, white fish, eels and earthworms
    * Leaders made of 100% Dyneema braided multifilament
    * Knots protected by thermo shrinking sleeves
    * Razor sharp, black nickel plated Mustad hooks of hi-carbon steel, sizes from 4/0 to 10/0
    * Breaking strength from 65kg to 85kg.